Best Internal Filters For Aquarium

What is the best internal aquarium filter on the market?

The internal filters for aquariums and fish tanks are best used in aquariums.

This predilection is more evident in small aquariums . I can think of several reasons, the first is that most aquarium kits mount internal filters as standard, and since amateurs who start to raise fish for the first time are the ones who buy, when the filters need to be replaced they prefer to continue using similar ones.

Although internal aquarium filters may seem the humblest, make no mistake about it. There are very good internal filters and many professionals use large aquariums, as an auxiliary filter for areas where the larger filters do not reach, or as a reinforcement to the one they already have in the aquarium.

In this buying guide, I am going to reveal how to buy the best internal aquarium filter , according to its characteristics.

Comparison of the best internal filters for aquarium 2020

What internal filter to buy? Best internal aquarium filter for quality price

Aquariums up to 60 liters: Eheim pickup 60 filter

The Eheim pickup 60 indoor filter is specially designed for small aquariums , or as an auxiliary filter in a large aquarium.
The most interesting thing about this small but functional filter is that the filter sponge can be removed from above, while the pump remains inside the aquarium, so that we do not need to remove the entire filter for cleaning.
The filter comes prepared with a filter cartridge, designed to work out of the box. Activated carbon cartridges can also be incorporated for chemical filtration , such as when we are doing the first cycle or after a drug treatment.
The filter outlet nozzle can be oriented, to decide where we want the water flow to go.


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Characteristics fish tank filter 40 liters, up to 60 liters

  • Compact filter for aquariums up to 60 liters.
  • It is capable of filtering up to 300 liters per hour.
  • It comes equipped with a filter sponge and cartridge, which can be replaced by active carbon cartridges.
  • The water intake is from the bottom.
  • The direction of the water flow can be regulated.
  • It has a diffuser, to add oxygen to the aquarium.
  • Dimensions: 7.5 cm wide x 9.6 cm depth x 16.3 cm high

Buyers’ opinions of the Eheim Pick Up 60 aquarium filter 60 liters

It is the filter of the three «B», good, nice and cheap.
The power is more than enough, easy to install, put and remove for maintenance and cleaning.

Inject bubbles from the air outlet, thus avoiding having to put an
oxygenator . A highly recommended filter.


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Eheim Pickup model for other aquarium sizes

The Eheim Pickup is available in a wide variety of options, for different aquarium sizes.
You just have to choose the right filter for your aquarium:

Internal filter BPS 6036. For nano aquariums, up to 30 liters

The fully submersible internal filter BPS-6036 is designed for nano aquariums or shrimp from 10 to 30 liters, whether they are fresh or salt water aquariums. So it’s a perfect 20 liter fish tank filter.
Despite its design and small size (it only occupies a few centimeters), it performs the two basic types of filtration: mechanical and biological, thanks to the fact that it is mounted with a biochemical sponge, which keeps the aquarium water in perfect condition.
Another feature that makes it worthy of being in my selection is that it allows to regulate the flow, something quite unusual in filters of these characteristics.
To clean it, it is enough to disassemble the lower part, so that the sponge is visible, you remove it for cleaning and put it back.
It is attached to the aquarium with practical suction cups.


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Characteristics indoor aquarium filter BPS 6036

  • Filter designed for aquariums between 10 and 30 liters.
  • Its maximum filtration capacity is 350 liters per hour.
  • Assemble a biochemical sponge, to perform a perfect mechanical and biological filtration.
  • The filter consists of a pump, hose and 3 connectors.
  • Dimensions: 4.6 cm wide x 4 cm depth x 14.8 cm high

Buyers’ opinions of the internal filter BPS 6036

It is an excellent product, silent and very easy to install.
For the size of my «min-aquarium», it keeps it clean and does not make any noise, which is appreciated. I have it in the children’s room and it doesn’t bother anything.


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Marina i160. Best internal filter for aquariums from 100 to 160 liters

The Marina i160 filter offers certain advantages that not all indoor filters have, such as that we can perform mechanical, chemical and biological filtration .
The disadvantage, if we can put one, is that they are cartridges designed by the manufacturer, and that when they become saturated they must be changed. This is inexpensive, of course, but avoids the task of cleaning.
By pulling the upper tab of the filter, which is out of the water so you don’t even have to get wet, you can cleanly change the filters, period.
You know, just remove and put some new filters.
Regarding the size of this filter it is quite small for the debugging capacity it has,so it can be used in most aquariums, even if they are small.
The filter that I propose in my selection of the best, is the one designed for an aquarium of up to 160 liters, but if you want there are several options available, for 110-liter aquariums, and for 25-liter nano aquariums.


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Internal aquarium filter characteristics

  • Internal filter for aquariums up to 160 liters.
  • Filtration capacity, 720 liters per hour.
  • Bio-Screen own function, to facilitate the appearance of nitrifying bacteria.
  • It performs the three basic filtration stages: mechanical, biological and chemical.
  • The water returns to the aquarium in the form of a waterfall, to improve oxygenation.
  • Easy to replace filter cartridges.
  • Dimensions: 17.8 cm wide x 8.1 cm depth x 23.6 cm high

Buyers’ opinions of the Marina i160 internal filter

I am delighted with this filter, it keeps my water in perfect condition… it is also from Marina !!, total confidence and a fantastic price.
I believe without a doubt that it is the best 100 liter aquarium internal filter.


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Optimus OP600. Internal filter for aquariums up to 180 liters

The Optimus OP600 filter already has a much higher flow than the previous ones, it allows filtering up to 500 liters per hour (the flow can be regulated) , so it can be placed in aquariums of up to 180 liters.
Another great advantage of this filter is that it is very easy to handle, so that the cartridges can be removed without having to remove the filter from the aquarium.
It allows two types of filtration to be carried out, both mechanical and biological , although with some trick it could include chemical filtration.
I find it quite interesting that the flow can be oriented and that by design, it has those little holes that make a bit of a cascade effect, which allows a good exchange of gases.
The filter is provided with suction cups for a firm hold on the aquarium glass, in the area that seems best to us: a corner, behind the plants, a side, the back of the aquarium …

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