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Greetings dear reader, this time we are going to focus on the Hagen AquaClear waterfall filter.

The best selling cascade filter in the world since 1978
Refiltration system to maximize efficiency
Patented flow control system

If you have spent some time in this aquarium hobby and aquariums, surely there are several occasions in which you have heard of AquaClear filters. If you are wondering what is the best backpack filter, you may find the answer in this article.

These waterfall filters have been around for quite some time. They are considered by many aquarists to be the best aquarium waterfall filter on the market because it is quiet, efficient and performs very well.

The AquaClear brand is owned by Hagen, which also owns the popular fluval brand of aquarium filters.

With that kind of pedigree, this company is known to make quality aquarium products, and this fish tank filter is no different. The AquaClear filter is one of the most flexible backpack filters currently on the market.

Hagen ‘s AquaClear line of filters includes:

  • AquaClear 20 – Up to 76 liters
  • AquaClear 30 – Up to 114 liters
  • AquaClear 50 – Up to 190 liters
  • AquaClear 70 – Up to 265 liters

They are well known for both their excellent filtration and their almost legendary durability. It is not that unusual to see these filters still working properly after a decade or more. And most will give years of trouble-free operation.

One of the main points in favor of an Aquaclear filter is its quiet operation. As long as it is reasonably well maintained, and the water is replenished regularly in the aquarium, it will be difficult to hear its operation.

The Aquaclear series of filters easily ranks among the best aquarium filters on the market. They are a solid choice for almost any aquarium.

Even when kept in smaller rooms like bedrooms and offices, sound is rarely an issue. This is something that anyone who has a home office with a fish tank will appreciate.

In this AquaClear waterfall filter review we will see if this really is the best backpack filter for your tank.

HAGEN AquaClear Waterfall Filter Description

These filters are well known and the AquaClear brand is highly recommended in the aquarist community.

They provide excellent filtration, near-silent operation, and legendary durability. Users regularly use these waterfall filters for years without any problems.

The unique design of the Aquaclear filter allows for a large amount of media to be placed in its large container. This increases the contact time between the filter medium and the water for more efficient filtration.

This large chamber also makes it more flexible when it comes to using filter media, allowing you to choose your favorite materials.

It comes with an efficient pump that minimizes energy consumption and therefore the cost of operation. The pump is designed to be energy efficient.

This is why aquarium lighting is what you have to take into account, you do not need to worry about the costs of having this filter working.

The fish tank water can be maintained in a proper and efficient way without the need for manual labor. This is thanks to its multi-stage filtration system.

This filter features the CycleGuard multi-stage biological filtration mechanism, which provides optimal chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration. It also ensures a constant cycle of beneficial bacteria to properly regulate the environment.

Its patented re-filtration system allows the flow to be reduced by up to 50% without interfering with the efficiency of the filtration. When the flow rate is lowered, the water inside the chamber is processed multiple times to make it ultra clean and maintain filtration efficiency.

Characteristics of the Aquaclear filter

All filters in the AquaClear line offer the same features and benefits, just for different sized tanks.

Aqua Clear 20

Aqua Clear 30

Aqua Clear 50

Aqua Clear 70

Opinions, reviews, ratings and reviews of AquaClear filters

In there are 80 customer reviews at the time of writing this article, rating with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Of all the opinions, 64% have given this filter 5 stars. 16% have rated it with 4 stars, and 11% with 3 stars. Finally, 5% have given it 2 stars and the remaining 4% 1 star.

Some user complains that the motor is a bit noisy for the bedroom. But all highlight the efficient action of the filter.

In we can find 55 user opinions with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. It has 69% 5-star ratings, and 14% 4-star ratings. Only 5% have given it a star.

They all speak very well about the filter and its optimal work.

On there are more than 3620 reviews, with a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5. 61% of those ratings are 5 stars, and 10% are 4 stars. 6% rate with 3 stars, and 5% with 2 stars. Finally, 18% give it 1 star.

