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The Best Granulated Fish Food

The granulated fish food is the one that is usually used in automatic dispensers , because it does not jam easily, unlike the case of flake food .

It is not the only reason to use granulated food for preces, as an advantage I can also point out that it
leaves less residue in the aquarium water than the scales, which results in a much easier maintenance, since it does not easily destabilize the quality parameters of the water.

Not all are advantages, as it is a type of food that weighs more than the flakes, it
reaches the bottom of the aquarium earlier , which can be a disadvantage for certain fish, which tend to eat on the surface.

Best Granulated Fish Food in 2020

Variety of granulated fish food

Within the selection of granulated fish food, I have chosen the best brands, Tetra, JBL, Sera or Nutrafin.

You will be able to observe that there is food with
granules of different sizes, depending on the variety of fish and their feeding habits.

The smaller granules are specially designed for fish that feed on the surface or in the middle of the aquarium.
XL granule feed is also available for larger tropical fish .

Specially designed for automatic dispensers, you have food with mixed granules, like
JBL Novo Grano MIX .

Mixed granule food contains
floating granules and bottom granules,with the intention that at the same time they feed properly, all the fish in the aquarium, regardless of their eating habits.

You have these different options for cold water fish, specially designed for Goldfish,
color enhancing granules for certain species of fish , and vegetable granules with spirulina algae supplements and others, formulated for herbivorous aquarium fish.

As a generic recommendation,
do not overfeed your aquarium fish. It is advisable to give them the amount of food they need, in this sense automatic feeders are an option to consider.

Other fish food options


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