Aquarium Fish Diseases

Fish Diseases: Fungal Infections

In our series on fish diseases, this time we are going to deal with fungal diseases in aquarium fish.


When damaged, the skin no longer acts as a natural protective barrier, making it easy for fungi to penetrate the skin and cause larger lesions.

In most cases, fungal infection is already a secondary disease, and advanced stages are often accompanied by additional bacterial infections. Older fish with reduced resistance are especially vulnerable to fungal infections.

Fungal diseases can often be first detected by the presence of fluffy tufts of cotton-like material:

To protect against fungal infections, it is always good to treat your aquarium with products such as Münster Aquavital Stress-Protect Aquarium which contains aloe vera, vitamin C and iodine.

Aloe vera is a common soothing ingredient in human cosmetics and in treatments for sunburn and other skin problems, as it naturally helps damaged skin repair itself more quickly. This helps to regenerate the skin and gives fungi little opportunity to attack.

Similarly, vitamin C strengthens the immune system of fish, while iodine acts as an effective anti-inflammatory in wound healing. Therefore, this powerful combination of ingredients can be used to relieve all cases of stress, including stress caused by yeast infection.

However, if the fish is already infected, the only recourse is to treat it with an effective antifungal medication, such as Münster Dessamor Aquarium.

Dessamor fights fungal infections while protecting against possible additional bacterial infections.

Finally, fungi can also attack fish eggs, causing problems for breeders. Infected eggs will be surrounded by the same tufts of cotton and can be treated with half doses of Dessamor.

Other recommended products against fungal infections

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