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Greetings dear reader, today we are going to give a complete review of this waterfall filtration system that is the Seachem Tidal Filter.

For fresh or marine water aquariums
Get high quality water
Highly adaptable filter

SeaChem Tidal waterfall filters are designed to deliver the highest quality water possible, with the greatest versatility and ease of use. That is why they adapt to a wide variety of aquarium configurations.

The Tidal Filter innovates the classic waterfall filtration system with features designed to maximize aquarium water quality.

Tidal aquarium filters are designed from the ground up to provide your aquarium with complete, high-quality filtration. They are also very easy to use and adaptable to a variety of aquarium conditions.

They are usable in both freshwater aquariums and saltwater tanks. The Seachem Tidal Waterfall Filter comes in three sizes:

  • Seachem Tidal 55 – Up to 200 liters
  • Seachem Tidal 75 – Up to 300 liters
  • Seachem Tidal 110 – Up to 400 liters

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All Seachem Tidal filters also carry a 3 year warranty which can be extended up to 5 years by registering your product.

Seachem Tidal Filter Description

The Seachem Tidal Cascade Filter has fully adjustable flow rate regulation for outstanding custom filtration.

It also boasts industry-leading media capacity. Thus, the filter system basket has a large capacity, and can hold any type of filter material for exceptional versatility.

The large size of these filters means less need for maintenance, and greater ease when cleaning.

Regular maintenance is obviously unavoidable, and the more often you do it, the better water quality for your aquatic friends.

But even so, the large size of these filters allows greater flexibility when performing maintenance.

Generally, users of these filters find the Tidal filter to be a good product and well made. Sicce is recognized as a good brand with good products with a guarantee.

The Tidal filter system is designed for easy and convenient maintenance.

The filter basket is made to hold the largest volume of filter media. Also to prevent the passage of water outside the filter media.

This waterfall filter has a number of very interesting features, let’s talk about the features it has next.

Seachem Tidal Filter Features

We now see the technical data of each Seachem Tidal filter model.

Seachem Tidal 55

Seachem Tidal 75

Seachem Tidal 110

Seachem Tidal

This is reflected in the solid and reliable customer support. As well as performance and scientifically proven products. Although Seachem has rapidly grown into an international firm, it retains a small business culture and is readily available to its clients.

For more than three decades, Seachem has been a company based on the science of sound. Their experience in the hobby, and a staff of chemists and biologists are part of the package when you buy their products.

It remains one of the few independent pet care companies. Seachem is run by hobbyists. That’s why all Seachem employees are hobbyists who keep aquariums at home and in the office.

Seachem itself was started because one of these hobbyists found effective solutions to problems that aquarists expect. This resulted in Seachem’s first product: Cupraplex, today known as Cupramine.

More than thirty years later, Seachem continues to approach old problems in a new way that exceeds the already high standards we have set with the Seachem line. Seachem is committed to continuing to maintain that optimization.

Opinions, reviews, criticisms and ratings

The Tidal Seachem filter is not one of the most highly rated. In this way, in Amazon Spain, at the time of writing this review it has 25 ratings, with a rating of 4 stars out of 5. Click here to see the opinions of the Tidal 75 Seachem filter from

62% have rated this waterfall filter 5 stars, 11% 4 stars, 8% 3 stars and 19% 1 star. The valuations are very good, getting an average of remarkable.

The negative reviews mostly have nothing to do with the product itself, but because it was delivered used. It should be noted that in the critical evaluations it is commented several times that it may be somewhat noisy.

In short, it can be summed up that this filter has received very good ratings from its users, being very close to achieving 5 stars.

Main Features Seachem Tidal 55 Filter

Well, there are many features that this Tidal filter has. In this product, every last detail is taken care of. It is made by aquarium hobbyists for aquarium hobbyists.

Seachem 55 Tidal Filter Self-Cleaning Impeller

The impeller is self-cleaning and non-corrosive. It is suitable for saltwater and freshwater environments. This reduces maintenance and makes the Tidal filter suitable for a wide range of environments.

Adjustable input flow of Tidal filters (5)

The flow at the pump is adjustable using the dial on the front, from a powerful 2,000 l/h (450 gal/h) on the Tidal 110 filter, to a gentle 350 l/h (90 gal/h) on the Tidal 110 filter. the same device.

When a reduced intake flow is selected, the filtration screen allows water to re-circulate through the filter material.

This allows the Tidal filter to maximize filtration performance through increased contact time.

Self-priming pump (6)

Having a self- priming pump means there is no need to fill the basket with water, use a siphon, or any of the other headaches when starting a new filtration system.

This also means this Seachem Tidal filter will restart seamlessly after a power outage or after maintenance.

