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The Best Food For Bottom Fish

The food for groundfish: plecos, corydoras … are formulated to meet your needs: with large amounts of vegetables, spirulina algae and some with portions of wood fiber.

catfish and catfish , the formulations will be rich in the proteins needed by carnivorous bottom fish.

The Best Groundfish Foods of 2020

Bottom Fish Tablets and Tablets

Bottom fish occupy the last level in the aquarium, therefore they need food with the appropriate presentation to reach them.

Groundfish food is usually always presented in
tablets and lozenges, because they weigh more and quickly descend to the bottom, where catfish, cobitids and barbels often search for their food.

A great advantage of the tablet presentation is that you can decide in which part of the aquarium you want the food to be deposited.

carnivorous and phytophagous bottom fish can coexist in the same aquarium . Some foods are designed for these situations, and they combine the two types of foods.

Remember that some fish, like some varieties of catfish,
require their diet to contain cellulose. Several of the groundfish foods contain particles of willow and other woods, so that they do not have any type of problem to digest correctly.

Other varieties of groundfish, such as Plecostomus, require that their diet contains a
large amount of algae, especially spirulina.

Some of these foods are species-specific because they don’t all eat the exact same thing.

Avoid generalizing,
not all bottom pads work for all fish. Make sure the food you buy is correct for the varieties you have in the aquarium.

Other fish food options

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