Fluval FX4 Vs Fluval FX6

Fluval FX6

Among the wide variety of Fluval external filters , one of the most striking without a doubt are those that correspond to the FX series: the Fluval FX4 and the Fluval FX6.

The Fluval FX series is specially designed for large aquariums, be they freshwater or marine aquariums indistinctly.

Fluval FX filter range

Hagen’s Fluval FX range offers power and efficiency, which in many cases is above that offered by other filters with similar characteristics.

It is composed of two filters, the Fluval FX4, for aquariums up to 1,000 liters and the Fluval FX6, for aquariums up to 1,500 liters.

The two have common characteristics, although with slight differences in favor of the Fluval FX6 filter.

But you will better understand the differences between one filter and another, using a table:

Fluval FX4 Vs Fluval Fx6

Tamaño del Acuario
Fluval FX4 1.000 litros
Fluval FX6 1.500 litros
Flujo de la Bomba
Fluval FX4 2.650 litros
Fluval FX6 3.500 litros
Área mecánica del filtro
Fluval FX4 1.400 cm2
Fluval FX6 2.100 m2
Volumen de material biológico
Fluval FX4 3,91 litros
Fluval FX6 5,9 litros
Volumen de filtración dentro del filtro
Fluval FX4 14 litros
Fluval FX6 20 litros
Caudal efectivo del filtro
Fluval FX4 1.700 litros/hora
Fluval FX6 2.130 litros/hora
Altura máxima de elevación
Fluval FX4 2,1 metros
Fluval FX6 3,3 metros
Fluval FX4 30 W
Fluval FX6 41W
Fluval FX4 40 cm diámetro x 42 cm de alto
Fluval FX6 40 cm de diámetro x 53 cm de alto
Fluval FX4 Fluval FX6
Aquarium size 1,000 liters 1,500 liters
Pump Flow 2,650 liters 3,500 liters
Filter mechanical area 1,400 cm2 2,100 m2
Volume of biological material 3.91 liters 5.9 liters
Filtration volume inside filter 14 liters 20 liters
Filter effective flow 1,700 liters / hour 2,130 liters / hour
Lifting height 2.1 meters 3.3 meters
Power 30 W 41W
Measurements 40 cm diameter x 42 cm high 40 cm diameter x 53 cm high

Fluval FX4 filter features

Fluval FX6 filter features

(*) They are the only real differences, since the filters are exactly identical.

Fluval FX Filters Features

We have already seen the characteristics of each of the two filters that are part of the Fluval FX range, but there are details that are most likely not clear to you, such as “that” of Smart Pump technology.

Smart Pump Technology

The Smart Pump technology, patented by the manufacturer Fluval , uses an integrated circuit inside the filter (a chip), which allows perfect control of the filter’s operation, without us having to intervene at all:

Energy efficiency

Through the integrated chip, the speed and force of the rotor is constantly measured, to determine and guarantee that at no time is filtering power lost , all this taking into account that maximum energy efficiency is achieved.

The latest generation Fluval FX filters use 10% less energy than their predecessor models.

Automatic priming and start

One of the features that I like the most about this filter is its self-priming system. Since you don’t have to prime it by hand (or worse), it seems fantastic to me, but simply by pouring water inside and turning it on, the filter regulates itself and expels the air … It’s great !!

Automatic restart

And linking with the self-priming and automatic start: the filter stops automatically every 12 hours, to expel any remaining air that may enter the system. Then it starts automatically.

With this system, what is achieved is a more efficient and safe filtration at all times.

Filtering materials and fillers

Fluval FX filters allow, as it could not be less, the three types of filtrations necessary in an aquarium: mechanical, biological and chemical.

While the FX4 allows 5 different filtration stages, the FX6 differentiates up to 6.

Although the filter comes with a standard configuration, it can be configured to our liking, adding or changing materials from the different baskets.

Obviously, we will always have to respect the order of the pre-filter and filter, but the biological and chemical load can be changed, adding or subtracting filter materials.

Fluval FX4 Filter Materials and Fillers

Fluval FX6 Filter Materials and Fillers

Multifunctional valve

One feature of this filter that makes it so practical is its “multifunctional valve”.

The filter has a valve at the bottom, to which a hose can be connected, to carry out the water changes that are usually necessary in the aquarium.

I emphasize the advantage of this valve, which avoids having to look for a container to remove the water from inside the aquarium. A job that must be done manually, and that with this accessory is much faster and cleaner.

FX Gravel Vac

The multifunctional valve can be connected to a separate siphon accessory, to facilitate cleaning the bottom of the aquarium.

When we clean the bottom of the aquarium, we have to make a container, where the dirt and water that we remove when siphoning will go. Although a siphon is necessary and saves a lot of time, it is still quite annoying work, since water always spills out in the end.

With this accessory the inconvenience is eliminated.

Fluval FX4 opinions

The verified opinions of buyers of the Fluval FX4 filter on Amazon give it a maximum score of 5 out of 5 possible.

They stand out:

  • Its ease of cleaning and that of the aquarium
  • It is very quiet
  • Maintains a constant flow of water
  • Very simple installation
  • Good value for money

See reviews on Amazon

Fluval FX6 opinions

The Fluval FX6 filter also has an excellent rating of 4.5 points out of 5 possible.

Verified Amazon Buyers Highlight the Fluval FX6 Filter:

  • Good quality material
  • Powerful, has a good water flow
  • Self priming is great
  • Good volume of filter masses
  • Very adjusted price, in relation to its quality
  • Speed ​​of delivery service
  • Makes little noise

See reviews on Amazon

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