The Best Aquarium Tools

In addition to the many aquarium accessories that we need and that can be more or less useful, if our aquarium has plants, we need a series of essential aquarium tools for handling.

will also need a sieve to handle the fish, a scraper to clean the windows , a brush to remove algae … etc.

I have taken the liberty of selecting some of
the best aquarium tools , which can also be very useful:

Essential aquarium tools

Do I need to buy all these aquarium accessories?

The truth is that no, you do not need to buy all these aquarium accessories, but you will be with me that all these aquarium tools are going to make your life much easier.

Aquarium cleaning and maintenance are essential.
Fortunately, you have a lot of tools that make your work easier … as you will see in the selection, there are some
kits that already include some of the essential tools, at really good prices.
Remember that you should not put your hands in the aquarium, since our skin is usually impregnated with creams or soaps that are harmful to fish.

To carry out the work of cleaning the aquarium crystals inside and out, you will see that there are

, which are equally useful for removing algae that stick to the crystals.

You have
tweezers, designed to remove algae, collect debris from the bottom, etc …, also, without having to put your hand in the aquarium.

In addition to the numerous tools to manipulate the interior of the aquarium, remember that you have other cleaning accessories, such as the
aquarium siphon , which you have at your disposal in manual or electric.

For the most curious, there are the sponges designed to clean the aquarium glass.
They are equipped with magnets, which greatly facilitate the task of internal cleaning of the aquarium.

a set of tools that I consider necessary for the proper maintenance of the aquarium.

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