Aquarium Fish Diseases

Fish Diseases: Bacterial Infections

Bacterial Infections IN FISH

Bacterial infections often attack previously diseased fish as a secondary disease after a different infection has already had an effect, or they can attack fish that have already been weakened by stressful conditions such as shipping or territorial fights.

However, despite this, infections can be recognized by symptoms such as reddish spots on the skin or fins, fin or tail rot, swollen eyes, a swollen stomach or erratic swimming behavior and dark colouration.

But whatever the type of bacterial infection, there are two excellent products to tackle the problem.

The first is API MELAFIX with the active ingredient Nifurpirinol. This has a significant advantage over other available antibiotics in that it is easily absorbed through the fish’s skin rather than through the gills and circulatory system.

This means that API MELAFIX effectively treats the entire body and can reach those parts of the fish where blood circulation is not present, such as the tips of the fins or the inside of the swim bottom.

Here you can see pictures of fish affected by bacterial fin rot (Flavobacterium) with a secondary fungal infection:

The second treatment is eSHa 2000 with the active ingredient sarafloxacine. This is exceptionally effective in treating rapidly debilitating Columnaris infections that can be clearly seen as white “plugs” on the fish’s skin.

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