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The Hydor Professional canister filter may be a fairly new model on the aquarist market, but it is gaining a lot of renown among aquarists for the features it has to offer.

Join us in this analysis of this range of external filters for aquariums from the Hydor house.

The Hydor company has been producing many aquarium-related components for decades. It has been around since 1984 and is known for the production of high-quality and innovative components for aquariums, but it was not until recently that they decided to test the filter market.

It’s your first jump into the world of external aquarium filters, and the truth is that Hydor offers a filter as good as the big ones, with improved efficiency and design. And at a lower price.

In this review of the Hydor Professional external filter we are going to examine the characteristics and quality of this filter, highlighting the best features that you will have if you decide to buy this filter.

Hydor Professional canister filter

The company began its journey in the aquarium hobby more than 30 years ago, which is already a trusted brand in itself.

With the rectangular shape borrowed from the design of Japanese-style external filters, the Hydor Professional filter can hold a higher volume of filter media than round designs.

For those wondering which is the best aquarium filter, be clear that this model can compete with high-end brands in terms of quality and features, and even offers improvements in efficiency and performance.

Hydor also offers a highly efficient motor and soundproofing features for near silent operation.

Also, a Hydor filter can be purchased for a cheaper price than an equivalent filter from Eheim, Fluval, or Marineland.

The efficient design of this filter features multiple media trays that are completely closed against the sides, causing water to always pass through the media.

There will be no need to worry about the water in the tank creating a diversion channel, a bypass, and passing through it unfiltered.

Characteristics of the Hydor Professional external filter

The Hydor Professional External Filter comes in five different sizes to work with aquariums from 20 to 150 gallons (80 to 600 liters) in capacity.

It is a compact and easy to use filter that saves energy and offers quiet performance.

The Hydor Professional external filter has an integrated priming pump so there is no need to fill the container with water to start it up.

It also offers a number of advanced features, including the following:

  • A magnetic rotor with a strong ceramic shaft
  • A telescopic intake system
  • Adjustable inlet/outlet tube
  • A quick-closing hose faucet

This canister filter offers the three types of water filtration required in any fish tank filter. This means it provides mechanical filtration to remove solid debris from the water column, chemical filtration to remove dissolved debris and toxins, and biological filtration to support the growth of beneficial bacteria that help maintain water quality.

Hydor Professional comes with several types of filter media, including a fleece filter and a large pore sponge for exceptional mechanical filtration. In addition to the porous Bio-Rings for biological filtration.

The filter can be customized with any additional filter media needed.

Hydor Professional external filter models

Hydor Professional 150

Hydor Professional 250

Hydor Professional 350

Hydor Professional 450

Hydor Professional 600

Each model comes complete with filter media, ceramic rings, and filter pads. The only thing not included is carbon.

Review of the Hydor Professional canister filter

Inside the box is everything you need, including the filter, all tubes and valves, and filter media. The filter is very solid and well built, and has an attractive design.

The installation is very simple, although the instructions are not the best thing about the filter. But if you need help with the installation, take a look at this official video of the Professional range from Hydor:

The flow rate of the Hydor Professional can be adjusted using the valves connected to the tubes in the upper shell of the vessel. The valves are designed to reduce back pressure, and are also effective in adjusting the flow of water so that the perfect amount of output can be obtained for each tank.

This filter also comes with thick, extra wide tubes that allow for more water flow, and the filter is definitely powerful enough to push water through these hoses.

Another great feature is the extendable spout, which comes in four sections so you can customize the length and placement that best suits your tank. This allows you to spread out the flow of water and have water movement in more areas of the tank.

Or, if you prefer not to use the spray flute, the Hydor Professional also comes with an adjustable flow outlet.

Filter design and construction

Just feeling it in your hands for the first time, you will realize that you are facing a great external filter. It is well built to support all the needs the aquarist may have when it comes to the filtration process.

No more worrying about dealing with products that were normally made from cheap plastic materials of dubious quality.

The design of this product is primarily intended to facilitate filter placement and create more filtering capacity than a round design.

Hydor Professional filters come with a 4-clamp closure system that offers more support to the engine and keeps it running smoothly. This system also helps prevent water leaks as it has all the points hermetically sealed.

Assembly and installation

It is not necessary to have installed a similar model before, since the Hydor Professional models are very easy to assemble and install. You should be done with the entire installation process within 30 minutes.

In this case there is no need to deal with the complex instructions that other models may have. Connecting the hoses to your aquarium will also take only a moment.

The different shapes of the various parts are important and help ensure that the installation process is correct. A piece should not be placed in the wrong section.

