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The eternal question, internal or external filter for aquarium, is clarified with the Eheim Classic 250 aquarium filter.

Eheim 6685 Filter Pad Set for The Pro 4+ Canister Filter
  • This product is easy to use
  • Made in Germany
  • Age range description: all stages
  • Package Dimensions: 11.938 L x 20.32 H x 20.066 W (centimeters)

The Eheim 2213 filter fulfills everything that can and should be expected from an outdoor aquarium pump: that it is powerful, easy to clean and above all quiet.

Eheim Classic 250 Review

For what size aquarium is the Eheim Classic 250 filter suitable?

This filter is specially designed (according to the manufacturer) for aquariums between 80 liters and 250 liters aquarium, with a flow of 440 liters / hour.

Remember that the liters indicated by the aquarium manufacturers are somewhat indicative, since we are never going to fill them to the brim, and for the filtration we must take into account the real liters, so that an aquarium of 250, can be an aquarium of 220 liters or less.

Filtering capacity of the Eheim 2213 filter

There is an important point to calculate the true performance of a filter : the filter materials and the filter volume.

  • The higher the number of filter materials, the lower the actual performance of the filter. Putting a foamex sponge and biological material is not the same as adding perlon and activated carbon. It is evident that the pump will need to exert less pressure, as the amount of filter material to pass through is less.
  • Another detail that is not taken into account is the filtering volume. In the case of the Eheim 2213 filter, it is 3 useful liters. There are filters that «claim» to have a liter performance of 600 l / h, but then they have a filtering volume of 500cc … if so, the water has to pass through the filter at a dizzying speed, greatly reducing the filter’s ability to retain dirt.

Actual filter capacity

Summarizing, with all the above we could say that the Eheim Classic 250 filter can have a real filtering capacity in the vicinity of 400 liters / hour.

Eheim 6685 Filter Pad Set for The Pro 4+ Canister Filter
  • This product is easy to use
  • Made in Germany
  • Age range description: all stages
  • Package Dimensions: 11.938 L x 20.32 H x 20.066 W (centimeters)

If we use the «unwritten» rule, that a filter must be able to recirculate the total volume of an aquarium three times an hour, we find that this filter will be more efficient in an aquarium of 120 to 200 liters, taking into account Note that in no case will they be completely full.

This point is somewhat controversial, since it will depend on many circumstances, such as the density of fish in the aquarium and species … goldfish are usually very dirty, so they will need a higher filtering capacity, while other fish may need less.

Other EHEIM Classsic filter sizes

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Eheim 6685 Filter Pad Set for The Pro 4+ Canister Filter
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  • Package Dimensions: 11.938 L x 20.32 H x 20.066 W (centimeters)
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Eheim 6664 Prefilter
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  • Avoid premature clogging of your external aquarium filter
  • Prefilter consists of 2 filter baskets with aquarium filter cartridges
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Technical characteristics of the Eheim Classic 250 external filter


Item: Eheim 2213 Filter

Eheim 6685 Filter Pad Set for The Pro 4+ Canister Filter
  • This product is easy to use
  • Made in Germany
  • Age range description: all stages
  • Package Dimensions: 11.938 L x 20.32 H x 20.066 W (centimeters)

Aquarium filter

From 80 to 250 liters

Performance. Water flow and filtering capacity

440 liters / hour empty. Real will lose around 10%.

Pumping height

Up to 1.5 meters. This means that the pump and the aquarium can be placed at different heights, but you should know that the more distance there is, the less performance the filter will have.

Power consumption

8 watts

Filtering volume

The volume of the container is 3.5 liters, but once the filter material has been placed, the useful volume is 3 liters.


Filter measurements

Height 35.5 cm x 16 cm in diameter.


Aquarium filter hose

16mm outside, 12mm inside.


Accessories included

    • Foamex sponges
    • Perlon pads
    • Active carbon pad

Assembly and commissioning of the Eheim Classic 250 filter

To know how to start the Eheim 2213 filter, first we are going to familiarize ourselves with the parts that compose it:

  • Pump head
  • Filter bowl
  • Connection nipple, pressure side
  • Connection nipple, suction side
  • Filter media basket
  • Suction tube
  • Artichoke
  • Suction cups with holding clips
  • Exit arc
  • Nozzle tube


The first thing we have to do, before starting the filter for the first time, is to clean all the filter material well.

Remove the basket with the filter loads. To access the basket, grab the filter by the handle and turn the lid to the left.

You may find that the filter (depending on stock), comes with two types of filtering loads, a version with filter pads or a version with filter materials.

Version with filter pads

Rinse all the pads under running water and place one by one, following the following diagram:

Pad order: (a) 5 blue sponges, (b) a fine white cotton swab, and (c) one activated charcoal pad.

The activated carbon pad is used to remove harmful substances that may come off the initial filter assembly. After 15 days it must be removed and eliminated.

Version with filter materials

Fill the basket with the supplied filter materials.
Follow the following order: (a) 3 to 5 cm of Eheim Mech (b) blue sponge pad (c) Eheim Substrat pro or Substrat (d) fine white cotton pad (e) fine activated carbon pad

Once the basket is assembled, rinse under running water to remove any remaining filter materials.


  • Put the basket with the filter materials, already clean, inside the filter. Replace the filter cap and turn clockwise until screwed on and tight.
  • Place the pump head over the filter. It is not easy for the gasket to move, but check that it is in place before closing the clips that secure the pump to the filter.
  • Install the filter on a lower plane than the aquarium . It should be below the water level in the aquarium.Assemble the nozzle tube. You have two options, A or B.
  • Attach the artichoke to the suction tube. Attach to the aquarium wall with the two supplied suction cups, and make the connections with the flexible tube to the filter.
  • Secure the hoses with the pressure nut.

Commissioning, priming the Eheim filter

Before starting the filter, proceed with priming. Priming is nothing more than filling the suction and suction pipes with water, avoiding air pockets.

The easiest way is to aspirate through the outlet tube, but it is a bit more uncomfortable. The option recommended by the manufacturer is to use a primer bulb, or the Eheim Installation Kit.

Once primed, attach the tube to the bow and outlet tube. The pump motor can be switched on only when the filter is full of water.

We may hear noises, caused by traces of air inside the circuit, until they are completely expelled.
Do not put the cap on the end of the outlet tube, until all the air has been completely expelled.

Cleaning and maintenance

The filters have to be cleaned regularly, to remove debris and change filter materials. The frequency of the task will depend on the amount of dirt that the filter accumulates.

Eheim 6685 Filter Pad Set for The Pro 4+ Canister Filter
  • This product is easy to use
  • Made in Germany
  • Age range description: all stages
  • Package Dimensions: 11.938 L x 20.32 H x 20.066 W (centimeters)

Note that:

  • Once the filter and filter materials have been cleaned or replaced, make sure the filter does not contain water when it is reconnected to the aquarium. The only water that must circulate through the filter must be that of the aquarium.
  • Purge the outlet tube, to make sure that there is no water left other than the aquarium, but no air. Open the stopcocks, if you have them.
  • Once everything has been connected again, open the tap located in the suction port, so that the aquarium water flows again. The air remains will be expelled and we ensure a correct priming.

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