Best Aquarium Algaecides

What are the best anti-algae for the aquarium on the market?

Algae in the aquarium is a problem that not only affects the aesthetics of the aquarium, if the situation is uncontrolled, it can influence the health of the fish and plants.
Although there are many ways to keep algae under control, it never hurts to use an anti-algae to help us with the task.
In the market there is a great variety of algaecides for aquariums, all quite efficient, but it must be taken into account that our aquarium can be attacked by a great variety of different algae. While some are effective against the proliferation of green algae in the aquarium, others are effective against cyanobacteria and a few are broad spectrum algaecides.
In any case and to help you make a good decision, I have analyzed the best aquarium algae on the market. I hope the comparison is helpful.

Best aquarium algae comparison 2020

What anti-algae to buy? Best quality price aquarium anti algae

Algumin Tetra

  • Algumin: It is a broad spectrum algaecide, capable of killing all types of aquarium algae, including freshwater aquarium filamentous algae, which are usually quite persistent.
  • Natural anti-algae: It uses humic substances as a natural treatment to lower the content of nutrients that affect the proliferation of algae, such as phosphates and nitrates.
  • Tetra Algumin instructions: It does not harm the fish, plants and microorganisms present in the aquarium, as long as the precise instructions on the container are followed.
  • Effective control against aquarium algae: It is useful to combat existing algae, in addition to preventing the development of new algae.


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  • For algae: All kinds
  • Presentation: 250 ml

Tetra Algumin buyers’ opinions

With the Algumin de Tetra I have managed to save my aquarium, after suffering an uncontrolled attack of algae, the result of buying some aquarium plants that were infected and that there was no way to eliminate. I am very happy, I recommend it from my own experience.


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Glutaraldehyde 2%

  • Glutaraldehyde 2%: It is a powerful bactericide, which is used in the treatment of aquarium water diluted to 2%.
  • For planted aquarium: It is very useful in a planted aquarium, as it adds an extra dose of carbon, helping the plants absorb a higher percentage of nitrates and reducing the possibility of algae emerging.
  • It is not harmful: It may seem that because it is a bactericide and a chemical compound it could affect fish, but it is not. It is totally harmless for fish and most plants.
  • Substitute for CO2: It can be a substitute for CO2 to facilitate plant growth, but also as anti-algae, the only thing that changes is the daily doses of product to be applied, and that in the case of anti-algae, it must be applied in the area of the affected aquarium.


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  • For algae: All kinds
  • Presentation: 500 ml

Buyers’ opinions of Glutaraldehyde 2%

It’s good, it delivers what it promises. I have been using it for a little over a week and the amount of filamentous algae has decreased considerably.

It is noted that it weakens them, making removing them much easier, plants that are much more beautiful also notice it.


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JBL Algol

  • JBL Algol for all types of aquarium algae: It is a freshwater aquarium anti-algae that fights all types of algae quickly and effectively.
  • Safe algaecide: Used correctly it is safe for fish and microorganisms, not having any type of side effect.
  • Oxygen concentration: It is convenient to use it in the morning, after a partial water change of at least 30% and with a good oxygen concentration while using the product.
    The reason is that, by eliminating the algae, they are degraded by bacteria consuming a large amount of oxygen.


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  • For algae: All kinds
  • Presentation: 100 ml

JBL Algol buyers’ opinions

It works quite well, but you have to be careful to follow all the steps and it is not magic, but you solve the problem that causes algae in your aquarium, the following week you will have it full of algae again.


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Easy Life AlgExit

  • Eliminate aquarium verdigris: AlgExit is an anti-algae specialized in all types of green algae in the aquarium, such as beard algae, brush algae or filamentous green algae, produced by an imbalance or as a consequence of introducing new fish or plants.
  • How it works: It is a four-week treatment, in which 1ml of product is added for every ten liters of aquarium. At first it stops the growth of algae, to later eliminate them.
    The treatment could be prolonged, if it is observed that the algae still remain in the aquarium.
  • Respectful with the aquarium: It is harmless with all aquarium organisms, it does not affect fish, prawns, invertebrates or plants.


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  • For algae: All kinds of green algae
  • Presentation: 250 ml

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