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Best Co2 Kit for Planted Aquarium

What is the best Aquarium Co2 Kit on the market?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a highly soluble gas in water and is involved in the process of plant photosynthesis, this is an essential nutrient for both living beings and plants since they extract Carbon from this gas. they need to grow and form tissues.
If we are going to set up a planted aquarium , we must know what are the requirements and demands that plants need to grow and develop.
In many cases, it will be necessary to use an aquarium Co2 kit , which helps us to get that extra contribution of Co2, so important for the growth of our aquarium plants.
On the market there are several Co2 diffusers for aquariums. I have been analyzing theCo2 equipment for the best-selling planted aquarium, to keep the best ones, the ones that will surely fulfill their function well, and thus help you make a better purchase decision. I hope this comparison is useful for you.

Best Aquarium Co2 kit 2020 comparison

What planted aquarium Co2 kit to buy? Best Co2 Aquarium Quality Price

JBL Proflora Bio 80

  • Cheap Aquarium Co2 Kit: This Co2 equipment for planted aquarium is very simple, and it is the least you have to put in an aquarium when you need extra Co2 contributions.
    As an advantage, its low cost, as a disadvantage, the flow cannot be regulated, which will be constant while the mixture lasts.
  • Co2 aquarium yeast: As it is so simple, it is appropriate to start in a planted aquarium. There is no bottle of Co2, the contribution of carbon dioxide is made through a natural biological process of fermentation.
  • Co2 diffuser: The equipment incorporates a glass / ceramic Co2 diffuser that improves product performance.


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JBL Aquarium Co2 Kit Features

  • For aquariums: From 30 to 80 liters
  • System type: Fermentation
  • Duration: 80 days; 40 days per charge

JBL Aquarium Co2 Kit Buyers’ Opinions

It is very practical, before I had a soda bottle with sugar and yeast mounted and this system is much simpler and easier to maintain.

The flow of bubbles is constant and very finite, the problem, as in all these cheap Co2 systems, is that it cannot be regulated.


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Fluval Co2 Kit 95 gr

  • Kit with quantity of Co2 for aquariums up to 190 liters: The kit includes a 95 g bottle of compressed Co2, very useful for aquariums up to 190 liters.
  • Ceramic Co2 diffuser: The ceramic diffuser is long-lasting, in addition, the kit includes a regulating valve, stopcock, bubble counter and non-return valve.
  • Disposable bottle .
  • Other options: You have the same system for smaller aquariums, up to 130 liters, is the Fluval Co2 Kit 45g.


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Fluval Aquarium Co2 kit features

  • For aquariums: Up to 190 liters
  • System type: Co2 injection
  • Duration:

Buyers’ opinions of the Fluval Aquarium Co2 kit

It has a fantastic value for money. The system works perfectly, I have had no problems either to install it, or for its subsequent operation, and I have not forgotten about the aesthetics, which is very successful.


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JBL Professional Aquarium Co2 Kit

  • Professional Aquarium Co2 Kit: It is a Co2 fertilizer system for the professional care of aquarium plants, with a night shutdown system, exact dosage with pressure regulation, bubble counter, uniform diffusion and efficient distribution.
  • Co2 cylinder : It is not a rechargeable aquarium Co2 cylinder, it has 500 gr and once finished it is discarded. They can be purchased separately without problems.
  • Durability: The autonomy of the equipment per cylinder will depend on the aquarium itself, such as the carbonate hardness or the number of plants. With the basic setting, without switching off at night via electromagnetic valve, a cylinder should last about 4 months.


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JBL Aquarium Co2 Kit Features

  • For aquariums: Up to 600 liters
  • System type: Co2 injection
  • Duration: 4 months per cylinder. Dimmable, with night shutdown

Buyers’ opinions of the JBL professional aquarium Co2 kit

Very functional, it does what it promises. The installation has been very simple, more than I expected, since I had never assembled a Co2 equipment like this.

The truth is that it is an important change in the aquarium, in a few days you notice how the plants begin to improve and become more leafy. Highly recommended.


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Eheim Co2 set 400

No products found.

  • Eheim Co2 set 400: Designed to supply carbon dioxide to an aquarium of up to 400 liters.

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