Best Aquarium Backgrounds

The aquariums are made of transparent materials (glass or plastic) for the simple reason that this way, it is possible to see the fish and the aquarium can be placed in any way you want.

However, to make the aquarium look graceful, it is best to place one of the many
aquarium backdrops, since it will give it a certain way of life, while at the same time giving it naturalness and great visual experience.

Do you want your aquarium to look unique?
Currently on the market
there is a wide variety of aquarium backgrounds with very different reasons, whether in 3d or simpler, which will complement the design of your aquarium.

The best aquarium backgrounds of 2020

Why use aquarium funds?

Speaking of decoration, the bottom of the aquarium is essential, since on the one hand it manages to give it a much more attractive aesthetic appearance, and on the other, it makes the aquarium resemble the natural habitat of the fish. The latter is quite advantageous, since thanks to this the fish improve their health, their development and their quality of life.

There are aquarium funds of all kinds.
The best sellers are the
semitransparent sheets , which can be very useful to decorate the walls of the aquariums, because they give an aspect of depth to the aquarium and more if you choose dark tones.

The most spectacular and most impressive backgrounds are the decorative ones.
They are ideal elements that
They have the magnificent function both of decorating the aquarium, and of covering some unattractive elements of the aquarium such as cables and hoses.

Types of Aquarium Funds

Within the category of aquarium funds you can find multiple brands, such as Trixie, Wuapu, Zolux, Ferplast and JBL. These brands have many types of decorative aquarium bottoms with great details of fish, rocks and everything that nature gives us, so that your aquarium looks like never before.

Stone bottoms for aquariums

If you want a minimalist design, it is best to buy stone backgrounds for aquariums , since these backgrounds have colors and textures that seem real.

Plant backgrounds for aquariums

With the plant backgrounds, the aquarium will become more natural … even the fish themselves will feel much better. Marine flora designs make a great play with your aquarium decorations and fish, so any design is tailored to suit your needs.

Children’s backgrounds for aquariums

If you have children and you want them to be impressed with the aquarium, you will have the option of choosing a background of the drawing that most attracts the attention of your children.

No products found.

3D aquarium background

To recreate a more beautiful and realistic environment for your fish, always choose a 3D aquarium background, which is nothing more than a totally resistant plastic sheet that carries with it a lenticular technology , which creates a feeling of depth and makes each design look abstract.


Within the 3D aquarium backgrounds, you can find designs ranging from waterfalls to rocky backgrounds, which give a unique feeling equal to that of nature.

Without a doubt, by acquiring a 3D aquarium background, the beauty of the elements and decorations of your aquarium are enhanced and make your fish feel at home.

The fish will observe how everything moves, like the nature of their home.
At the same time,
the decorative background provides an attractive touch to your home and makes your aquarium look more spacious and bright.

If you are looking for aquarium backgrounds that are out of the ordinary, it is best that you opt for a 3D design, since it is the technology that is currently in fashion and has reached the hearts of many users who love fish.

Advantages of a 3D aquarium background

  • Provides an effect of great depth.
  • Enhance the beauty of all your aquarium decorations.
  • They are resistant to water.
  • It has a unique design adapted to the wishes of each user.
  • It has the ability to adapt to all aquariums.
  • It can be removed and washed.
  • Thanks to its flat back surface, it prevents the accumulation of impurities.

Now, when decorating the bottom of the aquarium, it
is important to choose basic elements, such as gravel, sand and substrate.

If you decide on gravel or substrate, you can choose different colors, such as red, blue, black.

You must bear in mind that each type of aquarium background has a utility within the environment, so it is important to pay attention first to the utility and then to the aesthetic factor.

Other decorative elements for aquarium

If you decide to look for accessories to decorate the bottom of the aquarium, you should keep in mind not to place elements that can affect the ecosystem and the health of the fish. Within these accessories you can choose between:

  • Wood logs or roots : These accessories add a natural touch to the aquarium, but you need to know that not just any wood will work, and first of all, it requires a curing process, otherwise it may even be toxic to the fish.
  • Rocks : They are important to provide adequate decoration to the aquarium, in addition, they serve as a refuge for fish to lay their eggs or to hide in threatening situations. You can choose between natural or artificial rocks,but it is advisable as long as you buy ones that have already been treated, so that you can be sure that they will not harm your fish.
  • Plants : To decorate the aquarium you can use natural plants and artificial plants, but in general the most advisable ones are the natural ones, because thanks to this element it contributes to improving the quality of the water in the aquarium.

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