The Best 80 Liter Aquariums

An 80 liter aquarium is already a significant size. It is not an excessively large aquarium, but it is perfect for creating a biotope with a wide variety of species of aquatic plants and fish.

If you are looking to
buy an 80-liter aquarium at a good price, I will give you my opinion of what I consider to be the best aquariums for the 80-liter measure at the moment.

Make no mistake, there are many aquariums, but aquariums with good value for money, not so many anymore.

The best option to buy an 80 liter aquarium


I consider the 80 liter Tetra Starter Line LED Kit to be the best in its category, because the value for money is the best.

The quality offered by the Tetra brand is beyond doubt, it is
one of the largest manufacturers of aquarium products in Europe.

But it is not necessary to completely trust what they tell us, just analyze the product:

Aquarium urn

The glass is 6mm thick, which is more than enough for an 80 liter aquarium.

It is a float glass that is commonly used in construction.
Its characteristics make it ideal for an aquarium:
totally flat and undistorted surfaces, high light transmission and optical clarity.

The lid that covers the urn has a hinged lid, which allows us sufficient access to feed the fish, without having to remove the entire lid.

The lid incorporates lighting, a
low-consumption LED bulb with lighting that simulates natural light.


The filter is one of the most important parts of an aquarium, many fans end up changing the one that comes standard due to its poor quality.

If you buy the Tetra Starter Line aquarium you will not have that problem.

The aquarium mounts a
Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox filter, ideal for aquariums from 50 to 150 liters.

This filter is fantastic, not only for its filtering capacity (more than enough), but also for its ease of use and cleaning.

It allows to carry out mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.

Assemble cartridges that are very easy to change.
You only need to lift the upper cover of the filter and change them, without having to reach into the aquarium.


One of the reasons I think this aquarium is the best choice, it is mounted heater series, an accessory that very few aquarium kits bring.

With the heater, we are in a position to raise tropical fish (the most popular) right from the start.

Other 80 liter aquariums

The cheapest aquarium on the market

80 liter marine aquarium

Guide to buying an 80 liter aquarium

In case it has not been clear enough throughout the article, to buy an aquarium you must take into account the following points:

Aquarium urn

It may appear that all urns are the same; four glass walls with a base and a lid.

Yes … it is indeed the case, but
the thickness of the glass and the quality of the glass is different from one kit to another, not to mention the lid, which may be easily accessible or it may be necessary to completely disassemble it to feed the fish or manipulate the interior of the aquarium.


All my proposals have LED light, which are the ones that offer the best benefits at this time, in addition, they do not heat the water, avoiding having to add fans or coolers to the aquarium.

Some very cheap Aquarium Kits still mount fluorescents, lighting that tends to disappear.


The filter may be the most important accessory in the aquarium , as much of the quality of the water depends on its performance.

We must analyze which filter the aquarium incorporates.
In my proposal, it is
one of the best filters for Aquarium Kit on the market.

Check that it performs the three necessary filtrations: mechanical, biological and chemical.


Not all aquariums have a heater, and this «lack of accessory» can give the impression that one aquarium is cheaper than another.
A good 80 liter aquarium heater can be worth € 35 and up. It is not that it is an excessive price, but if we are subtracting …


The easiest way to buy an 80-liter aquarium is to get a complete Kit , we don’t have to complicate choosing the different accessories that make it up and that are essential.

However, we always have the option to do it personally,
choosing all the accessories. It can be more fun, but also cause us more of a headache.

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