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What is the best aquarium siphon on the market?

You do not have to be very clever, or take a long time taking care of an aquarium, to realize that the place where more dirt accumulates is at the bottom of the aquarium.
You already know that it is necessary to perform a series of cleaning and maintenance tasks for your aquarium , such as changing the water, keeping the windows clean and … cleaning the bottom of the aquarium. The task of cleaning the bottom of the tank is called «siphoning» and fortunately, we have some very cool and original devices, called aquarium siphoner that help us a lot in its performance.
They are the perfect aquarium cleaner.
It is very difficult to decide which is the best siphon for aquarium,Because in reality it will depend a little on what we really need, whether a manual siphoner or an electric one, if we want it to only clean the bottom of the aquarium, or to use it to carry out the usual water changes.
Keep in mind that if you have a nano aquarium , it is not that it is very necessary to buy an electric aquarium siphon.
I will not deny that cleaning an aquarium with an electric siphon is much simpler and more efficient, but when it comes to a small aquarium, it is not very necessary.
However, if you have a 100 liter aquarium … what do you want me to tell you, an electric siphon is better.
To help you decide which siphon for fish tankis the one that suits you best, I have analyzed the best of the moment, taking into account their main characteristics, ease of use and price. I hope you find it useful.

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What siphon for aquarium to buy? Best quality price aquarium siphoner

Battery powered aquarium vacuum cleaner Marina

The Marina firm offers us a great option for cleaning the aquarium, also at a very contained price.
This is a battery-operated siphon that allows three different options, that’s why the Marina “Multi” thing: gravel cleaner (vacuum cleaner), siphon to change the water and cleaner for algae that stick to the aquarium glass.
Before buying this product, you should know that there are certain limitations, such as that it is not suitable for nano aquariums, or that to empty the aquarium you need an accessory tube that is not included with the vacuum cleaner.
Its main advantages are that it offers many functionalities, with charged batteries it has a great suction power and has a fantastic price.


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Main characteristics and advantages:

  • As I have said, the main advantage is that it offers three different options for use, which «I think» are not offered by another siphon on the market.
  • So that the three tasks can be carried out, carry a kind of brush to clean the aquarium crystals of accumulated algae
  • The extracted dirt is collected in an auxiliary bag, which can be cleaned and reused.
  • Another advantage, even if it has nothing to do with technical aspects, is its price … very adjusted.

Opinions of buyers of the Marina siphon

It does its job, it has a fairly reasonable quality-price ratio, although in order for it to vacuum well, the batteries have to be well charged.
Otherwise, well, it arrived on time and I have had no problems with it.


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Tetra GC40 Pool Cleaner

This is a basic siphon , for those who have a small aquarium and who also do not want or need to spend a lot of money.
The best that can be said about this siphon is that it «does what it promises» , which is simply sucking the water out of the aquarium, with everything it is capable of sucking.
It may even be necessary to have this siphon , together with an electric vacuum cleaner designed to clean the bottom of the aquarium, without having to change the water.
The operation is simple, you just have to put the wide part inside the aquarium, and place the other end of the rubber inside a bucket, due to the difference in height, a suction effect is created that works very well.
Despite being a very simple siphon, it comes equipped with a protector for fish and plants, so that they are not removed by accident.
It is time for you to get a basic accessory to keep your aquarium clean.


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Main characteristics and advantages:

  • The price is essential, it is what you spend on a couple of rods. I think that for this price, we cannot do without having such a basic utensil for cleaning the aquarium.
  • Its operation is also simple, it is not necessary or read the instructions.
  • It can be used to collect impurities, or to change the aquarium water.

Buyers’ opinions of the manual Tetra siphon

It is an essential accessory.
It is super easy to use and very practical, although it is somewhat rudimentary. The best, the price !!


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Eheim Siphoner

The Eheim siphon allows us to keep the bottom of the aquarium in perfect condition.
It is a device that works on batteries, so that it avoids us having to perform strange maneuvers, or having to provide ourselves with a bucket to clean the aquarium, as occurs in manual siphons.
In this case , the sucked water passes through an internal filter and is returned to the aquarium , clean of all the dirt accumulated at the bottom.
Once the suction of the bottom of the aquarium is finished, we can clean the filter, without losing the bacteria that are so beneficial to our aquarium , and which also intervene in the cleaning process.


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Main characteristics and advantages:

  • Battery operated, super simple.
  • It reduces the need for periodic water changes and also limits the risk of losing bacteria from the aquarium.
  • It can be used to collect impurities, but it is not useful for water changes.

Buyers’ opinions of the Eheim battery-operated siphon

Previously I had another aquarium vacuum cleaner, and this one has far exceeded it, it has much more power and the tube is much longer than in most, so that it does not cost me anything to reach all the corners of the aquarium.


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