The Best Tetra Fish Tanks and Aquariums

  • Mini Tetra aquariums
  • Themed aquariums: Tetra Playmobil Aquarium
  • Tetra Aquart Aquarium
  • Aquarium Tetra 60 liters
  • Tetra 80 liter aquarium
  • Aquarium Tetra 100 liters

Tetra fish tanks and aquariums are of recognized prestige: German quality 100 × 100.

If I talk to you about the Tetra brand, I’m pretty sure it will sound familiar to you.

It is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of
products for aquariums : fish food , treatments, aquarium manufacturing and all kinds of elements necessary for the aquarium, such as filters , pumps, siphons, tools …

Types of Tetra Aquariums

Tetra has five well-differentiated series of aquariums:

Mini Tetra aquariums

Within the mini aquariums, we find the Tetra Cascade Globe fish tanks. Do not be fooled, it has nothing to do with a traditional fish tank, it is rather a mini spherical aquarium, since it has a filtration system, which you will not find in any traditional fish tank.

Later we move on to the Silhouette Tetra,
a very complete nano aquarium , ideal to start in the aquarium.

Tetra Themed Aquariums: Tetra Playmobil Aquarium, Pepa Pig and Minions

The thematic aquariums Tetra are children aquariums decorated for the little ones begin to take their first steps in the aquarium hobby.
They have everything you need: filters, lighting, even some models have a heater, so as not to limit yourself to cold water fish and start if you want with tropical fish.

Like all Tetra products, they
comply with all the safety guarantees, essential when we talk about products for children.

Tetra Aquart Aquarium. Small Tetra Aquariums

Within the Tetra Aquart aquariums , we find the smallest series of Tetra aquariums , nano aquariums or small aquariums up to 30 liters.

They are the ideal ones to start in the aquarium and / or they are also suitable as shrimp, due to their size of the most manageable.

They come fully equipped, with LED lighting , filters , in most cases a heater and everything you need to start the experience of setting up a first aquarium.

Aquarium Tetra 60 liters

We continue with the Tetra Aquart series, which reaches just up to 60 liters. For larger aquariums, Tetra has very original designs, among which we find a semi-curved aquarium.

Tetra Starter line 80 liters aquarium

Tetra also has an 80-liter aquarium , within its Starter Line range. Fully equipped:

Tetra Aquarium 100 liters or more

For aquariums of 100 liters or more , Tetra has the Aquart and Starter Line series. Always with the highest performance and the best equipment: LED lights, Tetra internal filters, thermo-heaters and accessories of the brand, such as food and water conditioners, everything to get you started with your aquarium immediately.

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