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The Best Food For Discus Fish

The discus fish are very picky about their food. We are facing some American cichlids, which are considered omnivores, although slightly carnivorous.

Discus fish are quite delicate to keep in perfect condition, so the food for discus fish has to be of quality and very balanced.

My recommendation is that you always use top quality products, supplemented with live food, preferably brine shrimp, daphnia and worms.

If you can’t give them, nothing really happens, because the dry food for discus fish already incorporates foods with a great contribution of protein.

The best foods for discus fish of 2020

Nutritional supplements and food for discus fish that enhance their color

Discus fish food usually contains a large amount of garlic, because it is one of the nutritional supplements that is best for them due to its high nutritional value.

It is important that we check the quality of the food of the discus, to verify that they have the vitamins and microelements that cichlids need to promote the digestive process, as well as to keep their body in perfect condition.

Some food products contain trace products, which are an ideal complement to waters that are poor in minerals or very soft, which do not contain the essential minerals that discs need for their proper development.

One of the characteristics that makes discus fish so popular in aquariums is their coloration.

Most of the granulated food for discus fish contain a large amount of natural components and supplements, specially formulated to maintain the optimal and intense color of the discus fish .

Among the dietary supplements we find wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, garlic or spirulina.

It may seem that at all times you just want the fish to show their best colors, but at the same time their immune system is boosted . A bright fish with a good color, it is a healthy fish.

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