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Make your aquarium part of your home with a piece of furniture that complements your space. With brackets designed to fit aquariums from 60 liters to over 300 liters, in styles ranging from traditional to modern.

We are going to see some tips to know how to choose the best aquarium furniture for your installation. You will learn exactly what you should take into account when choosing your aquarium furniture.

How to choose your aquarium stand

Let’s start by talking about how you can effectively choose the right base for your fish tank.

The size, weight and shape of the aquarium

The specifications of your aquarium should be taken into consideration when looking for a suitable cabinet.

A larger and heavier aquarium should be supported by a suitable support that is both strong and durable. The strength of the bracket must match the liter capacity of your tank.

Some aquarium furniture is built to support rectangular tanks, while others are shaped to better accommodate aquariums with arched fronts. Make sure you choose a stand that fits the shape of your aquarium.

Consider space for equipment

Your aquarium cabinet should provide enough space to store the various fish tank accessories that are part of your kit.

Reef aquariums, for example, require a considerable amount of equipment. Tanks with large door openings and adequate space can help you hide this equipment, preserving the beauty of your tank.

If your aquarium has a sump, you will need to consider the space it will take up when purchasing your aquarium cabinet.

What material is the aquarium furniture made of?

There are many different types of materials that need to be considered when purchasing aquarium furniture. The most popular materials used in aquarium furniture are:

Medium -density fiberboard (MDF) is the least expensive option. It is the wood material that is often used to build brand stands.

Although cheap, MDF tables are not suitable for holding saltwater aquariums. Wood does not mix well with moisture and can degrade over time if exposed to it.

Plywood is the standard choice of material and is used by many high-end brands.

It is significantly more durable than MDF, and is often used to build aquarium cabinets and furniture. If you want a strong material made to last and hold heavier tanks, plywood is a great option.

Lastly, larger aquariums are often supported by metal stands. Metal offers exceptional structural support, capable of sustaining heavier weights without being damaged over time.

Taking into account the humidity of your aquarium is crucial for the longevity of your support. Buying the wrong support for a saltwater tank, for example, can cause it to degrade, fall apart and harm your fish.

Is it easy to assemble?

If you are a beginning aquarium hobbyist, you may want to change the location of your tank at any time. Because of this, it is probably best to purchase an aquarium table that is easy to set up.

Ease of assembly is an often overlooked factor that can cause some headaches if not taken into account.

Some cabinets come equipped with metal-to-metal cam fittings that can be more difficult to assemble than wood screws.

Your experience in assembling furniture should be taken into account before purchasing an aquarium stand.

What is the recommended height for an aquarium cabinet?

A common and very good question. The height of your stand will affect the visibility and accessibility of your aquarium.

If you have a lower tank with few species of fish, you will prefer a high support that makes it easier for you to see and interact with your animals.

Stands can also be purchased with adjustable feet. Others are fixed in their height. This feature can be useful if you want to raise or lower your tank depending on its environment.

Is appearance paramount?

If the appearance of your tank is your top priority, then you should consider the appearance of your chosen aquarium furniture before purchasing.

There are many different types of cabinets. Some are sleek, black, and modern. Others have a classic, rustic wood aesthetic.

Finding a balance between aesthetic value and product quality is the key to making a sensible and appropriate purchase.

The best aquarium furniture in Acuario3web

Our aquarium furniture provides a secure and prominent place in your home. In addition, some of our fish tank table models have cabinets or cabinets that provide additional storage for things such as the filter, food, pumps, cables, water additives…

Fish tank bases often have room for supplies out of sight behind discreet doors or accessible panels.

Make sure of the weight or liter limits of the aquarium stand. Large tanks need a sturdy aquarium cabinet, so look for stands that have reinforced caps and gussets.

Some stands have color options, with a choice of black, cherry, pine, or oak. Aquarium furniture is easy to clean with a damp cloth instead of using chemical cleaners, which can harm fish.

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