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A 20 liter aquarium is ideal to get started in the aquarium hobby , but it can also be very practical to have one as a farrowing pen or as an auxiliary quarantine aquarium .

In any case, we must know that a 20-liter aquarium requires as much vigilance or more than a larger aquarium.

That an aquarium is small does not mean that it is easy to handle.
Sometimes the parameters are more difficult to control and the errors can be more serious.

small aquariums are always preferred by beginners.

So that you do not make major mistakes, we are going to discuss the most important aspects when buying and maintaining a 20-liter aquarium.

Buy a 20 liter aquarium

Whenever we are going to make a purchase decision, it is advisable to have a sufficient number of references, to at least choose with a certain criterion, and not guided exclusively by the price or the attractive presentation of a product.

You should know that
an aquarium can be purchased complete, which would be a complete Aquarium Set or Kit , but all the mechanical accessories that compose it can also be purchased independently.

Aquarium kit 20 liters

In the market (as you can see below) there is a good variety of aquarium kits available, which more than cover the essentials and necessary, which is:

  • Glass urn. It is basically the cube of the aquarium that, depending on the manufacturer, has a certain design, structure and sometimes the accessories are attached to the design.
  • Aquarium filters. It is common for the Kits to incorporate some type of filtering, to maintain the quality of the water.
  • Illumination. Kits always include lighting, although it can be fluorescent type or fluorescent bulbs, or LED type. The latter is ideal, since it generates much less heat.
  • Heater. This is rare and unusual. Kits do not usually incorporate a heater, although it is essential if we want to raise tropical fish .

Custom Aquarium

One option that we can always contemplate is to buy a totally independent aquarium urn, to which we will add all the accessories described above: filters, heaters and everything we consider appropriate.

The great advantage of this option is its versatility, we
can make an aquarium to suit us.

Is it expensive to build a 20-liter fish tank?

Expensive or cheap is quite a subjective concept, since if we ask several people, we will get different answers from each one.

To do the math, let’s see
what it would cost to set up a custom aquarium , with the accessories that we decide to incorporate:

Aquarium urn

As for the urn for the aquarium, you have from very economical options, to others much more attractive and minimalist:

Aquarium filter 20 liters

For a 20 liter aquarium, the two filter options that I consider the most suitable are an internal filter or a backpack filter .

It is common for 20 liter aquarium kits to include internal filters, although
I personally
find backpack filters more practical.

Internal filter

Backpack filter for 20 liters aquarium

No products found.

20 liter aquarium heater

One detail that all 20 liter aquarium kits suffer from (that I know of) is the lack of a thermo-heater.
A thermo-heater is necessary when you want to raise tropical fish or prawns, in which the temperature of the water plays a fundamental role in their maintenance.

Obviously there are many options available, but always looking for
the best value for money , the 20 liter aquarium heater that seduces me the most is:

Lighting for the 20 liter aquarium

We cannot forget the lighting, necessary for any aquarium of any size, since fish and plants need lighting to live … but it is not a good idea to put them near natural light, as it would cause the appearance of algae.

Depending on the type of urn, we can
place an LED screen or choose an LED lamp. In this case, the space available to install the screen influences… a lot.

A cheap 20 liter aquarium

Summing up and designing a 20 liter custom aquarium , we could get by:

  • Urn, € 24.95
  • Backpack filter, € 5.32
  • Heater, € 28.56
  • LED screen, € 22.99

To set up
a 20 liter marine or tropical freshwater aquarium, which includes a heater, the total price can be: € 81.82

Would it be cheaper to buy an aquarium kit?

The 20 liter aquarium kit, with the best value for money


This Kit comes ready to go and “everything fits”, we don’t have to worry about a thing.
The price is around € 51, to which we should add € 29 for a decent heater, which leaves us the aquarium at € 80… Conclusion? Well, making a custom aquarium can work out roughly the same as buying one made, with the only advantage that we choose where we spend the most and where we spend the least.

The best-selling 20-liter aquariums

Although I have chosen the Marina Kit as the best option for value for money, there are other very popular 20-liter aquarium kits, which are among the best-seller lists.

These are:

The AquaLED Kit is my best option for 30-liter aquariums , although in 20-liter aquariums I consider that the Marine Kit offers better performance.

Caring for a small fish tank

An aquarium or small fish tank requires similar maintenance as a larger aquarium .

It is essential to control the quality of the water as we would in a larger aquarium,
observe the health of the fish and take care that algae do not proliferate .

The only real difference is in size.
A small aquarium can be installed anywhere and the maintenance cost is lower.

In a small fish tank you should take into account:

Maintenance of small fish tanks

To maintain a healthy aquarium, in which the fish feel perfect “and do not get sick”, you must perform the following maintenance tasks:

  • Check the water parameters. You have to monitor that the pH, Kh, gH is within the levels that your fish need, these checks must be carried out at least once a week, using asuitable aquarium test .
  • Perform partial water changes. The frequency can vary depending on the fish and the quality of the water, but the partial water change of the aquarium should be done between once a week, to every three weeks.
  • Periodically clean the bottom of the aquarium. It is necessary to clean from time to time from the bottom of the aquarium, all those sediments that the filter does not remove.

    Use a
    siphon .
  • Control the temperature. Fish need a certain temperature to live, which is usually higher or lower than room temperature.

    By introducing a heater, the problem is solved, but if we live in a place with a lot of heat, we may need to
    lower the temperature of the water, adding an aquarium fan .
  • Watch out for lighting and algae blooms. Inadequate lighting can cause the appearance of algae.

    Fish and plants need specific hours of lighting.
    Try not to spend hours, but also not fall short.

How many fish can I put in a small tank?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the size of the fish tank greatly determines the species (or species) of fish that you can have.

There is a rule that is used to calculate “how many” fish can be put in an aquarium.
It is said that
we have to have a liter of water, for every centimeter of fish.

I would be a bit more strict, not over-saturating a small aquarium.
In any case, there are super tiny fish ideal for very small fish tanks.

Fish for 20 liter tank

These are some of the varieties of fish that you can put in a 20 liter tank:

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