Best Farrowing Crates For Fish

What is the best farrowing pen for fish on the market?

The farrowing pens for fish are the next leap in your evolution in the aquarium.

At the beginning when you start you settle for taking care of a few fish and that they do not die. But then, when you discover that you are capable of keeping your pets without them dying, you want more… you want to have more fish and the most beautiful and economical way is to raise fish.

The farrowing boxes for fish are necessary especially with the varieties of viviparous fish, such as the famous Guppys , Mollys or Platys , the easiest to breed and most attractive fish in a tropical aquarium.

There are very good farrowing pens for fishfor sale, you can find breeding aquariums from about € 10 (even less) that more than fulfill their purpose, preventing adults from eating the eggs and the newly hatched fry.
If you ask me about the best farrowing pen for fish, I hope that this tutorial-guide will help you find the one that will come in handy for your aquarium.

Among the many that are for sale, I have been looking for the ones that are the best value for money.

Comparison of the best breeding aquarium 2020

What aquarium farrowing to buy? Best farrowing fish quality price

Marine farrowing box 2l

  • Marine Fluval outdoor farrowing pen: This is the only outdoor farrowing pen of my selection , which in addition to a breeding aquarium, can be used as an isolation and acclimatization aquarium, since it has about two liters and allows the flow of water from the aquarium.
    The only drawback is that a water pump or aerator is needed, which allows the movement of water between the aquarium and the farrowing pen.
  • Simple installation: Although it may seem a bit complicated, the truth is that it is very simple to install, nothing that is not exceeded if we want to raise fish at home.
  • Divisible: If you need it, you can divide the interior space into three completely independent compartments, so as to have adults and fry.


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  • External farrowing box, designed to hang on the side of the aquarium
  • Allows for three separations, to keep three separate adult fish
  • Measurements: 27.2 cms x 14.7 cms x 14.5 cms

Buyers’ opinions of the Marina 2l external farrowing pen

Of this farrowing box, it is necessary to highlight its design, with three compartments that help me to keep my young safe from adult fish, and with a system that allows you to keep it outside the aquarium, without taking up space.
Good quality, robust and original.


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Ueetek incubator

  • Floating farrowing pen: The Ueetek incubator is a floating farrowing pen  that is designed to stay inside the aquarium, receiving the water and the temperature of the aquarium where it is installed.
  • Design for viviparous: It is one of the simplest farrowing aquariums on the market. It basically fulfills its function, isolating the adult specimens and the females that are spawning, preventing them from accessing the eggs and being able to eat them.
  • When spawning occurs, the eggs fall to the bottom, where they cannot be eaten.
  • With lid, to prevent the fish from jumping out of the aquarium.


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  • It is made of highly resistant plastic
  • It has two compartments, one upper and one lower to isolate the eggs and fry
  • Size: 8 cms x 7 cms x 11 cms

Ueteek Breeding Aquarium Buyers’ Opinions

It is a fairly small farrowing pen, but it more than fulfills what is sought: to isolate the young from the mother at birth.
The ideal is to move the female just when she is going to spawn, so as not to cause her a lot of stress, then everything works perfectly for my Guppies.


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Trixie farrowing pen

  • Trixie 8049 farrowing pen: In this case we are already talking about a far more complex farrowing pen that allows more options, ideal if we have an aquarium with many varieties of fish, or with several females that may be about to spawn at the same time.
  • Farrowing pen with 5 chambers: Suitable for spawning fish and viviparous animals
  • Perfect for breeding Guppies
  • Floating farrowing pen for the inside of the aquarium: Like the previous one, it is a floating farrowing pen, designed to be installed inside the community aquarium, without having to worry much about the quality of the water, since we can easily clean it or exchange the water from the aquarium to the farrowing pen. .


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  • Floating farrowing pen, which takes advantage of the aquarium water
  • It can be divided into five independent compartments, so that you can have up to three fish: two spawning females and a third specimen.
  • Size: 20 cm long x 10 cm high x 10 cm deep

Buyers’ opinions of the Trixie farrowing pen

I use it as a farrowing pen, but also when I have a conflict in the aquarium and I have to separate some fish.
The only drawback is the anchor, I would have added suction cups, otherwise it is quite good.


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Zolux Nanolife farrowing aquarium

  • Floating aquarium farrowing pen: One more floating farrowing pen, with 5 distribution compartments … which seem like a lot to me, but which under some circumstances may be necessary.
    Separations can be made between adults, eggs and fry, so that they do not have access and can eat them.
  • Very easy to install: It is easy to install and assemble, since hanging on the edge of the aquarium is enough.
  • Safety grid, isolation aquarium: Includes a grid that serves to isolate sick or aggressive fish from the rest of the aquarium.


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  • Farrowing with five different distribution options
  • It is a floating farrowing pen, which is mounted inside the aquarium
  • Measurements: 20.5 cms x 10 cms x 10 cms

Buyers’ opinions of the Zolux aquarium farrowing pen

It is of good quality and has a fairly good price, although you have to put some kind of mosquito net to prevent the fry from escaping, it is better as an isolation aquarium than as a breeding aquarium.

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