9 celebrities with fish tanks

Celebrities are just like us in most ways. Sure, they have more luxuries than most of us, but they also have normal items, like fish tanks. Yes, these will probably be bigger, better, and more expensive, but they still have them. Have you ever wondered if your favorite celebrity had a fish tank and what kind of fish they have in it? I sure have. That is why I have created this incredible list of celebrities who own fantastic fish tanks.

1. Chad Eight Five

This guy has topped many lists for many reasons. This New England Patriot loves the aquariums of him. He has a huge one in his living room, surrounding 3 televisions and complementing his very large, comfortable red sofa. In his bedroom, he has an aquarium that arches over his headboard, designed by Wayde King and Brett Raymer of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

2. Kanye West

Kanye West’s house boasts a 250-gallon bathtub fish tank, which means that every time they take a bath, they get a view of a pretty spectacular sink. Kanye West might not be everyone’s favorite person, but hey, he’s got a cool fish tank, so that must make him cool, right?

3. Madonna

Madonna has a very lavish lifestyle, so it’s only fair that she also has a lavish fish tank. She is said to have a very expensive exotic fish tank in her house. I wonder if she put those iconic cones there as decoration?


Plot twist! Instead of Usher keeping his fish home alone in a huge, expensive mansion, he brings them along. That’s right, he has a fish tank inside one of his expensive cars. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing is also responsible for this creation.

5.Roy Williams

Another footballer on our list. Roy Williams has an extremely large reef aquarium in the middle of his living room. He also has 4-5 other aquariums in his house, all full of corals. The tank in his living room is so big that he has a diver to clean it out. He also has a little reef shark swimming around that huge tank.

6. Steven Spielberg

You’d think after all those «Jaws» movies, he’d want to stay away from fish. Nope! He has a simple but beautiful aquarium built into the wall of his office in his home.

7. Nelly

As seen on an episode of MTV’s «Cribs,» Nelly has $15,000 worth of fish tanks in her $6 million home. These tanks feature Lake Malawi cichlids, nurse sharks, and tiger barbs. Don’t worry, these fish are not all together in one tank.

8.Stephen Ireland

This Irish star has a 6,000 liter aquarium inside his luxurious mansion. It contains 500 exotic fish including wrasses, pineapple fish, yellow tangs and half a ton of Fijian coral. He has professionals cleaning it and it measures 13 x 3 x 8 feet and could possibly be the largest private aquarium in Britain.

9. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is far from plain and boring, which is why her media room features an aquarium built into the wall. This is said to give viewers «the feeling of a movie theater under the sea.» Sign me up for that movie, please.


This list is pretty limited, but hey, not all celebrities love their fish like these. Perhaps one day aquariums will be standard in every home so we can enjoy them too and not have to travel to see them. But for now, we’ll have to make do with our 50-gallon tanks propped up in our living rooms. If you liked this article, show it to your friends!

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