Filtration for new aquariums

Filtration For New Aquariums

Using a Tidal Seachem filter early on will maintain water quality and prevent new tank syndrome in the critical first few days of establishing your aquarium. It is a worthwhile insurance policy and supports the slow introduction of fish that we would recommend.

Once other forms of filtration are mature and colonized by the proper bacteria, these units can be set aside for emergencies if desired and are a good addition to a first aid/crisis kit. Sometimes you will need effective filtration that is ready to go without biologically limited delays.

Used long-term, they can slow down nitrate buildup in busy tanks, which can be helpful if regular aquarium water changes are having a hard time keeping your system in check, or your water source is already at a high level..

We never suggest any piece of equipment should replace key maintenance like testing and water changes, but not all systems are created equal and aquariums can be as diverse as the fish they house.

Learn more about our findings with these aquarium filters when we tested the best models.

There is still a place for biological filtration and if you need beneficial bacteria quickly we have found the Microbe Lift range to be extremely effective in reducing the maturation time of conventional filters.

Between these two approaches, there is no need to re-expose your pets to the stress of damaging water quality problems.

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