Best Logs for the Aquarium

What are the best aquarium logs on the market?

In the world of aquariums, it is necessary to know many guidelines for its correct decoration, and more when we talk about logs for the aquarium.
Aquarium logs or woods are an excellent choice when it comes to decorating your fish tank, because they provide a unique and natural style, which makes an artificial ornament cannot overcome the aesthetics of a natural one.
These structures play a fundamental role in aquariums as they serve as a base, giving it that touch of resistance thanks to a natural element. In addition, these wooden structures create a large number of hiding places and nooks, which will give your fish an environment as if they were in their natural habitat.
It is clear that the logsmake your fish tank look impressive, but aesthetics are not all important when it comes to logs for the aquarium, also, we must bear in mind that not all these woods are suitable for all aquariums, since some they can modify the structure of the water , or simply damage it. Therefore, I will accompany you so that you know what you should consider before purchasing one of these logs.

Best aquarium logs comparison 2020

What logs for aquarium to buy? Best quality price aquarium trunk

Mopani trunk

The roots of Mopani are completely natural, suitable for any freshwater aquarium. These roots are thick, gnarled and sometimes highly branched, well combined with plants and other decorative elements offer a great feeling of naturalness, with flat and raised areas.
Mopani roots are brown (usually bicolor) and darken over time, they also tend to release orange tannins and color the aquarium water a little.
Keep in mind that it is a totally natural and original product, so I recommend buying several logs from Mopani, you will find some straighter and others more knotty, to be able to play with different combinations and decorative structures.


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Mopani root characteristics

  • Wood from: Mopani
  • Origin: Africa
  • Gives off orange tannins
  • Approximate size: 25.4 x 25.4 x 12.7 cm (others available)

Buyers’ opinions of Mopani root wood

I boiled my roots three times to remove the tannins, but in the end I put it in the aquarium and it still gives off some color, but since it doesn’t bother the fish, because I don’t care, I would say that it gives a bit of «naturalness» to the whole. .
In general, I am happy, it is very original.


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Other sizes

Manzanita wood for aquarium

  • Manzanita wood for aquariums: The wood is totally natural and you will need to submerge it for about 10 or 15 days in water before putting it in the aquarium so that it does not float. It is also recommended to cure before entering the aquarium.
  • This wood lasts quite well for aquarium environments , but also for terrariums.
  • The size of these pieces ranges from 20 to 40 centimeters long and 16 to 26 cm wide, they are usually large pieces.
  • Keep in mind that no two pieces are the same, they usually offer quite complex shapes and very wide branches, with thick and large pieces.
  • Its usual coloration is dark brown , with certain reddish tones.


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  • Wood from: Manzanita
  • Origin: Tropical
  • Cure before entering the aquarium
  • Approximate size: 20 to 40 cm long x 16 to 26 cm wide

Buyers’ opinions of Driftwood wood

In my package I have received two pieces, one larger and one smaller, with some very strange shapes that perhaps I would not have chosen, but I love them because they are totally natural.
In the aquarium they are behaving very well, yes, I cured them well before introducing them.


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Driftwood aquarium logs

  • Made from high grade wood, solid and durable, long lasting in underwater or arid environment.
  • Authentic natural wood that adds realistic beauty.
  • Visual variety: no two pieces are alike.
  • Small size: the size varies in a length of about 15 cm or less; large size: width 5-7.6cm, length 12-23cm or less about.
  • Wood will quickly become the highlight of your aquarium decoration. Wooden shelter for night fish and smaller fish to hide.


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  • Wood from: Drift
  • Origin: Tropical
  • Cure before entering the aquarium
  • Approximate size: 15 cm long x 7 cm wide (various sizes)

Buyers’ opinions of Emours aquarium logs

After reading several comments, it was not very clear what wood I would receive.
Obviously we are talking about natural wood and no two pieces are the same, I am happy with the one I have.

As a precaution, I boiled it for a couple of hours and then held it in water for three days, until it began to sink.
The wood comes completely dry, if you want it to go to the bottom of the aquarium you have to soak it first.


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Resin logs for aquariums

  • Aquarium resin trunk: suitable for all types of fresh or salt water aquarium, it does not alter the water conditions.
  • Made>It is safe for fish and ideal for both fresh and salt water, it will not affect the quality of the water.
  • Turn>
  • Cave>
  • The>
  • Size:>14.5 * 5.5 * 12 cm. nice for small fish and shrimp.


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  • Wood: Resin
  • Origin: Artificial trunk
  • Does not alter the conditions of the aquarium
  • Approximate size: 14.5 x 5.5 x 12 cm (various models)

Buyers’ opinions of Hygger resin aquarium logs

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