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Hello friend of nature, today we are going to give a complete review to this external filter from the Italian house Eden.

Small, efficient and cheap
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There is not much information online about the 500 Series of the Eden canister filters and that is why we have decided to do this review about the Eden external filters.

The development of the 500 Range of canister filters manufactured by Eden offers the possibility of enjoying aquarium hobby to all fans who had limited space to install a tank at home.

This range of canister filters has the advantages of being a safe, compact and small external aquarium filter that will meet all needs.

The performance of the submersible pumps used in these filters and their remarkably quiet operation make these devices a unique product on the aquarium market.

Eden External Filters Series 500

This range of external filters can be used in both freshwater and marine tanks. And they come ready to run with all the necessary accessories.

A unique feature of the Eden 500 Series is the hose removal device. It has an integrated flow control system that makes installation extremely easy and cleaning a very safe process as there is no risk of spilling water on the floor during maintenance.

The simple opening of the head makes this aquarium water filter one of the most reliable and safe on the market.

Equipped with a double filtration system and a very efficient biological stage, as well as a self-priming system.

Outstanding features of the Eden external filter

  • space saving design
  • Easy to use professional system with adjustable flow control
  • Includes ceramic media and spray bar
  • Double filtration with internal biological cycle
  • Calibrated rotor location to prevent vibration and noise
  • Also available external filter with integrated heater
  • 3 years warranty

Eden 501

The only downside to the Eden 501 is that it has a very low voltage motor in order to minimize the amount of noise it generates. This forces the filter to be placed at the same level as the tank or higher.

Eden 511

The 511 model of the 500 series of external filters of the Eden brand has been designed for aquariums up to 120 liters.

Eden 521

The 521 model of the 500 series of external filters of the Eden brand has been designed for aquariums up to 200 liters.

Eden 522

The 522 model of the 500 series of Eden brand canister filters has been designed for aquariums up to 300 litres.

Eden External Filter Description

Eden sells this series of filters for use in turtle tanks. And this feature is a very good sign, because turtles generate a large amount of waste compared to fish.

With its small size, it performs a totally professional job of filtering water with a very silent operation. The motor is completely sealed and thermally protected, which guarantees high reliability and lower energy consumption.

The water is pumped through the internal multi-chamber filtration system, which includes its highly effective biological stage, resulting in incredibly clear water.

Eden ‘s 500 line offers a professional canister filter, suitable for fresh and salt water tanks.

Supplied complete with all intake fittings, hoses and connection elbows. It also has a flow deflector for the water outlet to adjust the direction and also a flute that favors a better exchange of oxygen on the water surface.

compact and light

The original design is very compact and its small size makes it possible to place it next to or behind the aquarium. This is especially valued in confined spaces.

It has a self- priming start -up through the chamber filling cap. Also the easy opening of the filter head reduces the risk of spilling water on the ground and the safety lock makes these external filters more reliable than any other.

Vibration is minimal thanks to the four rubber feet on the bottom of the filter bowl. It also offers great stability and minimization of noise by avoiding direct contact with the surface on which it is placed.

Eden external filter price

The Eden external filter is probably one of the cheapest canister filters you can buy right now.

For aquarium enthusiasts on a tight budget, they will find this outdoor filter a good buy, as well as cheap compared to brands like Eheim or fluval, which are considerably more expensive compared to the Eden 501.

Filtration and Cleaning

The Eden external filter is very efficient in filtering all the dirt and debris from the aquarium.

This filter features a two-stage filtration. First there are the bio cylinders, which are included, and then the sponge before the water is returned clean. Large debris is trapped by the wall between the two compartments.

filter noise

The good thing about this line of external filters is that they are very quiet and most people describe it as a soft whisper or a slight buzz. For example, compared to the Eheim 2213 it is much quieter and you will hardly notice the noise it generates.

You won’t be the first to have to make sure it’s working due to lack of noise.

Of course it can be louder depending on how high the flute is placed. It also has a regular output connection for when it is not convenient to use the flute. But keep in mind that the outlet flute favors a better oxygenation of the water.

If you notice that it is making more noise than usual, the most common cause is usually air stuck inside the filter.

Slightly tilt the container until all trapped air has been removed. The outlet flute can also be lifted out of the water to help remove trapped air.

There is also a small hose inside the filter that helps dissipate any trapped air. Make sure it is securely fastened to avoid air noise.

Many aquarists sleep in the same room as an Eden external filter.

Mounting of the external filter of Eden

The assembly of the Eden canister filter is very simple and does not have to take more than 15 minutes.

Basic steps include:

  • Placement of the rubber washers at the bottom of the filter to reduce noise.
  • Washing of the filter cylinders and placement in the container.
  • Mounting of outlet flute, suction hose and connections.
  • Cleaning the glass of the aquarium and placement of hoses.
  • Prime the filter by simply filling the reservoir with water.
  • Put it to work.