To facilitate the assembly process, the inlet and outlet connectors can be easily rotated so that hoses can be connected from various angles.

Flow rate and capacity

The flow rate is impressive compared to most other external filters. Any aquarist wants to have a filter that can provide the best flow rate at all times.

The Hydor Professional filter comes in 5 different sizes that produce different flow rates. The flow ranges between 600 and 1090 liters per hour (160-290 gph). The larger the size of the Hydor filter, the higher the flow rate.

The Hydor filter can be used in aquariums from 80 liters to 600 liter tanks. It all depends on the type of model you decide to choose for the aquarium.

Low noise level

As Hydor is a new brand in the world of aquarium filters, many will think that it may not have mastered the art of producing silent filters. You may be surprised when you realize that this is a very quiet device.

With this canister filter you will not have the noise problems that are usually heard in other models of the same category. Some aquarists have had to put their hand on the device to make sure it’s working.

There are also many positive reviews from Amazon about this Hydor Professional external filter stating that it is quiet and suitable for office and bedroom aquariums.

filter media

Filter media vary quite a bit from model to model. For this Hydor model, the smallest has 3 filter media baskets, which is more than enough to meet the filtration needs of the aquarium.

In the larger models, you can find up to 5 baskets.

The arrangement of the filter media can always be changed according to the needs of each fish tank, since there is enough space in the filter chamber.

Filter cleaning and maintenance

At some point, you will have to open it for maintenance. It is a fairly easy model to open and clean and maintain the materials inside.

Be sure to block off the main supply hose first to prevent water leaks. During the cleaning process, make sure the impeller is removed for a thorough cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hydor Professional

Advantages of the Hydor Professional filter

  • Variety of sizes for different tanks
  • Great value for money
  • It is easy to set up even for beginners
  • Comes with all necessary filter media
  • Comes with a safety lock system
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a powerful flow
  • There is no bypass design so water always flows through the filter media
  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Expandable outlet flute to adapt water flow to each tank
  • It has an easy priming system that allows you to start it up quickly
  • Rectangular shape to increase capacity
  • Hydor customer service is top notch

Disadvantages of the Hydor Professional filter

  • There may not be many replacement parts available as it is still relatively new to the market
  • You have problems with leaks when disconnecting the valves
  • Maintenance can be difficult, and water can spill when disassembled if care is not taken
  • The instruction manual is not the best, but that is true of many filters
  • Does not come with carbon filter media for chemical filtration

hydor vs fluval

But there are definitely some differences to consider before deciding between the two.

The Fluval offers a filter that does not need to be cleaned and maintained very often. Easy-open lid latches and an AquaStop valve make disassembly a breeze, and there’s nothing to disconnect to open.

The Hydor, on the other hand, is a bit trickier, and you’ll need to be careful not to spill water everywhere when you take it apart.

The adjustable flute outlet system included in the Hydor, makes sure that the water is not entering the tank with too much force and disturbing the fish.

The Fluval does not come with a spout, so you will need to purchase one separately if you have delicate fish or plants in your tank.

Finally, the Hydor is significantly cheaper than the Fluval, especially when you consider that the Fluval doesn’t come with the flute.

Both filters are excellent products, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to know more about the fluval 06, here is our review of the Fluval 306 filter, where we analyze this filter in depth.

The Fluval offers easy maintenance and worry-free operation, but at a higher price. The Hydor isn’t as easy to maintain, but it does come with extra features at a lower price.

Choosing the right one depends on what is most important to you.

Professional Hydor Opinions

In Amazon Spain, Surprise! no customer reviews How weird!

However, on Amazon USA, at the time of writing this review, we can find more than 340 customer reviews, 348 to be more specific.

The average rating of all opinions is 3.9 out of 5, that is, 4 stars out of five, a very good score.

Of all the clients who have left their evaluation, 61% have given five stars to this filter, and 10% four stars. This means that more than 70% have rated this canister filter with 4-5 stars.

6% have scored three stars, 5% two and 18% one star.

It is curious that the vast majority have given a very good opinion about the filter, but what they have not done so, they have valued very badly. A world of contrasts, this one of aquarium hobby.

Other External Filters

Conclusions about Hydor Professional

This canister filter comes in five different sizes for different tank sizes and can be used for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.

It comes with various types of filter media and is easy to set up. It will also allow you to know the water level since the container is translucent.

The large trays for the filter material also help to have a high efficiency filtration.

Hydor has made a great line of filters that can be a great option for your aquarium.

If you are looking for a high quality filter to use in your tank, consider the Hydor Professional External Filter.

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