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The Best Holiday Fish Food

Feeding the fish when the holidays arrive is often a concern for all aquarium owners.

To solve the problem there are two options:
use automatic feeders or the simplest, use fish food for holidays.

Selection of the best fish food for holidays 2020

How long does holiday fish food last?

If you are going to spend a couple of days away from home, you will find that there are preparations specially designed so that the fish have the food they need for two or three days.

tablets of food for fish tend to become spongy when they come into contact with the aquarium water, so that they float for a while, and then gradually descend until they reach the bottom.
They are usually foods designed to
meet the needs of a wide variety of species, so that it is not usually necessary to buy a large variety of different tablets.
Anyway, you have
specific tablets for cold water fish and for tropical fish .

As for the duration, you have all kinds, from those that last a couple of days, to those that can last a couple of weeks.

Automatic feeders

Personally, I think the best option is to use automatic feeders .

Automatic feeders are much more accurate and effective, as they provide the right feed, at the right time and in the right amount.


They perform the same task that you would do … without not being on vacation.
There is a wide variety of automatic feeder models , as you can see from the selection I have made, from the simplest to the most complex, going through all kinds of prices.

Perhaps … and that is their disadvantage, is that they
only tend to work well with food in granules , and if you have several species, with different needs, how do you solve it?

One option is to use an automatic feeder for one variety, and holiday food for others.

The most complete would be to use a pair of feeders, but it would obviously be more expensive, although no one can deny its effectiveness.

Other fish food options

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