In the final part of the article we will delve deeper into the assembly of this canister filter.

Eden 500 Series Heated External Filters

Thus, the integrated heating system is available within the water circuit without having to place it inside the tank, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

This range of external filter with heater includes all models except the smallest. That is, there are the models:

  • Model 511 + Eden 425 100W heater.
  • Model 521 + Eden 425 200W heater.
  • Model 522 + Eden 425 300W heater.

Eden 511 – 100W

Eden 521 – 200W

Eden 522 – 300W

Eden external filter components

Let’s see the pieces that make up this 500 Series of external filters:

Input module: Connects the suction tube (R) to the adjustable one (Q) and this one to the pre-filter (G). Attach the elbow (U) to the flow control device (U) and the hose adapter thread (A). Place the two supports (S) in their corresponding suction cups (T).

Outlet module: Place the elbow (V) on the flow control device (U) and fix it with the hose adapter (A). Now put on the elbow the outlet flute (X) or the flow diverter (Y) according to your need. Put the clips (S) on the suction cups (T) and fix the outlet module on the tank.

Finally mount the two hose adapters (A) on the IN-OUT taps on the hose connection device (B).

Assembly and commissioning of the Eden canister filter

  1. 1. Place the protective and non-slip rubbers (N) on the bottom of the filter container.
  2. 2. Open the container at the top by releasing the clips and pulling them out. The filter head will come loose from its seat.
  3. 3. Wash the ceramic filter load (O) well under running water and place it in the module for the biological filter (I). For proper circulation make sure that the ceramic filter is located on the same side as the plug (W) of the filter head, before closing the head. The air tube in the impeller chamber must point upwards.
  4. 4. To close the filter, place the clips correctly into the container’s locking notch. Push the clips in until they snap into place, at which point you hear a clear click.
  5. 5. Pull out the plug (W) and fill the filter with water completely. Put the cap back on, pressing until it clicks into place. To move the filter, use the folding handle on the filter head (Only for models 521-522).
  6. 6. Clean the aquarium wall well before fixing the inlet and outlet modules in the desired position. Adjust the tank wall clips based on the size of your tank, and insert both units into the first or second eyelet on each clip (S). Adjust the length of the suction tube to the depth of your aquarium (Only for models 521-522). Now press the hoses into the inlet and outlet ports and lock them with the hose adapters (A).
  7. 7. Connect the hoses to the connection device (B). Make sure they are correctly installed, the inlet hose at IN, and the outlet hose at OUT. Lock them with the fixing nuts. If necessary, the flow rate of the filter can be adjusted by turning the flow control device. It is recommended that it be on the input module device (orange color control).
  8. 8. Plug the filter into the outlet.

Maintenance and cleaning

Always unplug all electrical appliances before putting your hands in the water.

  1. 1. Turn the hose connection device (B) to the UNLOCK position, and remove it. Open the filter head by releasing the clips and pulling them out until the o-ring (Z) on the head comes loose. Remove the head from the container.
  2. 2. Remove the pre-filter (G) from the rotor chamber (F) by pressing on the locking notch, inside the head next to the plug (W) as seen in the image. (Only for models 521-522.)
  3. 3. Pull out the rotor unit (D). To remove the bearings from the rotor chamber, insert the rotor chamber pin into its hole. Carefully clean the rotor, bearings, chamber, pre-filter and rotor seat. Foam filters must be cleaned with aquarium water to avoid the loss of the colony of beneficial bacteria.
  4. 4. Now reassemble all the components paying special attention to the correct position of the air tube (E), which must be facing upwards.


A special internal device discharges the air remaining in the upper part of the filter head. The duration of this operation depends on the amount of air inside and may take a few minutes. The noise will disappear as soon as the system discharges the air.

The filter closes correctly only after the filter head is placed in the filter container and the clips have clicked correctly on the lid.


  • ALWAYS unplug all electrical appliances before putting your hands in the water.
  • This filter has been designed for exclusive indoor use.
  • Check that the voltage indicated on the filter is the same as the power supply voltage.
  • This filter is not to be used in swimming pools or bathrooms.
  • Connect the filter to a power supply with a residual current device (RCD) with a sensitivity of 30 mA.
  • This filter is designed for use with filters up to 35o.
  • The filter power cable cannot be replaced or repaired.

Other External Filters

This filter is not one of the most well-known brands, but it may be worth it if you are looking for a simple device that does not cost a lot of money.

We have made a review of this filter to help you decide if it is what you are looking for.

We have seen the price, description, technical characteristics, operation, assembly, start-up, cleaning, maintenance…

Now is your turn

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