Best EHEIM Filter

What is the best Eheim filter on the market?

One of the most important elements in the maintenance of an aquarium is the filter . The quality of the filter, durability, ease of cleaning and of course a reasonable price, are the characteristics that define the EHEIM aquarium filter.
EHEIM is the European leader in aquariums . It has been manufacturing really reliable products for more than 50 years, so that our aquarium is in the best conditions.
EHEIM aquarium filters are at the forefront. From EHEIM they offer us accessories and high-tech filter materials, which are the perfect complement for your filters.

Best EHEIM filters 2020 comparison

Seven different options are offered by EHEIM in external filters, designed to offer solutions to all types of aquarium urn, from small 20-liter aquariums, to more common 100-liter aquariums and 1,500-liter aquarium installations.
EHEIM filters are characterized by having very high quality standards, which results in great efficiency and durability of the product. Ideal if what we are looking for is a good product that lasts a long time.

Comparison of the best Eheim Classic filters

The EHEIM Classic range of filters is not exactly the most attractive of all, I would not choose it if the filter is going to be visible.
However, it must be recognized that it is one of the best sellers, because it is still the most recommended by users. You know, if you have a friend with an aquarium, you ask him what filter he is using and how he is doing … if he is doing well, he will recommend the external aquarium filter that he uses. It is ideal for an aquarium of 100 liters and up.

Eheim Classic Series Features

  • Reliable, as it has been tested in millions of aquariums around the world
  • Good value for money
  • Silent
  • Low power consumption
  • Very easy and safe closing, thanks to its silicone gasket
  • Ease of cleaning
  • It can be equipped with filter sponges and add other types of filter materials , completing the three types of filtration, mechanical, ecological and chemical.


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Available models of the Eheim Classic series

Best EHEIM eXperience filters comparison

This filter is the first EHEIM launched with a square aesthetic, its success has been such that since its launch many of EHEIM’s external filters have been modified to use this same aesthetic.
The reason is obvious, being square saves space, is a much more stable filter and provides a large volume of filtration.
The EHEIM eXperience has a hose adapter with a built-in stopcock for easy handling. The filter baskets can be removed individually, thanks to the very practical system of handles with which it is equipped, which also go unnoticed, since they are folded and are integrated into the unit.
Thanks to its ceramic components,the noise made by the external filters is no longer a problem.

Eheim eXperience Series Features

  • Square design. Avoid wasting space and provide great stability
  • It comes equipped with a hose adapter, with two integrated stopcocks with anchor lever , which are the safest on the market
  • The filter material is deposited in baskets, which can be handled individually
  • Accessing the filter material is very simple, thanks to the fact that it can be removed by pulling a handle integrated in the equipment, which folds and goes unnoticed
  • It is very quiet, thanks to the fact that the shaft and the bearing bushing are made of ceramic material
  • Filters come equipped with 3 filter sponges, 1 filter pad and EHEIM Substrat biological material


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Available models of the Eheim eXperience series

Best EHEIM Ecco pro filters comparison

Eheim Ecco Pro Series Features

  • Low power consumption and high performance
  • Multifunctional handle
  • Very silent filter. Ceramic bearing shaft and bushing
  • Equipped with filter baskets, individually manageable, which allow optimal mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
  • The filter baskets are already equipped, so you only have to start it
  • Prefilter


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Available models of the Eheim Ecco Pro series

EHEIM professionel 3 external filter line

As its name suggests, this line of filters is designed for the most demanding aquarists , who also have a large aquarium , as they are recommended from 400 liters to up to 1200 liters.
There are two versions of the filters, the normal one and the “T” version (Thermofilter), which has a built-in heater.
The sophistication of this filter reaches the extreme that it is possible to use an electronic control, for its management from the computer.

Eheim Professionel 3 Series Features

  • Square design, allowing high volume filtration and superb stability
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Silent, thanks to its shaft and bearing bushings in ceramic material
  • Very easy to remove and clean pre-filter, with a tray so that it does not drip when handled
  • Easy to remove filter baskets individually
  • Filter with triple hose adapter, with two inlets and one outlet , for perfect water circulation
  • Flow indicator and filter cleaning. Notify when cleaning is necessary
  • Wheels for transport


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Available models of the Eheim Professionel 3 series

Comparison of the best EHEIM Professionel 3e filters

The great difference of the professionel range, with the professionel 3e, is that the latter includes an electronic control as standard with many functions, such as continuous surveillance, easy to regulate the filter functions and all of this can be done from the home computer. thanks to EHEIM ControlCenter software .
With just three buttons you can regulate all the functions of flow, flow, pump power and continuous monitoring of the system.

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