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What is the best shrimp on the market?

A prawn is a specific aquarium for the breeding and maintenance of prawns.
It is usual that fish are not introduced into the shrimp. The reasons are diverse, but the most important is that prawns are often part of the usual diet of some fish.
Another compelling reason is that most of the shrimp that are introduced into shrimp aquariums are the result of the crossing of several species, with a vivid color to make them attractive.
In nature, prawns have colors that help them camouflage themselves, but not in an aquarium. This situation causes them to be constantly disturbed by the fish and they will always be hidden and stressed, with which we will not be able to enjoy their presence.
Also, if in the best of cases we get them to reproduce, the young will be eaten by the fish.
If you are interested in buying a good shrimp , I have selected the best models that are on sale right now, taking into account their quality, price and of course, the opinions of those who, like you, are already enjoying their shrimp.

Comparison of the best shrimp in 2020

What shrimp to buy? Best complete shrimp quality price

Fluval Flex 34l Aquarium

If you are looking for an aquarium that is not very large, but offers the advantages of a larger aquarium , the Fluval Flex aquarium is going to enchant you.
The most striking thing about this aquarium is its front panel made of curved glass.
It incorporates a filter integrated in the back of the aquarium, which allows mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. The aquarium is designed to incorporate a heater, which will also be hidden from view.
Inside the aquarium, the water returns through a nozzle that can be directed to any area.
The LED lights are spectacular. They are directed from a remote controland all kinds of effects can be generated with its three basic colors, blue, red and green: storms, clouds … a complete color cycle.
A perfect aquarium, which is now on sale. Are you going to miss it?


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Features Gambario 30 liters Fluval Flex

  • Size: 34 liters
  • Filter: Internal
  • Lights: LEDs with remote control
  • Materials: Curved glass
  • Dimensions: 34 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm

Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit Buyers’ Opinions

If we talk about brands,
Fluval is totally reliable in its products. This aquarium, which I have set up as a shrimp, is impressive, it looks perfect and with the lighting I don’t even tell you.

Installation is very simple.
Recommended 100 × 100.


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20 liter Marina complete shrimp

One of the advantages of a kit complete aquarium , is that you do not have to worry about the accessories, everything is included … or almost everything.
The Kit includes a Marina Slim 10 backpack filter , which allows you to maintain the quality of the aquarium water. The three basic filtrations can be made: mechanical, biological and chemical.
It also includes a salt pan and water conditioners, to remove heavy metals from tap water and promote the growth of bacteria.
The only thing you should buy is a heater , to keep the aquarium water at the right temperature.
It is missing, but not only in this Kit, most do not include it.
The Marine Aquarium Kits are ideal to start in the care of shrimp, because they have a really affordable price, with an exceptional quality.


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  • Size: 20 liters
  • Filter: Backpack (Marina Slim 10) allows mechanical, biological and chemical filtering
  • Lights: Led, daylight effect
  • Materials: Crystal
  • Dimensions: 41.2 cm x 21.5 cm x 27.7 cm
  • Others: Salabre, thermometer, water conditioners, fish food and a user guide.

Buyers’ Opinions of the 5G LED Marine Aquarium Kit

It is the aquarium that I was looking for to start in this hobby.
Its finish seems perfect, the quality of the filter and the lighting seem more than decent. Maybe the filter could make a little less noise. Highly recommended.


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AquaLED Nano Aquarium

The Nano Cubic 20 aquarium, unlike the Marina aquarium, is square, while the Marina has a more elongated design. Some prefer this design for shrimp farming, although I don’t see the benefits.
In addition to the urn, internal filter, integrated screen and LED lamp, the kit is supplied with fish food, conditioners for the aquarium water and a complete guide for the aquarium.
The internal filter comes with an oxygenator. It is capable of moving 150 liters / hour, more than enough for an aquarium of this size.
The included energy efficient LED light is from Samsung. It is integrated into the lid, for greater comfort of use.
It’s a perfect shrimp to start with, and it has one of the best value for money you will find.


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  • Size: 20 liters
  • Filter: Internal, with oxygenator
  • Lights: LEDs, Samsung brand
  • Materials: Crystal
  • Dimensions: 32.5 cms x 32.2 cms x 32.4 cms
  • Others:  Fish food, conditioners and aquarium guide.

Buyers’ opinions of the Nano AquaLED Crystal KNA 20 Kit

I recommend it, it is great for the price it has.
The Kit includes a light, filter and lid, with a hole to feed the fish, without having to lift it.

Its size is perfect for beginners: breeding bettas or as my case, as a shrimp.


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