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What is the best aquarium test on the market?

The aquarium is a small reproduction of a natural biotope . In nature, the different levels of nitrates, phosphates, water hardness, etc., are at the correct levels, because it is nature itself that is responsible for seeking and finding that balance.
However, in the aquarium that balance must be provided by us, that is why it is very important to measure all these parameters, through aquarium tests, so that we can detect any imbalance in time and correct it.
On sale there are a large number of reagents to measure pH and other parameters, it is possible that with so much information you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, that is why I have selected the bestwater quality test kit , taking into account its reliability, price and of course the comments of those who are already using them on a daily basis.

Comparison of the best aquarium tests of 2020

What aquarium test to buy? Best Quality Price Aquarium Water Analysis Kit

Tetra 6 in 1 test

Tetra test strips measure the 6 most important values ​​of water quality in the aquarium :

  • Total hardness (gH)
  • Carbonate hardness (Kh)
  • Nitrites (NO2)
  • Nitrates (NO3)
  • Chlorine (Cl2)
  • pH

They are ideal for quick tests , which are done in the usual aquarium controls.
It is the minimum control that you must carry out in your aquarium, to check that the water quality is correct and that your fish are not in danger.


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Tetra test set features

  • Quick test (in only 60 seconds) and in a single step to check the six most important values ​​of water quality.
  • Measures pH, total hardness, and carbonate hardness, nitrite, nitrate, and chlorine.
  • Visual check with color-based control chart , supplied with strips.
  • It has an app, Tetra Aquatics , with which the parameters can be checked more effectively.

Tetra set test buyers’ opinions

For the price they have, I find them very useful.
If you want to compare well, use the mobile application. You take a photo of the band without putting it in the aquarium water, then you take one after doing the test, and it tells you how your parameters are.

Very intuitive and easy to use.


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  • They are very easy to use, anyone without any experience in controlling an aquarium can use them.
  • It should also be noted how fast it is, in just one minute you will know if you need to take measures to improve water quality.
  • Tetra offers an app for your mobile, which makes the result even more reliable.
  • The price is one of its best assets, you will not find cheaper meters.


  • Its reliability is limited, as is the measurement range, which is not based on precise parameters.
  • They measure 6 parameters of water quality. If we want to be very exhaustive, there are still some that could affect the life of the fish.

JBL 6-in-1 EasyTest

This aquarium test is identical to the previous one for Tetra, with the difference that it brings 50 control strips , while the one for Tetra only brings 25.
Which one would I choose? The truth is that both are large pet product firms, so I think it is more a matter of affection with a brand.
They seem very similar to me, there is nothing that differentiates them. They measure exactly the same:

  • Total hardness (gH)
  • Carbonate hardness (Kh)
  • Nitrites (NO2)
  • Nitrates (NO3)
  • Chlorine (Cl2)
  • pH


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JBL test ph features

  • Quick test strips, to analyze the 6 most important aquarium water parameters in just 60 seconds.
  • Ease of use: Put a strip into a water sample and stir for 2 or 3 seconds. Remove the test strip. Let the water drain in a horizontal position. After 1 minute, compare the test strip with the color scale on the container.
  • It controls the following parameters: chlorine, acidity of the water (pH), total hardness (GH), nitrogens (NO2), nitrates (NO3) and KH of the water.
  • Package with 50 rapid test strips.

Buyers’ Opinions of the JBL 6-in-1 Aquarium Test Kit

It is very practical.
The measurements, despite being a test strip, are quite accurate. I can assure you because I have compared it with other drop tests that I have, and the results are quite similar.

Above all they are used to make routine checks of the state of the water, if you need accuracy, then you have to go to the drop test.


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  • They are very easy to use, anyone without much knowledge can take the test.
  • Speed. In just 60 seconds you have the results.
  • Comparatively, they are the cheapest tests on the market.


  • All reagent strip tests have limited reliability.
  • The number of parameters analyzed is limited, as well as its results are not very conclusive.

ProScan JBL for Smartphone

Although the ProScan JBL strips may appear the same as the rest, in reality they are not.
The first thing, in addition to measuring the previous parameters, they add CO2, that is, they measure “7” different variables.
JBL has a free app, JBL ProScan App, that can be used on any mobile device, whether it is Android or iPhone.
Once installed, the app reads the strips and performs a quick and accurate diagnosis. It offers numerical values, so that you no longer have to interpret if the pH is a little acidic, neutral or alkaline, it tells you exactly what it is.
By adding the levels your aquarium needs to the app, it will tell you if the readings are correct or if any parameter is moving in the wrong way.
For a better interpretation and in case the mobile fails, a color chart is also attached.
If you love technology and you control everything with your phone, they are the ones that I would buy without hesitation for a second.


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Features JBL Pro scan strips

  • Perform a complete analysis and diagnosis with the help of a smartphone. Determine and calculate total hardness, carbonate hardness, pH, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine, and CO2.
  • Ease of use: Download the free ProScan app for iOS and Android phones. Dip a reagent test strip into a sample of the aquarium water. Then you have to place the strip on the color scale for analysis: the mobile scans the color scale and displays the parameters.
  • The app offers a very precise result and establishes a diagnosis.
    Unlike the colored strips, the test is displayed with numerical values ​​and determines whether the water condition is good, fair or bad.
    It also
    indicates what needs to be done to improve water quality.
  • One ProScan package contains 24 water test strips and one ProScan color scale. You can download the app for free.

Buyers’ Opinions of the ProScan JBL Aquarium Test for Smartphone

I find them very easy to use.
With the application, you register the values ​​that your aquarium has. When data is entered, it tells you if the parameters are correct and offers you a solution to correct what is not right.

You can keep track of several different aquariums.
I recommend it.


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