Best External Filters

What is the best external aquarium filter on the market?

Using external aquarium filters offers innumerable advantages for your aquarium. Among the most important:

  • Cleaner water, thanks to high levels of filtration
  • It is a perfect ally to keep the water parameters at the correct levels
  • Life inside the aquarium, fish, plants … stays much healthier

There is no excuse to have an aquarium in perfect condition, there are external filters that take up very little space , that hardly make noise and that have an affordable price. It does not matter the size of your aquarium, they are filters for small fish tanks or for large aquariums.
To help you find the best filter for your aquarium, I have been searching, analyzing many candidates one by one, to bring you the best external aquarium filters.

Comparison of the best external filters for aquarium 2020

What outdoor filter for aquarium to buy? Best aquarium outdoor filter for quality price

JBL CristalProfi e402 greenline filter

I have chosen this JBL Cristal Profi e402 greenline filter , because it is a small external filter, suitable for aquariums from 40 to 120 liters, for those aquarists who want external filters despite having a small aquarium.
Despite its small size, it is capable of purifying 450 liters per hour.
The filter allows the installation of two mechanical systems, filter sponge and perlon wool .
To these filters you can add a biological filter (canutillos) and a chemical filter, for specific aquarium problems.
With this same configuration, you have several filters available of different sizes and filtration capacity, which adapt to any aquarium, no matter how large.


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Technical specifications of the JBL CristalProfi filter e402 greenline

  • Three types of filtrations, mechanical (with pre-filter, two levels of filtration), biological and chemical
  • Quick start, no priming required
  • Silent
  • Filtering material included
  • For aquarium from 40 to 120 liters
  • Filtering capacity 450 l / h
  • Measurements: 18x20x29.5 cm
  • Consumption 4 W

Buyers’ opinions of the JBL CristalProfi e402 filter

So far I was using an
Eheim Classic filter , which is a very, very good filter. The big difference between Eheim and JBL is in the simplicity of the assembly. After trying both, I prefer JBL.

In addition to the power, which is fantastic, I prefer the ease of assembly.


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Fluval 206 external filter

The Fluval 206 external filter is suitable for aquariums up to 150 liters.
The filter is shaped like a glass and is made up of several modules that can be modified to add the type of filtration that interests us. This form of filtration is called multi-stage: the filter materials are in separate compartments, to be easily replaced.
Does not require manual priming. It has an intelligent system called Smart-Pump, which takes care of everything automatically.
It comes equipped with an AquaStop system , so that if any type of water leak is detected, the filter stops.
The very quiet motor is high performance, prepared to withstand the heat well: ceramic shafts and perfectly balanced.
The cover that protects the filter is made of a thermoplastic material, which is also designed to absorb vibrations.


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Fluval 206 Filter Technical Specifications

  • Mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
  • Silent
  • Ready for commissioning upon receipt of the equipment
  • AquaStop system, which stops the filter when it detects a water leak
  • Latches with hook on the motor housing. They are very safe and fast closures
  • Aquarium filter up to 150 liters
  • Measurements: 46 x 18 x 20 cm
  • Flow of 680 l / h, up to a maximum head of 1.45 meters.
  • Consumption 10 W

Buyers’ opinions of the Fluval 206 external filter

I have it working for three months and the water is crystal clear.
It is installed in a 100 liter aquarium and the power response is very good. It costs nothing to start up, and the only downside is that I wish there was more space for the filter materials.


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Sunsun HW-402B Aquarium UV Filter

The Sunsun 402B 1000L / H external filter is designed for aquariums up to 250 liters. It is shaped like a glass and comes prepared with a handle that facilitates its handling.
It is equipped with three levels of filtration, two mechanical filters can be added, a thicker one (Foamex) and a finer one (perlon), a chemical filter and a biological one, so that we achieve a «total» filtration.
This filter also incorporates a UV lamp , which is very useful to prevent the appearance of algae.
It is very well compartmentalized, so that changing the filters is very easy. It does not require a lot of maintenance, but when it has to be cleaned it is really easy.
The price of this external filter for aquarium is really unbeatable, it is the best you will find for less than € 60


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Sunsun HW-402B Filter Technical Specifications

  • Mechanical, biological and chemical filtration
  • It mounts a 9w UV lamp , it is a sterilizer to prevent the appearance of algae
  • Quick Install
  • All filter materials included
  • Independent filter material baskets
  • For aquariums up to 250 liters
  • Filtering capacity 1,000 l / h
  • Measurements: 35 x 26 x 44 cm
  • Consumption 18 W

SunSun Aquarium Outdoor Filter Buyers’ Opinions

What I liked most about this filter is how comfortable it is to handle, along with its great effectiveness in filtering the aquarium.
I was a little fed up with small filters, which didn’t quite give me a good result, and after seeing the price of this filter, I made up my mind.

Delighted, very good value for money.


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