7 benefits of having an aquarium in class

7 Benefits Of Having A Fish Tank In The Classroom

Here are our top 7 benefits of opting for a classroom aquarium:

  1. Visual learning – Children can see how their efforts in the tasks performed affect the aquarium and its inhabitants.
  2. All aspects of science can be taught from the mini ecosystem; from water chemistry to how fish eat and the nitrogen cycle
  3. Other key learnings around the topic can be filtered, such as language, geography and history.
  4. Valuable lessons on how to be responsible and take care of animals
  5. Teamwork: working with classmates to ensure the aquarium is cared for and assignments are completed
  6. Encourages children to look beyond their everyday lives on land, use their imaginations, and consider the evolution of the underwater world in their classroom.
  7. Aquariums have been shown to provide a relaxing atmosphere for people and studies have found that there is a loss of tension when there are fish in the classroom.

Are you a teacher or parent and know of a school that would LOVE to have an aquarium in their classroom? We have several guides to help beginners in the world of aquariums:

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