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The method used by
Hydra filters to purify aquarium water has been the most important innovation that has occurred in the aquarium in recent years.

These filters
use their own technology, Hydro-Pure, which obtains a quality of the water that is difficult to improve by the rest of the aquarium filters on the market.
Eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrites with minimal maintenance of the filter and the aquarium itself , which does not need to change the water as frequently as with other aquarium filters.

Hydra Aquarium Filters Features

Hydra aquarium filters are a true revolution in aquarium water treatment. They are the most efficient on the market, thanks to their totally new technology.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Works with Hydro-Pure technology
  • Avoid new aquarium syndrome, so fish can be placed right out of the box
  • Ultra-efficient filtration
  • Limits aquarium maintenance by reducing water changes
  • It is ecological, thanks to the fact that it reduces the need to change the filter material, and reduces the use of chemicals in the aquarium
  • Equipped with Venturi system

Internal Hydra Filter Models

External Hydra filter models

How do Hydra filters work?

Hydra filters base their operation on the use of catalytic electroplates, called Cata-Pure (filter cartridge) that generate an electric current (Hydroxyl radical reagents), which are the key to a process of detoxification and purification reactions. .

This peculiar way of eliminating waste from the aquarium has generated quite a bit of controversy… because of its novelty.

In marine aquariums it
is possible to introduce corals from day one, without having to perform the usual cycling of the aquarium .

For freshwater aquariums it is not so simple and they need a longer time, but
the cycling period is greatly shortened, being between 14 and 21 days.

This temporal difference is explained by the fact that fresh water has a higher pH, and a higher conductivity than salt water.

Basically what Hydra filters do is
produce chemical reactions in the water, so that all the toxic products generated by life in the aquarium are eliminated without having to use chemical or mechanical elements, such as passing the water through filters of sponge or activated charcoal.

The principles of Hydro-Pure technology

I think it is not necessary to know “exactly” how Hydra filters work, but I understand that the novelty arouses doubts and misgivings.

Keep in mind that with these filters
the water changes that are necessary to carry out in the aquarium are reduced, as well as the change of filter cartridges, which practically only needs to be done once a year … yes, you have to do a periodic cleaning of the filter .

The plates present inside the Hydra filters
generate an electric current, releasing OH Hydroxide ions.

With the ionization of the water, it is possible to
transform the toxic ammonia NH3 into non-toxic ammonia NH4 +.

It also oxidizes the toxic nitrites NO2, and converts them into non-toxic nitrates NO3.

Another reaction caused is that it precipitates the phosphates (PO4) in a solid form, it does not allow them to remain dissolved.
This is fatal for algae, which cannot feed and their presence in the aquarium is significantly reduced.

Hydra filters Are they suitable for marine aquariums?

Hydra filters work perfectly in all types of aquarium, be it freshwater or a marine aquarium .

What’s more, in a marine aquarium
avoid the use of Skimmers , since Hydra filters eliminate organic substances by burning them as they pass through the cartridges.

They are much more effective than Skimmers, since they eliminate organic substances, without affecting other elements present in the water and that are useful, such as strontium, iodine or lithium, although
the use of aerators to oxygenate the water is recommended.

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