Eden 501 Exterior Filter. 500 Series

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  • Technical characteristics
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  • Cleaning and maintenance of the Eden 501 filter
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The Eden 501 external filter belongs to the 500 series of the Eden manufacturer.

Eden 57302 Bracket 501
  • Practical for hanging
  • Retrofit for the Eden 501 pump
  • Easily attaches to aquarium wheel
  • Optional bracket for attaching to the aquarium

The great advantage and difference that Eden filters provide is the reduced space they occupy, compared to filters with similar characteristics from other manufacturers.

Despite being small in size, they mount high-performance pumps which, together with the compact structure of the filters, guarantee high-performance operation with very low noise intensity.

Its characteristics make the Eden 501 external filter an exclusive product within the range of canister filters for aquariums.

Eden 501 filter review

Eden 501 external filter technical characteristics

  • The Eden 501 filter meets the filtration and «oxygenation» needs of an aquarium of up to 60 liters, since in addition to cleaning the aquarium water of impurities, the filter is supplied with a perforated bar, which serves to oxygenate the surface of the tank. Aquarium.
  • The perforated bar can also be used as a flow deflector, to guide the flow of water.
  • Unlike many filters, it works perfectly in fresh or salt water aquariums.
  • Due to its small size and rectangular shape, it can be installed behind the aquarium or to one side. It is the ideal in places with little space.
  • Its noise level is very low, compared to other filters in its category. It achieves this thanks to the fact that the pump motor is thermally sealed. To help lower the noise level, the filter has rubber feet, which prevent it from being in direct contact with the support surface, reducing noise from vibrations.
  • The filter head mounts a system with a safety lock, to prevent accidental water leaks when performing maintenance tasks.
  • It is not necessary to perform manual priming, it has a self-priming system through the filtering compartment filler cap.
  • For greater effectiveness, the filter performs a double filtration system with biological recirculation, significantly reducing the dirt in the aquarium, and increasing the useful life of the rest of the filter materials.
  • Supplied with all intake fittings, hoses and elbows.

Other Eden 500 Series filters

Eden 57302 Bracket 501
  • Practical for hanging
  • Retrofit for the Eden 501 pump
  • Easily attaches to aquarium wheel
  • Optional bracket for attaching to the aquarium

Eden 500 series filters with heater

The Eden 500 series , in filters 511, 521 and 522, can be purchased with a heater.

These heaters (not only in this manufacturer), should not be used to heat the aquarium water, they are an aid so that the temperature of the aquarium water does not drop excessively during filtering.

When we submit the water to the filtering process, and we send it out of the aquarium with an external filter, it cools. When returning to the aquarium, it has a lower temperature than the aquarium, generating a flow of cold water.

The best filters give the option of incorporating a heater, so that this drop is not noticeable.
Can it serve as an aquarium heater?… It could, but we would have to raise the temperature quite a bit inside the filter, so that when it reaches the aquarium it has what the fish need.

Eden 511 filter with heater

100 W

Eden 521 filter with heater

200 W

Eden 522 filter with heater

300 W

Assembly and commissioning of the Eden 501 external filter

The entire Eden 500 series has the same features and parts , the only thing that varies substantially is the size of the filter.

So this tutorial is used for the assembly and commissioning of any Eden 500 series filter.

Eden external filter components

Commissioning of the Eden 501 external filter

As you will see when you open the package, it is a real puzzle, but it is very easy to assemble, since all the pieces can only fit in one place. Go for it:

  1. The first thing we will do is, place the noise protection rubbers that also act as non-slip (N), at the bottom of the filter.
  2. Separate the filter head from the container. To do this, release the clips and pull them out.
  3. We are going to introduce all the filter materials, but first of all we will wash them with running water, without using any type of detergent.We will place the filtering load (O) inside the module designed to carry out the biological filtering (I). The ceramic bioburden must be in the same orientation as the filter head plug (W), before closing the filter head.The air tube, in the impeller chamber, must point upwards.
  4. Close the filter, placing the clips in the locking notch on the container. Press inwards, until they are in their correct position… you will hear a “click”.
  5. Open the cap (W) and fill the filter completely with water . Put the cap back on until it clicks. Move the filter using the folding handle on the filter head (Models 521 and 522).
  6. Fix the inlet and outlet modules to the aquarium wall (clean well before fastening). Fit the clips to the wall of the aquarium, depending on their dimensions, and insert both pieces into the first or second eyelet of each clip (S).Adjusts the length of the suction tube, depending on the depth of the aquarium (Mod. 521 and 522).Press and lock the hoses at the inlet and outlet ports, using the hose adapters.
  7. Connect the hoses to the connection device (B). You can’t go wrong, but check that the inlet hose is IN, and the outlet hose is OUT.Lock using the lock nuts.Adjust the filter flow rate using the device in the input module, designed for this purpose.
  8. Now you can connect the filter to the current , and it starts working.

Maintenance and cleaning

The filters Eden 500 Series are very simple cleaning and maintenance does not reverse any complications, if you follow the instructions.

  1. First, disconnect the filter from the power supply.
  2. Turn the device connecting the hoses (B) to the filter to the UNLOCK position, and remove the hoses.
    Take the filter to a sink, so you don’t stain any water. Open the filter head, removing the clips by pulling them out until the head gasket (Z) is released. Now you can lift the head of the filter container.
  3. Remove the pre-filter (G) from the rotor chamber (G) by pressing on the notch in the lock, which is inside the head next to the plug (W, on models 521 and 522).
  4. Remove the rotor unit (D). If you need to remove the bearings from the rotor chamber, insert the rotor chamber pin into its corresponding hole. Carefully clean the rotor, cushions, chamber, pre-filter, and rotor seat.
    The pre-filters should always be cleaned with aquarium water , to avoid losing the bacterial colony that facilitates the nitrogen cycle .
  5. Reassemble all the components, taking care so that everything is in its correct position, especially the air tube €, which has to be oriented upwards.


The Eden 500 series is perfect for aquarium setups, where space is an issue.

As you can see, we are talking about external aquarium filters, at a really fantastic price.

Users who have purchased these filters are satisfied, highlighting their reliability and low noise level.

As an observation, the ones who seem not to be very happy are those who bought filters with a heater, but because (as I mentioned before) they intend for the filter heater to serve as a heater for the aquarium, when it is not their main function.

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