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Good dear reader, today we are going to deal with a high quality internal aquarium filter, the IN Plus filter from Tetra.

Two sponges to facilitate cleaning
Adjustable Venturi system
Flow regulation

The Tetra brand has been at the forefront of the aquaristics industry for 60 years. For this reason, it is well known among aquarium lovers.

It has a complete range of products for aquariums, made in Germany, which are distributed on the international market. Its commitment to quality is based on the health of aquatic beings and the happiness of their owners.

TETRA has created the Tetra IN Plus series of internal filters, a series of powerful internal filters to perform mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. This device is perfect when an external filter cannot be used. If you want, you can see some more internal filters here, in our selection of the best internal filtering systems for aquariums.

This submersible filter from the TETRA house has a 2-year warranty, and thanks to its double sponge, the loss of bacteria during maintenance is minimized. It is designed to make cleaning as easy as possible, as well as being compact and elegant.

TETRA distributes the IN Plus series of internal filters with 5 models to cover small-sized aquariums, but also medium-sized ones.

  • IN 300 Plus – Up to 40 liters.
  • IN 400 plus – Up to 60 liters.
  • IN 600 Plus – Up to 100 liters.
  • IN 800 Plus – Up to 150 liters.
  • IN 1000 Plus – Up to 200 liters.

As a well-known manufacturer of aquarium accessories, TETRA can be trusted to create a powerful and efficient internal filter. Their range of Tetra Plus internal filters offer excellent performance and some very convenient features too.

The IN Plus internal filter is designed with superior quality for the biological and mechanical cleaning of the aquarium. They create a flow in the tank and enrich the water with oxygen. If you want to see other types of fish tank filters, you can visit our selection of the best aquarium filtration devices.

Tetra IN Plus internal filter

As you may already know, the waste and contaminants in an aquarium are created by the life inside it. This is usually a buildup of ammonia and other debris. If you do not master this topic, I recommend that you read our article on aquarium cycling that you can find on our blog, where I explain this important matter.

If not removed, it not only looks unsightly, but will also end up harming fish and plants. The Tetra In Plus collection uses biological, chemical and mechanical filtration to completely remove these toxins from the water.

The In Plus filter offers more than just mechanical and biological filtration. It provides a current in the aquarium that simulates nature, and also oxygenates the water in the same process. Click here to see the offer of this series of filters in the Amazon showcase.

Tetra filters for aquariums IN Plus is available in several formats to adapt to different sizes of tanks. From 40 liters to 200 litres, the In Plus range is perfect for any aquarium.

The IN Plus series of Tetra aquarium filters have two sponges in separate chambers as the filter medium. This provides a great advantage:

…during cleaning, a filter sponge can always remain in the filter chamber – minimizing the loss of useful bacteria.

By leaving one sponge in the tank while the other is being cleaned, the impact of loss of friendly bacteria is minimized.

Let’s see the technical details of the In Plus internal filter. But first, you may want to take a look at another well-known internal filter, the Eheim PickUp 60, the Eheim brand submersible filter.

IN Plus Series Filter Technical Data

We are going to see the technical details of each of the models of the Tetra IN Plus series. Then you have a comparative table where you can compare the technical characteristics of some models with others.

Tetra Filter IN 300 Plus

Tetra Filter IN 400 Plus

Tetra Filter IN 600 Plus

Tetra Filter IN 800 Plus

Tetra Filter IN 1000 Plus

Characteristics of Tetra IN Plus Filters

As we saw before, this series of internal filters for fish tanks has the filter chambers divided into two. We already know that this facilitates the cleaning of the filter and minimizes the impact on the health of the aquarium by keeping part of the bacterial colony intact.

In addition to this, the IN Plus series of internal filters has the following characteristics:

Tetra Plus Warranty

easy extraction

When maintenance cleaning is done, the device can remain in the aquarium. This is thanks to a practical mechanism for extracting the filter load, which facilitates clean handling.

Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the entire filter, as all components can be removed quickly and easily. This also includes the pump turbine, which also detaches from the casing for easy maintenance.

compact design

Tetra ‘s IN Plus range of internal aquarium filters are elegantly designed as well as compact. It requires little space in the tank, so it doesn’t take up much room for plants or fish.

This internal filter is very easy to fit thanks to its suction cups, which provide great stability. Click this link to see this series of filters in the Amazon online store.

180⁰ rotating water outlet

The IN Plus range of filters has a rotating water outlet that allows covering an angle of 180⁰. This allows directing the movement of the clean water coming out of the filter according to the needs of each aquarium.

Flow regulator

Tetra ‘s IN Plus range has a flow force regulator to adapt the water output to the needs of each aquarium.

This adds total versatility to the filter, as it allows you to play within each Tetra IN Plus model with the flow rate.

Venturi system

The incorporation of a Venturi system allows air to enter the filter, and offers an extra supply of oxygen in the aquarium water.

Ensuring that the oxygen within the water spreads successfully will increase the health of your tank and ensure that there are no stagnant spots.

air regulator

As the number of aquatic creatures or the volume of the aquarium increases, the demand for oxygen in the tank increases. Thanks to the air flow regulator, the air contribution can be adjusted individually.

Preparation and assembly of the IN Plus

First you have to place the suction cups on the back of the filter. Then you have to place the tube for the air suction in the air regulator.

To place it in the aquarium, you have to press it against the inner glass of the tank. Keep in mind that the clean water outlet is at most 1 cm below the water level. The air intake tube must protrude from the water.

Maintenance and cleaning

The first and most IMPORTANT thing is to unplug the appliance to minimize the possibility of risks.

Filters inevitably get dirty, in fact, that is what they are made for, that is their main function, to accumulate aquarium waste. When you notice that there is dirt in the water and a lower supply of water and air, it is time to clean it.

For cleaning, only the filter media basket needs to be removed, while the entire filter structure remains in the tank. Then you have to lift the lid and remove the filter load.

Only one of the two filter media needs to be cleaned, while keeping the other sponge intact. The most advisable thing is to use water from the aquarium itself to try to preserve the maximum of the colony of bacteria.

According to the manufacturer, the sponge that comes with the filter can be cleaned and reused 2 or 3 times. With use it loses its filtering capacity and it is convenient to replace it.

The Tetra IN 600 Plus and Tetra IN 1000 Plus models have two double media baskets, and only the bottom basket needs to be cleaned. Then, the intact top basket is placed on the bottom, and the clean or new basket is placed on top.

Tetra also recommends periodic cleaning of the magnetic turbine. From time to time it will be necessary to clean the turbine of accumulated dirt, but it is not necessary to remove the entire filter either. The turbine can be easily separated from the housing.

Other alternatives

Opinions, reviews, ratings, reviews and reviews

On Amazon we can find a lot of user reviews. At the time of writing, 177 reviews give it a 4.3 out of 5. Very good note, of these reviews 145 are positive and 27 negative, distributed as follows:

  • 66% have given 5 stars.
  • 17% have given 4 stars.
  • 04% have given 3 stars.
  • 05% have given 2 stars.
  • 8% have given 1 star.

Of the positive reviews, users highlight the power of the filter, its filtering efficiency and its adequate value for money.

Some users think that it is a fairly easy filter to clean, and also that they find it quiet. Although some users value the filter with the activated air too noisy.

Among the worst criticisms that we can find that some users complain about the space between the side of the filter and the wall where it adheres. Some point out the death of their fish trapped in that space.

Some users find that the Tetra IN 600 Plus filter is too big for an internal filter, and that it needs to be cleaned often so that it does not reduce its water flow too much.

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