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Eheim Liberty waterfall filters have been designed with the best features you could wish for.

These Eheim filters are popular as they are easy to set up and maintenance is simple to provide. They are cheaper compared to external filters and are less invasive compared to internal filters.

The build quality is solid and excellent, one of the best waterfall filters on the market. Every part of the filter speaks of quality, and you can feel it when assembling it.

The Eheim Liberty Filter comes fully equipped with all necessary filter materials. It uses standard filter cartridges that must be replaced from time to time.

The Eheim Liberty filter is usable in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The line of this versatile Liberty waterfall filter from Eheim comes in three sizes:

  • Eheim Liberty 75 – 75 Liters
  • Eheim Liberty 130 – 130 Liters
  • Eheim Liberty 200 – 200 Liters

This is a very simple but effective option to take care of filtering. One of the best things is that you just have to hang it on the back of your aquarium, to install it with a series of easy to use clips.

Additionally, this Eheim Liberty filtration unit performs superior 3-stage filtration consisting of absorbent, mechanical, and biological filtration.

Eheim Liberty Filter Description

An Eheim development with simple technology that is equally suitable for ambitious aquatic beginners as well as professional fish breeders. Everything feels snug and tight on this filter, there are no loose parts or poorly machined parts.

This filter brings the necessary filtering material. It comes with a large sponge for biological filtration and an activated carbon cartridge for contaminant removal. This filter is suitable for breeding goldfish and for quarantine tanks, although with the filter cartridge [Art. 2615270].

Some of the virtues of the Eheim Liberty filter are:

  • Extremely simple installation by hanging over the edge of the tank.
  • Filter complete with filter media, therefore ready for immediate operation.
  • Large filter area due to 3D active carbon cartridges.
  • Phenol-free cellular foam cartridges ensure removal of dissolved contaminants.
  • With cellular foam cartridge in the intake area, ideal for breeding tanks.
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Eheim Liberty Cascade Filters are designed for safety and meet safety standards. They’re easy to install, easy to operate, and come in three models: Liberty 75, 130, and 200. Click here to see this series of filters on the Amazon storefront.

EHEIM GmbH & Co KG is a German brand of aquarium accessories. Its reputation for producing high-quality equipment at affordable prices dates back decades.

The brand has a loyal following due in large part to Eheim ‘s reputation for producing reliable and efficient products.

The company develops aquarium accessories that recreate the natural habitats of aquatic animals on a smaller scale.

Eheim Liberty filter technical data

The small model, Eheim Liberty 75, comes with a blue sponge biological cartridge, which performs mechanical and biological filtration at the same time.

The Eheim liberty 130 or Eheim 2041 backpack filter model comes with the same blue sponge cartridge, the green Bio Foam sponge, and an activated carbon cartridge.

Finally, the Eheim liberty 200 filter model comes with two blue sponge cartridges, a Bio Foam cartridge, and an active carbon cartridge.

The performance of the filter depends on two fundamental aspects:

  1. 1. The design of the water flow.
  2. 2. The performance of the filter medium.

With external filters, for example, it is common to use proprietary configurations with preferred media. You are not limited to just using the company’s own media. But for waterfall filters, it’s a different story.

Hanging backpack filters are much smaller than outdoor filters and their media is specially made to fit inside. Using other companies’ filter fillers isn’t always going to work. Even if you can fit it in, it won’t fit snugly and there may be a bypass in the flow that bypasses the filter media.

Still, modifications are possible and can be found on numerous online aquarium forums. But keep in mind that these are usually medium-advanced level crafts.

We now see the technical characteristics of each model.

Eheim Liberty 75

Eheim Liberty 130

Eheim Liberty 200

Opinions, ratings, reviews, reviews and reviews

Now we are going to see the opinions that can be found on Amazon about the Eheim Liberty waterfall filter.

There are no customer reviews or opinions on about the Eheim Liberty filter.

At we can see some reviews about this Eheim Liberty waterfall filter.

There are 14 opinions about the Eheim Liberty 200 filter with a score of 3.4 out of 5. It’s not bad at all. Almost 80% of the opinions are positive.

Positive reviews highlight its affordable price, efficient filtration, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Others value the possibility of being able to adjust the water flow.

Most critical voices speak of an appreciable noise, especially in the bedroom. Also some believe that the Liberty waterfall filter is not up to the Eheim brand.

There are 10 reviews of the Eheim Liberty 130 backpack filter, with a score of 3.7 out of 5. 77% of the opinions are positive.

Finally, the Eheim Liberty 75 filter has 7 reviews, with an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. 82% of the reviews are positive.

Advantages of the Eheim liberty waterfall filter

  • Simple and compact filter. It simply hangs on the side of the aquarium.
  • Recommended for beginners, but also recommended for professionals, including breeders.
  • Filter ready to work, it comes fully equipped, and is valid for both freshwater and saltwater tropical aquariums.
  • The standard filter materials are practical exchangeable filter cartridges.
  • Very versatile – you can use multiple filter media.
  • Advanced 3-stage filtration technique.
  • Convenient one-piece design.
  • Adjustable flow rate.