The pump is also insulated and silent. This is why it is excellent for office or dining room aquariums, and has extremely low power consumption for the amount of output. The Seachem Tidal 110 Large Filter uses only 12 watts.

The action of the pump pushes the water up into the basket, entering through the bottom of the basket and being pushed out through the top.

A flow from the bottom to the top ensures that the water comes into contact with all the filter media. Thus avoiding that there may be derivations around the filter media.

Clip to hold a heater (7)

It can be attached to the side thanks to an optional clip, a heater, which allows a better dispersion of hot water throughout the aquarium.

Although it may seem silly, surely more than one will take it into account.

Damn suckers don’t last very long in saltwater tanks. For this reason, the clip can be the most practical.

Dual water intake with surface skimmer (8)

The dual water intake feature will take the water just below the surface with a skimmer. How? A surface skimmer? You are right.

This filtration system incorporates a surface skimmer which is where the oils excreted by the fish accumulate.

This feature is typical of the marine aquarium, and is built in as standard. Admittedly, this will encourage many marine aquarium owners to opt for a Seachem Tidal backpack filter.

And also, for the deep part of the aquarium we have the tube to remove floating debris.

telescopic tube

The water inlet tube is not like that of any waterfall filter system. It has the advantage that it is telescopic, to be able to adapt it to the needs of any type of tank. To connect the water inlet tube, it is necessary to remove the pump. To make this easy, the Tidal filter box comes with a simple graphic that shows you how to do it in 30 seconds.

Adjustable Flow (9)

Above the surface skimmer, there is a regulator that controls the flow of this filter. This is very practical to adapt the filtration system to whatever the tank needs.

Flow regulation allows performance to be adjusted to a specific aquarium volume. It is also very useful for providing an environment for fish that prefer more or less movement of the water. This feature allows up to 80% reduction in maximum flow intake. While making full and continuous use of the Seachem Tidal filter motor.

reversible cover (1)

Another point in favor is the cover of the filter itself. It has been designed in a reversible way, to be able to hold the basket, and thus collect the dripping during maintenance.

The filter basket is removable and snaps into the lid for easy, drip-free transfer to a sink or hose for cleaning.

This, the truth is that it is very practical when performing maintenance. This prevents us from having a separate container to collect the dripping from the filtering materials.

Tidal Filter Maintenance Monitor (2)

One of the most striking features is the maintenance indicator on the top. This is a small blue tube that appears when the filter device needs to be cleaned.

Over time, filter media becomes clogged with dirt and doesn’t allow water to flow through. When this happens in this filter, the water is redirected back into the aquarium through an outlet on the side.

When this happens, the redirected water pushes up the blue tube at the top of the filter. This way the fan will have a visual warning to remember that the filter medium of the aquarium must be cleaned.

Filter basket (3)

Inside the filter, there is a basket for filter materials. The basket design offers a large capacity that allows you to add any type of filter load.

It also allows for quick swaps and placing custom settings.

The Seachem Tidal basket has plenty of room inside to add other filter media. You can add the material you prefer, from more sponge, to more biological media, or the typical activated carbon.

It is very easy to remove when cleaning and maintenance is required. It has tabs on the sides, which greatly facilitate the operation of removing materials from inside the basket.

The basket is designed with raised slots that catch debris instead of allowing it to fall back into the filter when flow stops.

filter material

For those who don’t know, Seachem Matrix bio-media is a very porous ceramic biological media. That is why it is highly capable of harboring a large number of beneficial bacteria for our aquarium.

Many hobbyists add a piece of filter media from another aquarium, which is already colonized by friendly bacteria. Thanks to this, the colonization process of nitrifying bacteria is greatly accelerated. If you have questions about aquarium cycling, visit our article on the maturation and settlement of bacteria.

Leveling device (4)

A leveler located in the base allows for adjustment to a wide variety of aquarium layouts.

Water Diversion Channel

In the event of a blockage, the overflow water is returned to the aquarium through an outlet prepared on the side of this filter.

Innovative design of the Tidal Seachem

Vent slots in the filter lid and aeration slots in the outflow ensure that the water returned to the tank is fully oxygenated and maximizes gas exchange during filtration.

Comparative table of the best waterfall filters

Conclusions about the Tidal filter

Seachem’s philosophy is that the knowledgeable hobbyist makes the best customer.

The Tidal Filter innovates the classic waterfall filtration system with features designed to maximize aquarium water quality.

The large size of these filters means less need for maintenance, and greater ease when cleaning.

If you are interested here you can see another review about another waterfall filter, in this case the Hagen AquaClear filter. A very interesting backpack filter for aquariums.

I hope you liked and served our review article on the Tidal SeaChem filter. If so, I encourage you to share it on your favorite social networks. Thank you!

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