Best Food For Tropical Fish

What is the best food for tropical fish on the market?

The health of our fish begins with providing them with a suitable environment in which to live. We care that they have the right aquarium, with the correct water quality, why should we not worry about their feeding?

The food for tropical fish is formulated with the health of the fish in mind , with the adequate contributions of proteins, fats and vitamins that they would take in their natural state.

Logically, we want the best for our pets, right?

When I started with my aquarium I was not very clear about what food I should give my fish, since there are hundreds of references on the market, from a lot of different brands.

Over time I learned the difference betweenflakes, pellets, granules … It is not easy, because it was a time of trial and error.

Right now it is still the same, because the fish sometimes get tired of the food I give them, I notice that they start to eat less and I change the product.

Anyway, if you ask me what are the best foods for tropical fish at this time, I would tell you that these are the best:

Best food for tropical fish 2020 comparison

What tropical fish food to buy? Best food tropical fish quality price

TetraMin Flakes

TetraMin flakes are ideal for a wide variety of tropical and warm water fish.
Not only does it provide aquarium fish with the proteins, fiber and vegetables they need, in the right proportion, it is also enriched with immunostimulants, vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, to increase the resistance of the fish to the most common diseases in aquariums.

  • Complete food in the form of a mixture of scales for all types of ornamental freshwater fish
  • Combination of seven types of flakes and more than 40 raw materials
  • BioActive formula maintains a healthy immune system
  • Prebiotics improve body functions and food conversion


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Characteristics Tetra Min fish flakes

  • For fish: That live in the upper part of the aquarium
  • Presentation: Flakes or flakes
  • Packaging: 200 gr

Buyers’ opinions of Tetramin flakes

So far I have given my fish Sera Flakes, but I have decided to try Tetra Min. The product is quality, as you could expect less from Tetra. It has a great value for money, much cheaper than other similar foods.


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  • Complete food
  • Enriched with vitamins and other trace elements that improve fish health
  • They are colorfast, like other scales, so the water gets less dirty
  • Excellent brand


  • They end up sinking if you put too many
  • They are not very good for food dispensers
  • They are generic flakes, they are valid for many fish without specifying

Sera Vipagran granules

The Sera Vipagran granulated food is ideal for fish that feed in the middle of the aquarium (characids). The granules sink very slowly.
They have a smooth and flavorful structure, which is easy for all types of fish to digest, even those with small mouths and narrow throats.
They are formulated to cover all the nutritional needs of the fish, even with foods with a prebiotic effect, to improve their health and activity.

  • Granular feed
  • Ideal for fish that live in central areas in community aquariums
  • Balanced mix of more than 40 raw materials of vegetable and animal origin
  • 250 ml format
  • Available in the following formats: 100 ml (30 g), 250 ml (75 g), 1000 ml (300 g), 10 Lt (3 kg)


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  • For fish: That live in the middle part of the aquarium
  • Presentation: Granules
  • Packaging: 300 gr

Opinions of buyers of Sera granules

It is very well priced and my fish seem to love it, so everything is perfect. You have to be careful not to let it get a little damp, as it expands.

One of its advantages is that it takes time to sink, making the aquarium much less dirty. I have scalars, gouramis, colisas, neon and labeo, they all eat it well.


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  • Sinks slowly
  • Does not break down easily, which prevents the aquarium from getting dirty
  • Complete formula with prebiotic foods that improve fish health
  • It is a brand of recognized prestige


  • You have to be careful with the quantities, the granules expand inside the fish once ingested
  • If we go overboard with the quantities, they also stain the aquarium

Novo Stick JBL

JBL Stick Foods are formulated for purely carnivorous fish, such as some cichlids, and also for piranhas .
It is the ideal food for fish that swim and feed in the medium and superficial areas of the aquarium, with sizes between 10 and 25 centimeters.
Its main composition is premium quality fish meat, not the fishmeal that is often rejected by many aquarium fish.

  • vollwertige Feeding and optimal growth of fleischfressenden buntbarschen
  • scope of supply: 1x Can JBL main food 30290 for aquarium fish 1L
  • Fish choose JBl garnish: 98.5% of all fish species during freshwater research expeditions the JBl feed immediately adopted. Fish meal processing …
  • Nutritious and easy to digest: the ideal nutritional conditions for all species of fish from 10 to 25 cm the size of the lower water layer. Meat content consists solely of …
  • No turbidity of the water: reduces the growth of algae through coordinated phosphate content, improve water quality through better digestibility of the feed, which reduces the …


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Features JBL Fish Food on Stick

  • For fish: Carnivores, medium and superficial zones
  • Presentation: Stick, sticks
  • Packaging: 110 gr

JBL stick buyers’ opinions

My piranhas quite like it, they eat it better than other carnivorous fish foods I had used before. The value for money is quite good, highly recommended food.


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  • It is a product created by JBL, with top quality fish meat
  • Does not make the water dirty
  • Contains an optimal ratio of protein and fat
  • We are facing a brand of recognized prestige


  • Contains artificial colors
  • It may seem a bit expensive, although this type of food for carnivores is all

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