Liberty filter issues

  • Many reviews describe a somewhat noisy filter.
  • If the blue sponge cartridge is not cleaned weekly, the front wall will quickly clog due to its small surface area. in the end, some water flow will eventually avoid the sponge and flow over it.
  • After some sand was sucked into the intake tube, the impeller became a bit noisy.
  • For users of the small model, the biggest problem is that the blue sponge cartridge is unable to finish cleaning the water. It is not fine enough to catch this tiny dirt, and you will see it flow through your aquarium water.

Main features Eheim backpack filter

Let’s first see a youtube video where we can see this filter in operation, by Fränklin Frank.

We first look at the filter media cartridges that this filtration system uses. Later we will see the other main characteristics that it has, such as the adjustable flow rate, the adjustable inlet mouth, the cascade outlet, and the dual-use lid.

Cartridges for media

It comes by default with a blue sponge cartridge that is intended for general filtration. In other words, it is a mechanical and biological filter sponge.

Once again, the quality of the Eheim Liberty series translates into a filter sponge that is very well made, we can easily foresee a decade of use without a problem.

These blue filter pads are designed for mechanical filtration, trapping the largest amounts of dirt to prevent your biological media from becoming bogged down.

In addition to this blue sponge cartridge, this filter also comes with a green sponge cartridge. It is touted as a superior biological media and so is activated carbon sponge, which is its usual chemical filtration media.

Green Bio Foam Sponge

For the Eheim Liberty 75 filter there is the option to purchase the green Bio Foam sponge cartridge together with the carbon cartridge instead of using the blue filter sponge. A bio foam cartridge is included in the Eheim Liberty 130 and Eheim Liberty 200 models.

The green sponge cartridge has a smaller cross-sectional pore than the blue sponge. Therefore, more surface area is available for the cultivation of beneficial bacteria.

Click here to view this green sponge cartridge on Amazon.

The biggest difference the green sponge cartridge has is the water flow. The blue sponge is designed so that all of the flow passes through it, while the green sponge is designed so that some flow passes over it.

The reason for such a design is that the water that comes into contact with the green sponge and then passes over it has more contact time with the biological bacteria than if it passes through it.

To achieve this, the green sponge has a lower height compared to the blue sponge, which causes the water to pass over it rather than through it, as there is less resistance to flow when doing so.

When the green sponge cartridge is used, an activated carbon cartridge must also be used. The use of a carbon cartridge in this filter brings chemical filtration to the fore.

Carbon filter

It should be noted that organic contaminants such as organic acids, metabolic wastes, hormones, proteins, organic compounds, and antibiotic compounds cannot be removed by mechanical or biological filtration.

In this filter, the advanced 3D technology is based on a disposable pleated activated carbon cartridge that provides 100% more mechanical and chemical filtration. It traps tiny dirt particles while absorbing liquid impurities, organic compounds and odours.

You can see this active carbon cartridge for the Eheim Liberty filter on Amazon if you click on this link.

3D pleated cartridge design allows for 100% more filtration area. Special carbonized polyfiber with double action for mechanical and chemical filtration.

The design in the Eheim Liberty filter ensures full contact between carbon and water for maximum absorption. Traps even the finest particles.

The activated carbon cartridge also performs a vital task where other cartridges have failed. It polishes the aquarium water, due to its compact and dense shape, trapping the smallest dirt.

Weekly, we give the activated carbon cartridge a bath in aquarium water to remove surface debris. This is essential to keep the activated carbon surface optimal for absorption. Diversions or bypasses of water will appear avoiding the activated carbon if the periodic cleaning of the Liberty filter is not carried out.

After a period of time, the activated carbon would lose its adsorption properties as it runs out of room to bind more contaminants. Most aquarium companies would recommend a monthly change of activated carbon.

Adjustable flow

The power of the filter pump is adjustable by means of the red rotary regulator that is located on the inlet tube and is fixed on the filter with a single click.

Dual-use lid

When performing filter maintenance tasks, it is useful as a tray to collect dripping water when transporting the filter load cartridges. This is very useful for maintaining the filter media.

Adjustable inlet mouth

The Eheim fish tank waterfall filter has a height-adjustable suction tube. The height of the inlet tube can be modified to determine the movement of the water.

Output in the form of a gentle waterfall

The design of the clean water outlet of this filter allows a sliding of the water that causes a very silent entry into the aquarium water.

Other alternatives


As we have seen throughout this review, we are dealing with a filtration system backed by a major brand that offers up to a two-year warranty.

Its installation is very simple, and it comes ready to work in both freshwater and seawater aquariums.

It is very versatile, but the downside is that it comes with filter material cartridges that do not allow much freedom when playing with the media configuration.

You may also be interested in seeing the reviews on other backpack filters. We can offer you a review of the great Seachem Tidal filter, designed to offer the highest possible water quality, with the greatest versatility and ease of use.

On the other hand, you can see our review of the classic AquaClear filter, an old acquaintance of aquarium hobbyists for many years. In fact, it’s been the world’s best-selling backpack filter since 1978.

You can also see the article in which we talk about internal filters for fish tanks. They are the filtration devices that are placed inside the tank, and they have their pros and cons.

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