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The best perlon for aquarium

The perlon is one of the most used filtering materials in aquarium filters to perform mechanical filtration, the most basic and the most useful, in terms of cleaning the aquarium water.
There are many manufacturers of perlon. It is such a cheap material that it is not worth buying an excessively cheap one and we do not know if it will perform its function correctly.
My recommendation is to buy perlon from prestigious brands :

Cheap aquarium perlon

Don’t let price or budget be a problem to keep your aquarium in perfect condition. These are the perlon offers for aquariums of the moment, do not let them escape, they are real bargains:

What is the gurnard?

Perlon is nothing more than a synthetic textile fiber, very resistant and elastic. It is not used in the aquarium for its elasticity, not even for its resistance, its most appreciated property is its great resemblance to cotton as a filter material.
The perlon we use in the aquarium is what is called perlon wool . The original material is subjected to a process to give it that cottony appearance, and to acquire its properties as an ideal material to be used in aquarium filters.

Properties of perlon as a filter material

The advantages that make perlon wool such a useful material in the mechanical filtering of aquarium water are:

  • Is permeable
  • Due to its composition, it is capable of retaining the smallest particles of water
  • It reduces the yellowish or greenish tone of the aquarium water
  • It is a resistant and washable material
  • It is a very cheap material : For the price it has, it is not worth washing and keeping it for a long time
  • Another of its advantages is that it is suitable for all types of filters : exterior, interior or backpack

How is the aquarium ginger used?

Perlon is one of the filter materials used in the mechanical filtration stage.
As it is a material designed to retain the finest particles, it must be placed after the foamex sponge.
The sponge will retain the thickest suspended particles, while the perlon will retain the smaller ones.
This is the correct way to place the mechanical filter materials:

If we place the greyhound before the foamex sponge, we will greatly reduce the flow rate of the filter, since the greyhound, which is much thicker than the sponge, will quickly become covered with particles and will not let enough water flow through.
Remember, you always have to put the most porous materials first, followed by the least porous.
Finally, we must not forget to always place filter materials to facilitate the appearance of bacterial colonies, essential in the aquarium filtering cycle … and finally to place chemical filter materials , such as activated carbon , in charge of reducing chemical impurities.

How often do I have to change the perlon filter?

The aquarium filtering process has to start almost from when we put the water inside, even without fish, it is the cycling process .
Depending on the decoration and the suspended particles in the aquarium, it may or may not be necessary to quickly change the perlon.
In an already established aquarium, the logical thing is to make a change of gilt per month , starting at first with a change every two weeks, a second change every three weeks.

How can I wash the aquarium greyhound?

Whenever we wash a filter material, we must do it with water from the aquarium itself.
Another recommendation, do not change two filter materials at the same time, you could destroy the bacterial colony of the filter.

There are no exact rules for these terms, nor do they have to be strict. If our aquarium has few fish and they are not very dirty, the perlon filter can last much longer, and that time can be reduced with fish that are very dirty, such as goldfish .
We can always extend its useful life by washing the perlon on some intermediate occasion, for example, every fortnight and hold it for a month. Obviously, logic prevails for everything, if it is very dirty and damaged, do not wash it, change it.

Where to buy perlon?

The aquarium filter canister can be purchased at any specialized pet store that sells aquariums and aquarium accessories. As it can be a somewhat complicated material to find, my recommendation is that you buy it online, there are very good stores to do it:

  • Perlon Amazon
    Amazon is the best option to buy Perlon. In the first place, you have a good number of options, from buying perlon from the first brands, to buying perlon by pieces that you then adapt to your filter.
  • Kiwoko Aquarium Dog Kiwoko
    Kiwoko is a network of pet stores that offers aquarium doggie. Among your options you will find top brands, but not cheap aquarium fish, I think they are not worth it.

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Best-selling Amazon Perlon

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