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Best Bacteria for the Aquarium

What are the best bacteria for the aquarium on the market?

Bacteria for the aquarium are very useful for maintaining biological balance , and an essential part of the aquarium filtering process .

Before introducing fish into the aquarium, we have to ensure that these bacteria appear , without which the quality of the water would deteriorate rapidly.

The aquarium cycling process requires a time that can reach more than a month and that we can shorten, using live bacteria and in most cases, bacterial activators. Sometimes, even with an established and functioning aquarium, it may be necessary to add live bacteria:

  • After regular aquarium water changes
  • After performing a treatment to cure a disease, which may have damaged the bacterial colony
  • When a new filter is put in the aquarium

On the market there are several commercial products that add live bacteria to the aquarium , in this article I analyze the ones that offer the best results. I hope you find it useful.

Comparison of best bacteria for aquarium 2020

What aquarium bacteria to buy? Best quality price aquarium bacteria

Seachem Stability

  • Seachem Stability: Useful for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • Live bacteria: Contains a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that facilitate the decomposition of organic waste that is regularly produced in the aquarium.
  • Accelerator for aquarium cycling: Its use is diverse, being a very efficient aquarium cycling accelerator, although it is also useful in any situation in which it is necessary to renew or expand the bacterial colony.
  • Harmless to aquatic organisms in the aquarium: An excess of use would not cause any problems in your aquarium, it is completely harmless to fish and plants.
  • Wide range of aquarium conditions, pH and temperatures.


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Characteristics of Seachem bacteria

  • For aquariums: Fresh water and marine
  • Live bacteria: Aerobic and anaerobic
  • Presentation: 500 ml

Seachem Stability Buyers’ Opinions

It is a highly effective product, I have been able to verify it in a 240-liter aquarium, which I had to medicate and which obviously ran out of bacteria.
In just one week the cycling was completed, a fully recommended product, like all Seachem products.


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Easy-Life Nitrifying Bacteria

  • Easy-Life Easy Start: This product contains a combination of very active nitrifying bacteria, which help to drastically and very quickly reduce the generation of ammonia and nitrites in the aquarium.
  • Rapid maturation of new filters and aquariums: Its main use is the rapid maturation of new filters and aquariums, quickly establishing a colony of nitrifying bacteria, so that the aquarium water is optimally purified.
  • Other benefits: It frees the aquarium of heavy metals and other common chemical contaminants in the water, reducing the effect of pathogenic bacteria.


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  • For aquariums: Fresh water and marine
  • Live bacteria: Nitrifying
  • Presentation: 250 ml

Easy-Life Easystart Conditioner Buyers’ Opinions

I’ve been using it since I started cycling the aquarium and every time I change the water.
I use it with the intention of improving the aquarium conditions and it works great for me, I have not had a problem with algae or nitrite spikes.


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API Quick Start nitrifying bacteria

  • Nitrifying bacteria Quick Start: According to the manufacturer it accelerates the appearance of nitrifying bacteria so much that fish can be introduced as soon as it is put into the water, I would not be so reckless, but it is a good starting point if we want a super fast aquarium cycling.
  • Other uses: The usual, we can or should use, each time we make water changes, in which part of the bacterial colony is usually lost, each time the aquarium filters are changed or when we introduce new fish specimens.
  • All types of aquariums: It is useful for all types of aquariums, whether freshwater or marine aquariums.


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  • For aquariums: Fresh water and marine
  • Live bacteria: Nitrifying
  • Presentation: 237 ml

Buyers’ Opinions of API Quick Start Aquarium Bacteria

I have been using it for a couple of years, with very good results and that is why I am not going to change the product, indeed, I recommend it for its speed and effectiveness.


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Fluval Cycle Bacteria

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