Best Led Screens For Aquarium

What is the best aquarium LED display on the market?

The LED screens aquarium, have replaced much of the different types of aquarium lights, such as fluorescent tubes and halides.
There are compelling reasons why trends are changing, the first being energy consumption.
Aquarium LED lighting is much more energy efficient , with a lower cost per lumen, than any other type of aquarium lamp. Second we have durability. The aquarium light provided by LED bulbs is much more durable and economical. And last but not least, LED lights for freshwater or marine aquariums give off much less heat, avoiding having todip into coolers to maintain the temperature of the aquarium during the summer. As there is a great variety, before buying an aquarium screen, I suggest you review what I consider to be the best aquarium LED screens that are now for sale.

Comparison of the best aquarium LED displays of 2020

What led screens to buy? Best quality price aquarium LED displays

Dadypet LED display with remote control

It works, whether you need lighting for a freshwater aquarium, or if you are looking for LED lamps for marine fish tanks.
The screen has 60 LED bulbs (depending on the size of the screen), in different colors: white, blue, red, green, orange … that allow, through the remote control, to make different combinations to achieve strobe light, fade, flash, smooth… a total of 36 different color possibilities.
With this combination of colors, it does not matter if you have a marine aquarium, or you are looking for LED bulbs for planted aquariums, you can adjust the lighting to your needs.
It is made in a robust way, with high quality plastic and an aluminum alloy with stainless steel for the extendable supports, in order to perfectly withstand the humidity typical of an aquarium.


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Technical Specifications of the Dadypet Display with Remote Control

  • Wide variety of light spectrum , with blue, white, red, green, orange LED bulbs …
  • 4 remote control modes, with different light intensities, to recreate the light of sunrise, sunset, noon …
  • Energy saving
  • Adaptable, for aquariums from 54 cm to 82 cm long. Aquarium screen 80 cm ideal
  • Brightness intensity, 1050 lumens. Ideal for aquariums up to about 80 liters
  • 60 LED bulbs, with different shades
  • Remote control operation
  • Aluminum housing
  • Consumption: 13 watts

Dadypet Aquarium Lamp Buyers Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised, since the installation was very simple, I expected something more complicated.
The lighting is very good, it almost has too many options (for me) and I would like it to have something simple: day and night.

As an orientation, I have a 180 liter aquarium and by intensity it is perfect.


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ClassicLED display

Among the Nicrew screens for aquariums, one of the best-selling LED lamps for fish tanks , I suggest the ClassicLED model, in all probability, the LED screen with the best value for money that you will find.
This screen does not offer as much light spectrum as the previous one, it has 72 LED bulbs for planted aquariums, of which 60 are white lights and 12 are blue: night or day lighting.
The support on which the bulbs are mounted is made of stainless steel, which better withstands exposure to humidity in the aquarium.
The screen has a length of 53 cm, extendable up to 83 cm, with a power of 11W. You have other lengths available, it is possible to use as a 150 cm aquarium LED screen.


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Technical specifications of the ClassicLED aquarium display

  • Extendable, allows its use in aquariums from 53 to 83 centimeters
  • Two modes of use, for day and night lighting
  • Low consumption
  • Design that adapts easily to all types of aquariums
  • 640 lumens
  • 60 white and 12 blue LED bulbs
  • Consumption: 11 watts
  • Made of stainless steel

Buyers’ opinions of the Nicrew ClassicLED aquarium LED lighting

I have purchased this aquarium light, to replace my old fluorescent tubes.
Truth is, I did a little DIY aquarium LED display so that it would fit nicely in my current tank.

The result has been excellent, I have a perfect lighting system.


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Other sizes of led screen Nicrew Classic LED

Nicrew RGB Plus display

The RGB screen Nicrew Plus not only provides an attractive and compact design also fulfills its function perfectly illuminate an intensely planted aquarium with a lot of fish.
It is an extendable led screen, which due to its size can be installed in aquariums between 77 and 110 centimeters long, although it has more options available.
One of the most interesting features is that it offers fully automatic day and night lighting cycles.
It also allows you to generate custom colors with the red, green, blue and white light controls, which you can save and use whenever you want.
You don’t have to worry about safety,It complies with the IP67 standard, a product totally resistant to splashes of water that it may receive. Your fish will be safe.


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Technical specifications of the aquarium display Nicrew RGB Plus 24/7

  • It has a system that allows adaptable to different sizes of aquarium, from 33 cm to 158 cm
  • Original design, which is perfect in a modern aquarium
  • Its aluminum housing resists oxidation produced by humidity and sea water, perfect for a marine aquarium
  • It has a remote control and customizable colors
  • This model is for aquariums between 77 cm to 110 cm long
  • 535 lumens, measuring 33-46 cm.
  • Consumption 22 watts
  • 24 white and 12 RGB bulbs

Buyers’ opinions of the Nicrew RGB LED aquarium lighting

I am quite satisfied with the purchase, it lights very well and the price is very good in relation to the quality.
It is quite a success that it has a switch. Overall, I am really happy with this LED screen.


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Other sizes of Nicrew RGB Plus led screen

Docean LED display

The Docean screen is designed to fit aquariums between 94cm and 115cm

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