Artificial Plants For Aquarium

The artificial aquarium plants deserve my respect.

Obviously, the ideal is to prioritize the maintenance of natural plants in the aquarium , over artificial ones, due to the great benefits they provide to maintain balance in the aquarium.

However, there are times that for aesthetics it is not possible to find the plants that we like and on other occasions, due to the variety of fish we have in the aquarium , we must decide on artificial plants, over natural ones.

In any case, artificial plants for aquariums can coexist with natural plants , without any problem.

Best artificial plants for aquarium

Artificial plants in the aquarium

Artificial plants have a primarily aesthetic function, rather than a practical one.

I will not deny that it is better to use artificial plants, than not to use any type of plants at all.

Aquarium fish need us to recreate their habitats of origin, so an aquarium urn without sand, without rocks , decorations or plants, is a punishment for the fish.

Plants are used by fish in many ways: refuge, laying eggs, delimitation of territory … so they are necessary, whether natural or artificial.

Advantages of using artificial plants in the aquarium

The materials from which artificial aquarium plants are made are usually plastic, following quality controls so that the dyes or their composition do not alter the composition of the water and do not affect the health of the fish.

Among the advantages that can be extracted from using artificial plants, we have:

  • The materials with which they are made do not require maintenance, as would happen with natural plants.
  • By not requiring maintenance, we save on fertilizers and substrates, even on accessories that are usually necessary with natural plants, such as oxygenators or lighting.
  • Its price, compared to natural plants, is much lower.
  • In addition, we do not run the risk of them deteriorating. Natural plants are sensitive to the amount of oxygen in the aquarium, lighting, excess or lack of nutrients … etc.

How to choose artificial plants correctly

In Amazon we will find a good number of artificial plants for aquariums. There is almost everything.

I would tell you to follow the following guidelines, so that the final result is what you are looking for:

  • Choose plants made of materials that will not contaminate the aquarium.
  • Look for artificial plants that imitate natural plants: ambulia , aquatic nettle, bamboo, Amazon sword… .etc.
  • Avoid plants made in colors, which have nothing to do with real plants.
  • Before buying artificial plants, make a composition of the aspect that you would like the aquarium to have, to buy just the ones you need … no more, no less.
  • Artificial plants are available in different sizes, choose the one that best suits your aquarium.
  • Use more decorative ornaments that provide naturalness, stones, logs, aquarium backgrounds …

With all these tips, the end result will look more than interesting. Remember, artificial plants do not have to be a substitute for natural ones, if you can, use natural plants and in the worst case, combine natural and artificial plants.

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