Best Cold Water Fish Food

What’s the best cold water fish food on the market?

Cold water fish, such as Koi carp , goldfish , telescope fishare quite simple to keep and have a voracious appetite, but if we feed them poorly, many health problems will arise. The food for cold water fish is very important for the health of your aquarium, you have to provide them with food specially formulated for them, not just any kind of food for fish, stakes his digestive system and overall good health.
Currently you can choose all types of preparation: flakes, granules, floating sticks, prepared by the best brands of fish food, the difficult thing in many cases is knowing which cold water fish food to buy.
To help you make the best purchase decision, I have analyzed several recipes from fish feed manufacturers, with the intention of finding the best ones and being able to compare them. I hope this comparative selection is useful for you.

Best cold water fish food comparison 2020

What fish food to buy? Best food fish cold water quality price

Flake food for fish Tetra Goldfish

  • Perfectly balanced mix of flakes for a varied diet.
  • It contains all the important nutrients, as well as trace elements.
  • Promotes health, natural color and vitality.
  • With the patented BioActive formula for a long and healthy life for your fish.
  • Clean and Clear Water Formula: For clean and clear aquarium water.


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  • Presentation type: Flakes
  • Complete food
  • Size: 1 liter

Buyers’ opinions of Tetra Goldfish feed for fish

I have been using it for a long time and my fish love it, as soon as I put it in the aquarium the fish come and eat it quickly, it must be very good.
This is an advantage, since almost nothing falls to the bottom of the aquarium, preventing it from getting dirty, decomposed and the parameters from being altered. The best food for cold water fish, hands down.


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JBL Novo Granocolor

  • complete nutrition, ideal growth and vibrant colors for tropical freshwater fish – selected raw nutrients promote coloration
  • Nutritious, easy to digest, suitable for automatic feeders: granulate floats and sumps to create ideal feeding conditions for large fish species from 6 to 15 cm in …
  • No water clouding: reduced algae growth thanks to balanced phosphate content, better water quality due to better digestibility of the food, reducing droppings of …
  • Fish choose JBL food: 98.5% of all fish species ate JBL food immediately during freshwater research expeditions. No flour processing …


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  • Presentation type: Granule
  • Complete food for aquarium fish
  • Size: 0,250 liter

Buyer reviews of JBL goldfish food

It is a very good food, I use it with my fish food dispenser, since it has to be granulated, not just any will work … not even any granule.
This one does not get stuck and works very well, plus the fish also appreciate it and since I have several cold water fish, they all eat it very well.


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Guppy fish food

  • Balanced complete food in the form of mini flakes
  • For guppies and other viviparous toothed carp
  • Rich in plant-based ingredients with added minerals for improved acceptance and growth
  • BioActive formula supports a healthy immune system


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  • Presentation type: Flakes
  • Complete food
  • Size: 0.1 liter

Buyers’ opinions of Tetra Guppy flaked food

After searching the internet for information to feed my Guppies, this is the fish feed with the best opinions.
I bought it and I have to admit that I am happy, not only do they like it, but they seem more active, healthy and with better color, it is a highly recommended food for Guppys.


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Tetra Pond Sticks

  • Complete food for all pond fish
  • Quickly softens for easy feeding
  • Contains nutrients, trace elements, essential vitamins and carotenoids
  • Balanced nutrition, healthy growth and strengthened immune system; highly digestible for low contamination and water quality
  • Quality foil resealable bag protects food from harmful factors such as sunlight, air and moisture


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  • Type of presentation: Sticks
  • Complete food
  • Size: 0.780 kg

Buyers’ opinions of Tetra fish food sticks

It is one of the wholesale cold water fish food, which comes out the best in price and with a good quality, we must not forget that we are talking about Tetra.

I usually mix it with a specific one for Kois, and this seems to be eaten better, although I like to vary their diet because each one has different ingredients.


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Food for Kois

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