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If you are looking for a canister filter that ensures crystal clear water for a perfect view of the fish, continue reading because you are on the right track.

In this article you will find a complete review of this fantastic device, a manual, an in-depth analysis of the Eheim Classic series of filters, the most classic of the German company EHEIM.

We will see the entrails and installation of this high-performance device so that you do not have the slightest doubt about the Eheim classic external filter.

On the other hand, if you doubt and want to know what more options you have, you can go to our guide on Eheim filters, there we will tell you everything related to the different types and filtration devices of the Eheim house aquarium.

Eheim Classic Filter Description

The Eheim Classic Filter is actually a family of external filters, the manufacturer of which describes it like this:

EHEIM Classic Series

The range of Eheim external filters, tested millions of times, from the compact (from 50 l) to the large XL (up to 1500 l). Extraordinary quality at affordable prices.

Within the Classic filter family of water filtration systems for aquariums, we find 5 models that cover the needs of aquariums from 50 liters to 1500 liters.

  • Eheim 2211 Classic 150 – Up to 150 liters.
  • Eheim 2213 Classic 250 – Up to 250 liters.
  • Eheim 2215 Classic 350 – Up to 350 liters.
  • Eheim 2217 Classic 600 – Up to 600 liters.
  • Eheim 2260 Classic 1500XL – Up to 1500 liters.

In this article we analyze this family of canister filters, for tanks from 50 to 1,500 liters, with a flow of 300 – 2,400 liters per hour.

With this external device or canister you will find everything you can ask for from a good external filter for your aquarium.

  • Considerably long service life.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Good price-quality ratio.

And above all an excellent mechanical and biological filtration favored by a continuous flow of water and oxygen. Its vertical layered structure helps to have a longer useful life and is also very efficient.

This debugger is a good choice because you are dealing with a reliable device that has been tested for decades. The high-quality materials meet the demands of the most expert.

The smoothly synchronized filter system ensures a high performance of the pump and the filter material.

Eheim external filter technical characteristics

We are going to see the technical details of each of the models that make up the Eheim Classic series. Then, a comparative table where you can compare the technical characteristics of some models with others.

Eheim Classic 150 2211

Eheim 2213 Classic 250 Filter

Eheim Classic 350 2215

Eheim Classic 600 2217

Eheim Classic 1500XL 2260

Opinions on the Eheim Classic external filter

In there are not too many reviews, 15 at the time of writing this article, valuing this series of filters with an average of 3.8 stars. Click on this link to read user reviews on Amazon.

As a summary of the user reviews, we can say that we are facing a great aquarium filter, robust, efficient and durable. The drawback is that it has become a bit outdated compared to the new models that have appeared on the market. There are also several complaints that the filter arrived without keys.

Where you can find many more opinions is on, where there are more than 770 user reviews.

With an average score of 3.8 out of five, 68% of the reviews have scored 5 and 4 stars, 7% three, 6% 2 and the remaining 20% ​​one star.

Operation of the Eheim Classic Series canister filter

Let’s see in this graphic the different parts that make up this aquarium filter:

  1. 1. Pump head.
  2. 2. Container.
  3. 3. Connection fitting, pressure side.
  4. 4. Connection fitting, suction side.
  5. 5. Basket of filtering materials.
  6. 6. Suction tube.
  7. 7. Artichoke.
  8. 8. Suction cups with clips.
  9. 9. Arch exit.
  10. 10. Outlet tube.

When you are going to use the appliance for the first time, it is important to clean and rinse the filter material well first.

To do this, remove the basket from the filtering loads with the handle it has and open the lid by turning to the left.

You can find this Classic canister filter model in two different versions regarding their filter loads. Let’s look at the two models:

1. Filter pads: Rinse all filter sponges under running water and place them in the basket as shown in the picture:

  1. a. 5 blue sponges.
  2. b. 1 cotton sponge.
  3. c. 1 carbon cartridge.

Carbon filters serve to adsorb toxic substances that may have been released when assembling the device. Remove it after 15 days.

2. Filter materials: Place the filter materials as shown in the image:

  1. a. 3-5 cm MECH.
  2. b. blue sponge
  3. c. SUBSTRATpro or SUBSTRAT.
  4. d. cotton sponge
  5. and. Carbon cartridge.

Now rinse the basket of filter loads under running water to remove undesirable debris.

Assembly of the Eheim external filter

Place the basket of filtering loads inside the container and put the lid on by screwing it to the right.

Position the pump head and make sure the gasket ring is in its guide. Now close the clips.

You have to place the filter below the water level of the aquarium so that gravity can do its part of the work.

Place the outlet tube as seen in the image, between A or B.

Join the artichoke to the suction tube, hold it to the aquarium wall with the suction cups and connect to the device using the flexible tube.

In the container, the lower mouth is the water inlet, where to connect the suction tube. At the top, in the pump head, is the outlet.

Make sure to place the pressure nut correctly in the union with the flexible tubes as shown in the image K.

We have already seen how to install the eheim classic external aquarium filter, now let’s see how to start it up.


Before putting the device into operation it is necessary to prime the Eheim filter. The «simple» thing is to suck through the outlet tube, but we can also use a priming bulb or the EHEIM installation KIT.

Then join the tube to the arch and to the outlet tube. You can turn on the pump motor when the filter is full of water.

It is normal to hear a small noise caused by traces of air inside the circuit until it is completely expelled. Do not put the plug on the end of the outlet tube until all the air is purged.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As any good aquarium hobbyist knows, Eheim external filters must be cleaned on a regular basis.

But… do you know how to clean the Classic filter?

When it is necessary to clean or change the filter material, the device must be removed, for which the following must be taken into account:

  1. 1. The filter must not contain any water when you re-connect it to the aquarium.

  2. 2. Purge the outlet tube and open the stopcocks (optional).

  3. 3. After connecting everything, you can open the tap located in the suction mouth so that the water begins to flow, and the remains of air are expelled, ensuring a perfect priming.


Important!! Unplug the device from electrical power.

Release the piece that locks the head and remove the parts from the pump according to the images.

Pry the shim out of the cooling channel with a screwdriver. image I

Clean all the parts and the turbine container (cleaning brush) and reassemble everything in reverse order.

Notice: Examine the tube connections on a regular basis.

Attention: The axes of the articulation body and the pump fin must turn freely for the pump to start perfectly.

tips and best practices

To finish, let’s look at a few tips and best practices to avoid risk or misuse.

  • Unplug all electrical appliances that are in the water before reaching in.
  • It is highly recommended to let the cable hang from the device, so in the event of an accident we will avoid water from draining through it into the box.
    If you use a distribution box, place it above the outlet of the filter.
  • Avoid placing the device on a wooden surface that is not properly protected, because the supports of the device will leave a mark.
  • The distance between the bottom of the device and the water surface should not exceed 180 cm.
  • The eheim 2213 must only be used vertically, never horizontally.
  • Never use a dishwasher to clean the accessory or its components.
  • When it is not useful, please do not throw it in the common garbage, take it to your local waste disposal point.
  • Exclusive use for fish tanks and aquariums in the practice of aquarium hobby.

Other External Filters

Conclusions about the Eheim Classic filter

Well, this is all about the Eheim Classic, we have given it a good review:

We have seen from the price to the opinions of the users, the description, technical characteristics, operation, assembly, start-up, cleaning, maintenance, and finally, some advice and good practices.

Now it’s your turn:

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