Seeing the data of the reviews left on Amazon, in general this waterfall filter is very well valued.

Other opinions and criticisms of the AquaClear backpack filter

Everything you need to get this filter up and running is in the box, including filter media.

The media container of this waterfall filter is huge. Most backpack-style aquarium filters have media baskets, but the AquaClear filter has an open bin instead.

This allows you to use a ton and a half of material for better filtration. It also allows you to experiment with your media mix. The flexibility you have with this is a huge plus point.

Overall build quality is solid. It’s plastic, like most filters. Durability shouldn’t be a problem.

The action of the filter is quiet, but there is a slight noise from the lid hitting the top of the filter.

A problem that occasionally appears with Aquaclear filters is that the smaller models can suffer from flow problems. It can usually be remedied with a thorough cleaning, and usually only happens on the smallest model, but it can be a frustrating experience in a beginner aquarium with novice aquarists.

They have difficulties in self-priming. When the filters are unplugged or the power goes off, they may or may not restart automatically when the power comes back on. Because of that, the filter can run dry and burn out if not primed.

In case of saturation it can overflow out the back and drain the aquarium to the depth of the inlet tube.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of Hagen ‘s AcuaClear backpack filter summarized in the most notable points.

Pros of the Aquaclear waterfall filter

  • It can hold large amounts of filter media compared to other filters.
  • The large filtration volume allows for mixing and matching of filtration media.
  • Very quiet and efficient.
  • high durability
  • Provides excellent filtration capabilities.
  • It comes highly recommended by many owners, so you know it works.

Cons of AquaClear

  • Debris can get caught in the propeller housing and will need to be cleaned.
  • Smaller models can experience flow problems if not cleaned regularly.
  • Self-priming can cause some problems.
  • It can produce water losses, draining the tank up to the height of the inlet pipe.

AquaClear Filter Specifications

Let’s now see the main features of Hagen ‘s AquaClear filters.

efficient design

Although the AquaClear is a backpack filter, it uses a bottom-up flowing filtration design normally only found in external filters. This means that the water rises from the bottom, rather than trickling down from the top.

This way all the water passes through the filtration media. With this design, there is nowhere for the water to go but to flow through the filter media.

Also this filter has a large capacity for filter loads in a larger container than most cascade filters. It is very easy to set up thanks to the large and easily accessible compartment. In addition, it allows you to customize your own media mix to achieve the most optimal filtration.

The waterfall-style outlet agitates the surface of the water while creating beneficial currents through the entire volume of the aquarium.

AquaClear Filter Refiltration System

This filtration device also has a patented refiltration system that increases contact time by recycling water through the filter media. The highly efficient pump has a high flow rate and low power consumption.

CycleGuard Filtration

It is very easy to install, the sponge filter at the bottom, the activated carbon in the middle and the Bio-Max ceramic rings at the top.

The foam in this unit acts like a sponge in trapping dirt; and this is washable and reusable too. Click on this link to see this foam in the Amazon storefront.

The activated carbon filter, on the other hand, is useful in treating chemicals such as ammonia and other substances that may be present in the water. Click here to see charcoal on Amazon.

This unit is also equipped with the patented BioMax technology that allows the retention of beneficial bacteria in the water so that all of its inhabitants thrive well. Click on this link to see the BioMax on Amazon. If it is a new aquarium you will need the aquarium cycler to generate the bacteria colony.

Patented flow control

The Aquaclear filter includes a patented system for easy flow adjustment. Also, that you can regulate the intake and flow of water through this device to suit your needs and preferences.

AquaClear Cascade Filter Leveling System

The leveling device is effective and easy to install too. So just follow the step-by-step guide in the attached user manual and you will finish the setup in no time.


Other alternatives


This filter has a great reputation for efficiency, durability and overall quality, backed by the well-known brand in the aquarium world, Hagen.

This filter is quite simple, but therein lies much of its greatness. A classic for many aquarium enthusiasts for many years

The clear water you will have in your tank after installing this filter will speak for itself.

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