Best Aquarium Water Clarifiers

The water clarifiers aquarium , are a perfect ally when we have problems of muddy water in the aquarium .

Do not confuse aquarium water clarifiers with
biological supplements that help increase nitrifying bacteria .

They are two completely different situations, although to a novice they may seem identical.
They look alike, but they are not the same.

Best Aquarium Water Clarifiers 2020

Aquarium water conditioning

These clarifying products are ideal to reduce suspended particles in the aquarium, and to eliminate chlorine, copper, zinc … heavy metals that are usually present in the water that comes directly from the tap, and that can sometimes reach it, when we carry out periodic water changes.
Eliminates particles that filters are often unable to trap, either because they are very small or because the quantity is such that the filters cannot handle them.
Thanks to the clarifiers, it
is guaranteed that the aquarium has the right conditions for the fish to have the life they deserve.
They are totally innocuous products for the inhabitants of the aquarium.

They do not affect plants in the case of freshwater aquariums, nor corals in marine aquariums.

Of course, there is no problem with the fish, which are also not affected by the clarifiers.

As a tip,
you should clean the filters of your aquarium frequently , to eliminate the particles that may remain trapped there.

Make sure that the pH of your aquarium moves in values ​​higher than 6, and the carbonate hardness values ​​is higher than 5º dKH.

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