Best Skimmer For Marine Aquarium

What is the best aquarium skimmer on the market?

Skimmer is the common English name for an indispensable device in the filtration of a salt water aquarium. The correct translation would be, urea separator or protein separator,  although they are also known as skimmers, because that is what they do, create foam in which they trap proteins.

In any case, it is an indispensable ally in the elimination of impurities from the water of a marine aquarium.

The marine fish are very sensitive to pollution and disease, for that reason it is important to use the skimmer to remove most of the waste produced in a marine aquarium.

As with all aquarium accessories, there are different levels of effectiveness. If you want to know which is the best skimmer on the market , keep informing yourself in this article.

Comparison of the best protein separators of 2020

What aquarium skimmer to buy? Best quality price aquarium skimmer

Skimmer Sera Marin PS 400

The Sera urea separator is one of the best options for our aquarium. It will be one of the brands that has more aquarium accessories at this time, and more if we talk about skimmers.
This is an outdoor skimmer that can be mounted as a backpack on the edge of the aquarium or can be tucked into a sump under the aquarium.
Another difference it offers with respect to the Marin PS 200 is its size, designed for aquariums up to 400 liters , and that the pump is with needles, which provide much smaller air bubbles, with a greater capacity to retain proteins.
The pump capacity is 1400 l / h, although the flow is adjustable , as in almost all protein separators.


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Features Sera Marin Protein Skimmer 400 HO

  • For aquariums of: up to 400 liters.
  • Outdoor installation: sump or side hung
  • Air performance: 1400 l / h
  • Dimensions: 20.7 cm wide x 18.6 cm diameter x 40 cm high

Buyers’ opinions of the 400 liter marine aquarium skimmer

Very good skimmer, I recommend it.
It is very simple to assemble and once working it is quite silent, not to mention the good performance it provides.


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Skimmer for aquarium 200 liters Sera

If you are looking for a cheap marine aquarium skimmer, we have the Sera Marin PS 200, for aquariums up to 200 liters, although you have several protein skimmers available, for different sizes of aquariums.
It integrates a Venturi pump with low energy consumption, which sucks air automatically, to mix it with the aquarium water. Both the air and the water flow can be regulated to suit the aquarium’s biotope.
It can be easily fixed inside the aquarium, with a height-adjustable support . It is submersible up to 1 meter deep, although it is evident that a home aquarium will not have those dimensions.
It is important to clarify that we are talking about a Skimmer to place inside, We must assess the space it occupies inside the aquarium … and if it is convenient for us to use an outdoor skimmer.


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Features Sera Marin Protein Skimmer

  • For aquariums of: up to 200 liters.
  • Immersion depth: up to 100 cm
  • Air performance: 200 l / h
  • Dimensions: 15 cm diameter x 33.5 cm high

Buyer’s opinions of the Sera marine aquarium skimmer

I have mounted a 200 liter aquarium, which seems to be the maximum for which it is designed and is working perfectly.
I had some problems with the quality of the water, which with the skimmer have been solved.


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Tunze Comline Doc skimmer 9004

This is a fantastic backpack skimmer from the Tunze brand.  It has an excellent design and great performance in marine aquariums from 60 liters to 250 liters, depending on the amount of fish in the tank.
The amount of fish and / or marine species in the aquarium is an important detail, because the amount of organic waste dissolved in the water can vary from one species to another.
The Tunze skimmer can reduce the volume of foaming, for biotopes that are sensitive by 40%, 60% or 70% . If it is not enough, one option is to choose a skimmer with higher foaming capacity.
The main advantages of the Tunze urea separator include its size (11x9x21.5 cm) and its discreet design,that will go quite unnoticed.
It is attached with a “Magnet Holde” magnetic holder, which works perfectly with crystals up to 12mm thick.


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Features Tunze marine backpack skimmer

  • For aquariums of: 60 to 250 liters.
  • Immersion depth: 22.5 cm to 24.5 cm
  • Air performance: about 150 l / h.
  • Dimensions: 11 cm long x 9 cm wide x 30.5 cm high

Buyers’ opinions of the 60 to 250 liter marine aquarium skimmer

It may seem small, but it achieves great performance and on top of that with hardly any noise.

At first it made me tiny bubbles, but after 10 days there were no more bubbles. Eliminates an awful lot of urea, I recommend it.


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600 liter Boyu skimmer

The Boyu DG-2516 urea separator is specially designed for aquariums up to 600 liters.
This outdoor skimmer has an adjustable height and can be hung on the side of the aquarium, like backpack filters, or if you have a sump you can hide it from everyone.
The pump works with a needle rotor and the shaft is ceramic, so that its durability is assured.
It has a maximum power of 1400l / h. The flow is adjustable, to adapt it to the biotope and life in the aquarium.
The collection cup is very easy to disassemble for emptying and cleaning. For cleaning it also includes a drainage tube.


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Characteristics Boyu proteim skimmer

  • For aquariums of: up to 600 liters.
  • Outdoor installation: sump or side hung
  • Air performance: 1400 l / h
  • Dimensions: 21.1 cm wide x 13 cm diameter x 40 cm high

Buyers’ opinions of the 600 liter marine aquarium skimmer

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