Aquarium Substrates

  • Photo of Manado JBL

    Manado JBL

    Manado JBL substrate is one of the most recommended for aquariums with plants. In planted aquariums (most of them), it…

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  • Photo of Best Sand For Aquarium

    Best Sand For Aquarium

    What is the best aquarium sand on the market? Within the recreation of Biotopos, the aquarium sand plays a fundamental…

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  • Photo of Best Akadama For Aquarius

    Best Akadama For Aquarius

    The search for the perfect aquarium, which requires little maintenance and does not cause algae problems or parameter decompensation, has…

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  • Photo of Best Gravel for Aquarium

    Best Gravel for Aquarium

    What’s the best aquarium gravel on the market? Aquarium gravel is one of the decorative elements of the aquarium, which…

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