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The Best Natural Fish Food

The natural food for fish is food, they would find fish if they were in their original habitat.

How it is quite difficult for us to find live food for fish, and also … to keep them alive for a while at home,
the best option is freeze-dried food : brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, tubifex, plankton, algae …

The option is to grow our own food alive.
If you are interested, I would recommend using
brine shrimp , their breeding is relatively simple.

The best natural food for fish

Using natural fish food

Natural foods have the great advantage that they do not have colorants or preservatives , in short, they have nothing that fish could not find if they were free.

Although using natural products could become a complete diet, it is best to
use these foods as a complement to those taken in flakes , granules or pills , since they usually contain products that help them maintain their health.

Among the different natural products, you will find
freeze-dried brine shrimp, red mosquito larvae, krill, algae … a wide variety of products that you can offer your fish with full quality assurance.

The most common presentation of these products is lyophilization, a drying treatment that guarantees that the possible loss of nutrients and vitamins is minimal, while preserving all their nutritional power.

Complement the feeding of your aquarium fish with natural foods, thanks to the wide selection of products selected from the best brands on the market: JBL, Tetra, Sera …

Live brine shrimp

If you decide to start in the breeding of brine shrimp, to provide natural live food to your aquarium fish, there are a series of Kits available, which will surely be to your liking and which will broadly cover your expectations:


The rearing of live brine shrimp for fish is quite popular, although it obviously requires more involvement.

I personally find it much more convenient to use freeze-dried food.

Other fish food options

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