Best Automatic Feeders for Fish

What is the best automatic fish feeder on the market?

I recently bought one of these automatic fish feeders. They are ideal for when I go for the weekend, and I do not feel like looking for who has to be responsible for my pets.
You may not have the same problem, or you have it increased. We live a bit of a stressful life, and there are times when work schedules get chaotic.
All these situations that are potentially dangerous for our pets can be solved using a fish food dispenser that can be programmed. It’s not our fish’s fault that our lives are so hectic.
I’ve been looking for which automatic fish feeder might be the best, and I came to the conclusion that these five were the best.

Comparison, best fish food dispenser 2020

What food dispenser to buy? Best automatic fish feeder for quality price

Petacc Fish Feeder

This automatic dispenser is totally digital, so that it allows us great flexibility when it comes to automatically programming when to feed the fish.
It has up to 4 automatic dispensations a day, so it leaves a lot of room for programming and schedules, depending on the type of fish we have.
I particularly like this model, first of all because it has a capacity of up to 200 ml , and it can be installed in the aquarium in multiple ways, with a rotation of up to 360º.
From the recommendations, I have been able to read that it works better with food in granules than in flakes , this point must be taken into account. It has a fantastic price, for what saves us from work and worries.


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Features automatic fish feeder Petacc

  • Food types supported: Flakes and granules and pellets
  • Capacity: 200 ml
  • Schedules: 1 to 4 times a day and manual option
  • Power source: 2 AA batteries

Buyers’ opinions of the Petacc fish feed dispenser

It works with two simple batteries: it is simple and quick to set up.
As I have few fish in my aquarium, I have covered one of the exits, to minimize the food it dispenses.

A great accessory that should not be missing in the aquarium.


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BW fish food dispenser

If what you are looking for is something basic and cheap , BW is your automatic feeder: without hesitation.
It is very easy to use, it only takes two schedules or to dispense every 12 hours or every 24 hours. You can
also manually adjust the amount of food to be dispensed.
As it has a fairly large mouth, it allows you to use flakes or granules, which also gives you a little more flexibility when choosing the fish food you are going to use.
It has a built-in digital clock, which works with two batteries that will last you a year at least, that simple and simple.


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Features automatic fish feeder

  • Food types supported: Flakes and granules
  • Capacity: 200 ml
  • Schedules: 12 or 24 hours, in addition to manual option
  • Power source: 2 AA batteries

BW Fish Feed Dispenser Buyers’ Opinions

It complies for the price you pay.
It is a good product… inexpensive. It is simple to install in the aquarium, easy to program and the food output can be directed.

Very accomplished.


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Zacro electric automatic feeder

The Zacro automatic dispenser does not need batteries, nor be constantly connected to the electrical current .
It works with a rechargeable battery through a USB cable, exactly like a mobile: charging can take between three and six months, depending on how it is used.
As for the food dispenser, it can be put into automatic mode and we can always use the manual option … if we want to give it an extra meal, for example.
It has one of the largest capacities: 200 ml, with the option of setting four daily dosages.
To place in the aquarium and with the intention of being used for any model, it can be attached in two ways, either with clips or with special stickers.
It is among the best sellers, it will be for something, right?


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Zacro automatic feeder features

  • Food types supported: Flakes, pellets and granules
  • Capacity: 200 ml
  • Schedules: Up to 4 daily settings, plus manual option
  • Power source: USB charger

Buyers’ opinions of the Zacro automatic fish feeder

As I have several aquariums, I have been forced to use automatic feeders.
This model seemed great to me, since I did not have to use batteries, nor have it constantly plugged into the power.

The programming is quite simple and intuitive, with four options a day, with four different hours if you feel like it … yes, once programmed it will turn on and off every day, without skipping a single one.
A good buy.


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Andoer food dispenser

Despite being quite cheap, this automatic feeder seems to work quite well.
It is quite complete, it supports four daily schedules, in addition to being able to program the amount of food dispensed.
As with most dispensers, it is best to use granulated fish food to avoid any problems.
It is very easy to refill food, without having to do any strange operations.
As a differentiating fact, this dispenser is «anti-humidity». Among other things, it allows stored food not to get caked, and it may happen that it does not come out when it has to.
At the moment it is in promotion, if you want to save a few euros.


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Features Andoer Automatic Fish Feeder

  • Types of food supported: Granules and flakes
  • Capacity: – ml
  • Schedules: Up to 4 daily settings, plus manual option
  • Power source: 2 AA batteries

Buyers’ opinions of the Andoer digital automatic feeder

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