The Best 60 Liter Aquariums

  • The best 60-liter aquarium, for value for money
  • A cheap 60 liter aquarium
  • The best-selling 60-liter aquarium
  • A very complete 60 liter aquarium
  • How many fish can fit in a 60 liter aquarium?

If you are looking for a 60 liter aquarium, I am going to show you the best 60 liter aquariums that you can buy right now.

In addition, I will give you my personal opinion, I am not going to cut anything and I will tell you if I think they are worth it or not.

There are three or four brands on the market that are very good , but it is clear that some aquariums offer better performance than others.

The best value for money to buy a 60 liter aquarium


There are aquariums cheaper than the Tetra AquaArt, but they do not incorporate the same accessories, nor do they have the same product quality.

These are the strengths of this Kit, and for what I think it is the best option in terms of value for money:

Filtered out

EasyCrystal FilterBox

While most Aquarium Kits have an internal filter, which is more complicated to maintain, clean and change the filter materials, this Aquarium Kit comes standard with a backpack filter , which avoids having to «reach» the hand inside the aquarium. for its maintenance.


Another of its relevant characteristics and which I think is a differentiating fact is that it brings LED lighting , in addition to the day-night option.

In the cheapest 60-liter aquariums, the lighting is by fluorescent lamps, which are obviously cheaper, produce much more heat and spoil faster.

The point of heat is to consider, since if we are raising cold water fish, it could be the case that we have to use aquarium fans to dissipate the heat.

Water temperature

And finally, something that almost no aquarium kit comes standard is the thermo-heater.

Very few tell you about it, but a thermo-heater, even if you have a cold-water fish tank, it is necessary to mount it.

The temperature of the aquarium water should be more or less constant, with slight variations. The heater helps us keep it that way.

If you add the thermo-heater to any cheap aquarium kit and change the internal filter for a backpack one, you will see that this «kit», although it is somewhat more expensive than the rest, is actually cheaper for its value for money.


How many fish can I put in a 60 liter aquarium?

A very common question is to know how many fish can fit in an aquarium , in this case, how many fish can fit in a 60 liter aquarium.

There are several «more or less established» rules to define how many fish an aquarium should have, such as one liter of water per centimeter of fish.

The truth is that there are many theories, and we always have to ensure that there is no overpopulation, so that it is easier for us to manage and maintain the water quality parameters.

To give you an idea, of how many fish you can have in a 60-liter aquarium, if we had a small school of Tetra Neon , we could have between 12 and 15 specimens, if they were scalars or goldfish, we could introduce between 2 and 3 fish.More information : How many fish can I put in an aquarium ?

Other options, a cheap 60 liter fish tank


This 60 liter aquarium is the cheapest option you can find , but as I have told you before, it has a bit of a trick.

To achieve this price, the manufacturer has dispensed with adding accessories, you only have the glass urn, the lid and the lighting that is incorporated into the lid.

If you want to add an aquarium filter , whether internal, backpack or external, you have to add the amount to the aquarium.

The same goes for the thermo-heater. If you don’t need it, for the fish you are going to raise or you already have, a little money that you save.


The only real advantage of this cheap 60 liter aquarium is that «you» can decide which accessoriesYou put it, spending more or less, depending on tastes, type of aquarium fish or why not, available budget.

More ideas: the best-selling 60-liter complete aquarium


This is the best selling aquarium kit online. If you analyze it, it has big differences between my proposal, which I still think is the best.

For starters the Tetra filter is much better.

We continue with an accessory that the Marine aquarium does not incorporate: the thermo-heater . Depending on the heater you decide to incorporate, the price difference would not be substantial … either of the two aquariums would be at a similar price.

In what if there are differences «in favor» of the Marine aquarium is in liters, which is 75 liters , compared to 60 of the Tetra aquarium.

Another interesting proposal. By aquarium price, the most expensive


This Sera aquarium is my latest proposal.

The truth is that with this aquarium I can get the curved aesthetic, which gives it a great look and I personally love it.

The technical aspects must also be highlighted. While the lighting does not convince me at all, since it mounts fluorescent lamps (and fans to dissipate heat), its filter that incorporates a pump … is great.

In short, another option to consider, even if it is the most expensive.

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