Best Aquarium Thermometers

What is the best aquarium thermometer on the market?

The thermometers aquarium  are «necessary» tools for measuring the temperature of the water in the aquarium.

It must be considered that fish are cold-blooded animals , therefore, the temperature of the water inside the aquarium can mean the difference between life and death for them.

Thanks to the thermometers we can know if the fish are out of danger, since an abnormally high or low temperature will seriously damage their health.

On sale you can find different types of aquarium thermometers, some more accurate than others, you also have them cheaper or more expensive.

To help you make a good purchase decision, I have prepared a comparison with the differenttypes of fish tank thermometers you can use so you can compare features and functionality. I hope you find it useful.

Best aquarium thermometers 2020 comparison

What water thermometer to buy? Best quality price aquarium thermometer

Fluval Aquarium Digital Thermometer

  • The Fluval Digital Aquarium Thermometer is fully submersible and helps you control the temperature of the water in your aquarium so you can protect your fish from dangerous temperatures
  • just submerge it, use the suction cup and voila! for fresh or salt water aquariums.
  • Fish product


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  • Thermometer Type: Digital
  • Measuring range:
  • All kinds of aquariums
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 6.5 x 12 cm

Buyers’ opinions of the Fluval digital aquarium thermometer

It is small, it goes completely inside the aquarium and does not bother at all.
The digits look great, which I appreciate.

Before I had a thermometer of those stickers that are usually given with aquariums, but the temperature was unreliable. I am very happy, it is a highly recommended aquarium thermometer.


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Aquarium adhesive thermometer

  • Measuring range: 18-34 degrees.
  • Adhesive on the back, just peel off the tape and place it on the outer surface of the aquarium.
  • Different temperature with different colors.
  • Easy to read temperature gauge.
  • Traditional thermometer strip.


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  • Thermometer Type: Adhesive
  • Measuring range: 18ºC to 34ºC
  • All kinds of aquariums
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 6.5 x 12 cm

Aquarium sticker thermometer buyers’ opinions

It’s just what I wanted, a simple, easy-to-read thermometer.
It sticks perfectly, it is super simple, there is not much chance of error.


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Mercury Aquarium Thermometer

  • Degrees centigrade and degrees Fahrenheit (70 F = 21 C) The temperature of the water is a very important factor that directly affects the health of our fish
  • Suction cup floating thermometer is accurate and easy to read
  • The thermometer contains a mark that indicates the safe zone for tropical fish
  • Ideal for fresh or salt water aquariums


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  • Thermometer Type: Mercury
  • Measuring range: 0ºC to 50ºC
  • All kinds of aquariums
  • Dimensions: 17.78 x 10.16 x 2.54

Marine aquarium thermometer buyers’ opinions

The Marina Suction Cup Floating Thermometer is fantastic, very reliable, accurate and cheap like few others.
To put a downside, that the numbers are somewhat small and I find it difficult to see them, but otherwise it is fantastic, it perfectly fulfills its mission.


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Digital aquarium thermometer with probe

  • LCD screen size: 2.5cm x 1.2cm, easy to read.
  • High quality, easy to install suction cup base.
  • Measuring range: -50 ° C +70 ° C.
  • Probe cable length: 1 m.
  • Measure the temperature of your aquarium.


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  • Thermometer Type: Digital
  • Measurement range: -50ºC to 70ºC
  • All kinds of aquariums
  • Dimensions: 13 x 8.8 x 2.1 cm

Buyers’ Opinions of the Gearmax Digital Marine Aquarium Thermometer

I had my doubts, but I am pleasantly surprised.
I did not expect that with such a low price, such an effective digital aquarium thermometer could be purchased.

It goes outside the aquarium, and inside you put the probe that is held with another suction cup. I have checked it with a mercury thermometer, which is somewhat more accurate and the difference is about three tenths, which is negligible for the maintenance of an aquarium.


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