Best Aquarium Stones

What are the best aquarium stones?

The stones for freshwater aquariums or for marine aquariums , have as a basic function to serve as a refuge for our fish.

But once we are clear that our fish need a place to protect themselves and feel safe, obviously, we like the end result to be the most original, that’s why there are very decorative aquarium rocks , which are not the ones we are going to find. rummaging in the field.

However, if we do not want to spend money, we can use any type of stone, as long as we take into account certain limitations.

Comparison of best stones for aquarium in 2020

What stone for aquarium to buy?

Rockery stone for aquarium

Are all the stones suitable for the aquarium?

In theory, any stone is suitable for an aquarium, provided that:

  • It is not of limestone origin (calcareous)
  • It does not have edges that could harm our fish
  • Are perfectly clean

Why is a limestone not good for the aquarium?

Calcareous stones are not suitable as stones for freshwater aquariums, because they alter the composition of the water .
They are sedimentary rocks composed for the most part by calcium carbonate, which dissolves in the presence of water, increasing the pH and causing the water to become harder.
Unless our fish need waters with a high pH, ​​above 7.5, it is totally discouraged to use this type of rocks for aquariums.

Identify if a stone is limestone or not

The limestones are often porous and light colors, ranging from white and gray, to pink or rose.
Although once you have seen what a limestone is like, you will be clear about what type of stones we are referring to, if you have doubts if a stone is or has some limestone composition, you can find out by pouring strong water over it.
If it produces bubbles, it is that it is or has traces of limestone.
It can also be the case that it is because it is dirty or has organic remains.
You may like the stone a lot, before discarding it completely, it is best to clean it well and retest … but how do I know if a stone is clean enough to go to the aquarium?

Clean a stone from the field, to incorporate into the aquarium

Stones from the field or beach stones can be incorporated for the aquarium , as long as we are clear that they will not alter the quality of the water.

Previously, they must be cleaned very well, the problem we have with aquariums and fish, which are very sensitive to any chemical product.

A disinfectant that may seem harmless to us, or a cleaner that we use regularly at home, can be a lethal poison in the aquarium.

The ideal is to start by thoroughly cleaning the stones that we want to introduce into the aquarium.
Better to use soapy water and a brush.

Once it apparently doesn’t have any traces of dirt or any crap,We will proceed to boil the stone for about 20 minutes, to be sure that we have eliminated any product or substance that is harmful to the aquarium.

If you are looking for more decorative stones and that your aquarium looks great, these are my proposals. I know they are more commercial, but the end result is obviously much better:

Artificial stones for aquarium

Resin, polyester or ceramic stones are a great solution for aquarium decoration, since they do not alter the composition of the water, they do not pose any danger to fish or plants , but in return we obtain very decorative objects.

Some perfectly mimic stones, others are more direct and what they create are fish shelters, which could be natural or pass for it, but which would also be very difficult to obtain by looking for the stones around.

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